Would It Ever Be Possible To Sell Loops On Looperman

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  1. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    This is only my opinion but would it ever be possible to have paid for loops section.. I just think that some original drum loops, bass lines, guitar riffs take literally hours or days to perfect.. Why just give everything away, why should talented production mean you never recieve any money for your work..

    This is just for consideration:
    1. Maybe have a donation option with a pro loop download section.
    2. Have a Looperman / artist split thast can be used for promotion etc..
    3. Lots of independant sites sell loops like Loopmasters, many are expensive but i think the quality is achievable from many members on this site.
    4. Could the free and the paid be run together, lets be honest some of the loops on here are not good.. Some i would honestly pay a small amount for..
    All this is for open opinion and discussion.

  2. 691199
    Modnex : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    That sounds like a great idea, but I don't think Shan would do that, considering this site entire existence is based off of "Free samples"! If he did change his mind and went on with that, I think it would either be for better or worst. Might make the site better or might completely destroy this site. Very risky but sometimes you have to be willing to take risk!

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    what was it again that was the root of all evil?

  4. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I'm thinking maybe 50 cents or 20p for a complete stem pack.. If you get 500 down loads then its enough for a good night out or you can buy some more VST's or maybe thats enough for a few talented musicians to feed themselves for half the week..

  5. 782612
    40A : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    i wouldn't mind a "donation" button, but then you have to understand what monetizing would actually do to the system. If we're now throwing money into the mix, imagine how many fraudulent uploaders there would be..

    Policing every possible upload everywhere at all times would be an impossibility, and unless there's VERY hard uploading restriction/requirement/privilege then i don't see it working at all.

    On the other hand, shan could sell "premium" accounts for those who want to sell their work. That way everyone's potentially making money and it circumvents spam theft sellers if now they have to actually purchase an account to make transactions.

    I think it's definitely an interesting idea but way too complicated to realize in it's entirety to ensure good, honest quality across the board.

  6. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    It wouldn't be that hard... Wouldn't you actually like to see the bus fare home for all your hard work 40A.. Is that too much to ask, i hate working for nothing allways have always will.. ;)

  7. 782612
    40A : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    aye u already know im tryna get paid

  8. 1115991
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    @ spivkurl: Money isn't. It's the hand which uses it. You can use a bottle to drink, to fill stuff in or to hit someone real bad. It is up to you what to do. However, I get your point. In this case i'd like to quote MAV & 40A: a button to donate is a good way. The mass won't use it anyway, but the real minded spirit will appreciate good -free- work.

  9. 691199
    Modnex : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I think we should just keep things like they are. This site is perfect the way it is. If Shan was to add premium accounts for loops, it would only be fare to add it for tracks and acapellas too. Not everyone can afford to pay for premium services and the ones who can't, but love using this website, will feel like they're missing out because they can't get the full experience of all the site's features.

    This is a reason why I like a lot of other users much prefer this site over site's like soundcloud because there is no premium garbage and everyone here is treated equally!

    Premium services takes that equally feeling away and you feel like you're missing out!

  10. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    If a photographer is asked to take a portrait, if a plumber is asked to fit a sink, if a mechanic repairs a car, if someones empties your trash can, if someone stacks tins on the supermarket shelves they are paid... Why not musicians creating music, why do we have to work for nothing... Tell me please

  11. 1115991
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Well MAV, but why did you registered yourself here? To get and to give free stuff. If you decide yourself to go professionell, there's enough time to make money. Plumbing, I guess, isn't something one would make as a hobbie. Or is o_0

    @Gzglitchers: oh, you're right. It takes a big part of equality.

  12. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I registered here because i like the fact there's an open forum and i like occasionally uploading and listening to complete tracks.. I like vocing my opinion but accept when others don't agree..
    I dont intend to go professional i earn far to much money doing what i do but i see no reason why i should upload my hard work for free.. I'm happy to stream complete tracks. We are all different

  13. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    This community is very much about sharing, whether it be loops, tracks, opinions, or enjoyment. There is no rule that says you have to share these things, so if it's hard for you to justify working on audio without compensation, then you probably shouldn't do it. It's easy to set up your own web site if you want to sell things that you do... though it doesn't really sound like you want that. It's hard to have it both ways.

    Not working towards a flame war or anything like that, so take what I say at face value and then forget about it.

  14. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    OK dude fully respect your opinion i guess im a lone Ranger on this one :-)

  15. 782612
    40A : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    nah it's a perfectly understandable request, but i guess the problem is that it would change the entire paradigm. Looperman has ALWAYS been a free site, so it's less to do with a question of "if it can happen" and more to do with "why should it happen" when you've got years of tried success.

    I support the idea though, a lot of people may be afraid of a concept that would pretty much rewrite their entire religion, but i'm sure those same people would use and come to enjoy it as well.

    it's just a matter of implementation and execution. So if it's done the right way i fully endorse an option to monetize my ~intellectual property~ +1

  16. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    This was mooted years ago and Looperman was seriously considering members Loop packs for sale but for some reason it never eventuated,probably put in the too hard basket.

  17. 612029
    Unknown User : Sun 11th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    The world is changing so fast at the moment. Ten years ago this site was probably a new dawn in music!!! It needs to change and embrace new ideas, what was good ten years ago it needs to be developed, enhanced, a few free loops wont cut the mustard.. Or it will go the way of the dinosaurs.. The same old members keep this site alive just... Only my view mind you :)

  18. 177447
    Unknown User : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Why not create your own loop pack and put it up on iTunes your self and sell it?

    I've done a search and seen a few.

  19. 612029
    Unknown User : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I'm not really that interested in selling my music, i just thought it would be good for some of the younger musicians that actually produce loops on the site to have the option to make a few quid rather than thinking they have to give everything away. If the idea offends then forget i ever mentioned it LOL, its all good conversation.

  20. 1201983
    RenzWilde : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    If people are making loops for money, I don't think this is the site to do it. There are so many loop packs available for sale that offer hi-end quality loops broken down in BPMs and key that I doubt anyone here would be able to compete with them. Don't get me wrong, I've heard some good loops here but producing loops for money and creating loops are two very different things. And if people are interested in creating loops for profit, there are companies out there that sign artists just to create beats.

    When I've searched online for loop samples, I've never once paid for a loop that I've found when directed to a pay-per-loop site. Either the quality isn't great or I can find something identical(or close to it) for free somewhere else. And I never return to those sites. Unlike this site where, because of the free loops and forum option, I created an account.

  21. 782612
    40A : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago


    Tbh, i don't even know WHY i do this for free. momma always said "if you're good at something...don't do that shit fo free" and here i am.

    I guess it's the emails and comments i get. people make it seem like you're changing their life and you sort of have to step back a bit and realize how much music actually means to different people.

  22. 186161
    Spivkurl : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    4OA - you are so right! I know for a fact that Looperman changed my life for the better, and just about all of it has to do with the people and the sharing.

  23. 224104
    Mosaic : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Hey gang

    Interesting discussion

    Doubt if there would ever be a set up here to sell loops/samples but saying that you never really know what the future holds...

    I personally just enjoy doing tracks, not with the idea of selling them to make monies for myself...

    I have no idea on making a loop to use, being an old fart, prob to old to start also...

    The goal since I started making tunes, is to one day have enough decent tracks that are good enough to put on an charity album, for a big charity event held here in Western Australia every year to raise monies for sick children and hospitals that help them out with whatever treatment they need to get them on the mend...

    That would be the only time I would be interested in selling my tunes...

    The event held is called telethon which last year raised 10 mil plus in 26 hours from donations, would love to be able too add something in the future when I get good enough with my tunes if that ever happens...

    But can see where each member is coming from with there points here...


  24. 177447
    Unknown User : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Let me get this straight creating your own loop pack and paying money out of your pocket to post them online is not a good thing because the market is alright locked up by the professionals. hmmmm.....

    But putting those same loops here on Looperman somehow makes them more marketable? Possible because you have a built in market here to sell to.

    However well, it is true there are industry professional that mostly likely dominate the field however with the advent of DIY music, a person can literally do it your self and make a profit doing it. All you have to do is find out what's not out there and create that.

    CD baby and Tunecore offer albums for $19.99
    Create your loop packet
    Create your art work
    Pay your money
    Upload your work

    Maybe some guy in Tokyo that has no idea about free loops has been searching itunes and thinks this is awesome!

    Itunes is full of unknown artist who take their chances and post their work for profit, why should you be any different.

    Sure the easy route would be to have someone else do the heavy lifting, and I'm sure there's a place where you can.
    I would think to reformat this site and monetize loops would be a tremendous task possibly with rewards. Who knows?

    But you should know you CAN do it yourself.

    When I search iTunes and see the different loops packs my thoughts are they must be making some kind of money.

    And some money is better than no money, unless your just doing it for the fun of it..then reviews and the joy of seeing your work ripple into a many splendid thing is payment enough.

    Long story short is if you want to sell your loops, do it.

  25. 841435
    ValveDriver : Mon 12th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    This site is based on free loops. It's survival is based on community. Within the community, it's harmonious workings are not fueled by money, but instead a mutual goal to improve. Not only as musicians or producers, but as humans as well. I have been a member of several "community" based sites. None of them have governed themselves as peacefully and respectfully as this one. That's because the primary goal is a productive one that stems from the love of doing so. Once you start introducing monetary options things change, and it's never for the better. The communal efforts to improve are replaced with self gratifying goals based out of greed, not the love of the craft. One of the things Shan tries to drive home is "quality before quantity." Add a paid section, and that goes right out the window. As it's been said before, there are plenty of sites that you can go to if you want to sell your work. This isn't one of them. However true it may be that change must inevitably come. you always have to ask, at what cost? Fifty cents a pop?
    Personally, as a consumer, I get tired of having to shell out money for every god damn thing ever. This site is a nice break from that. To me, it's worth knowing that someone found my (grand spankin' total of two) loops, can use them in their project worry free from not only having to pay for them, but also not worrying about me coming after them for using them without my permission.
    Basically, we have a good thing going here. let's not F it up.

    That's my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

    Take care.

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