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    Looperman : Sat 14th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    As some may have noticed I've not been online for the best part of a month as i was busy working on Lunar Festival


    3 weeks chopping up logs, building stages, installing lights and everything else involved in building a mini festival village.

    Met some great people at this one again including Donovan, Temples, Arthur Brown, Don Letts & The Polyphonic Spree.

    Took Donovan to visit Nick Drakes grave which is just up the road from the site where we made a short film.

    As we were in Nick Drake territory we invited the guy who manages the Nick Drake estate to bring Nick Drakes very own family record player and his copy of Pink Moon.

    Later that evening, once the main stage was over we took a small group of people to a secret location in the woods where we had built a fire and set up seating and the record player and played the album in full.

    Quite a month all in all. I now have a week or so before heading off again so will catch up on the backlog of emails and checking loop uploads.

    Thanks for your patience while I've been out of the loop.

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    XyIlent : Sat 14th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    "out of the loop" aahh nice pun ;D

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    Planetjazzbass : Sun 15th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    A pity about Nick Drake,a very sensitive and influential musician...rip

  4. 308224
    theHumps : Sun 15th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    I discovered Nick Drake about 15 years ago when I started listening to more folk and coffee house music. Boston has a great folk scene and some great NPR stations that play just this kind of music. Sad to see such a talent die so young. Love his song From the Morning.

    Don Letts and Donovan, man I would love to meet those two gents, that must have been cool. Congrats on the Festival Shan!

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    Spivkurl : Sun 15th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    Awesome video and recording! Very soothing to behold. It reminds me of my childhood, except the music was live, there was no electricity, and I had never heard of Nick Drake. Once I started listening to his music, it changed things. I am quite fond of "Been Smokin Too Long," I could've used that song to get me through some hard times in the past. Glad to have you back Shan!

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    MINOR2GO : Sun 15th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    Video sadly not working in Germany :(

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    Looperman : Sun 15th Jun 2014 : 5 years ago

    you can find the video on facebook too

  8. 1170088
    terrancet : Thu 10th Jul 2014 : 5 years ago

    This is an great song. This is my first time hearing this. Thanks for a good find.

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