If You Upload You Have To Comment And Contribute

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    Unknown User : Fri 2nd May 2014 : 8 years ago

  2. 666289
    FreeRadical : Fri 2nd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I review loads of people but admittedly i only ever review tracks from page 1 or sometimes page 2. So if you end up on page 3 you aint getting a comment from me.
    I made a rule for myself that i HAVE to review and reply to everyone who comments on my track & i made another rule that i have to try and comment on two new faces every day. So far i've done loads more than that, but only because i'm signed off work and i have plenty of time to spare.
    But there's no reason i shouldn't keep it up when i get back to work.

  3. 224104
    Mosaic : Fri 2nd May 2014 : 8 years ago


    I am one of those prolific reviewers, well was before had to take a break, now back I try to review as many as possible, firstly yes helps the person grow as an artist, as it has helped myself grow with the feedback I received back from the so many brilliant artist that are on this site, I don't have a problem if it is just to say nice track enjoyed the listen, depending on the genre sometimes that's all you can do, unless something stands out sounding completely wrong in the track....

    Agree about your comment that the great site of Looperman has now become an advertising site for other sites like soundcloud myspace facebook...which goes back to another active thread here, post by Dave...The slow Demise...

    Since my return from break, when reviewing tracks all you see now in many track descriptions is their soundcloud link etc, not even a description of the works they have here IF they even have tracks up on this site, as I said in the other post mention, SO MANY DONT EVEN HAVE TRACKS HERE...Joined just to advertise there other sites....On there profile or just to spam the forums with links to outside sites...Have to say since returning it has been disappointing to see how much Looperman has been abused and used in this way....

    Just my thoughts

    Peace Mosaic

  4. 177447
    Unknown User : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    lol...some things never change... and I supect this is one of them as this subject is a constant sore spot.

    I with FR...if I start on page 1 I may get to page 3 and then I'm done...I feel bad cause I know I've missed so much and I only get to do this about once or twice a month.

    Personally I review for fun, when I have the time and because I truly enjoy it.

    Try as you may I don't you will ever be able to set up a system that force people to give genuine honest feedback if they truly don't care to.

  5. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Whilst we're having a moan about people not commenting on tracks, I'd like to have a moan about the "great track" brigade.
    Now, i could be completely wrong but i suspect that people who just put "great track" or "Awesome" don't listen to more than about a minute of your track and use the technique just to get their track bumped to the top of the list.
    A review should consist of reasons why you either like or dislike a track. Just saying "Awesome" is just cheating and if you're going to do that you might as well not bother because i think most of us are wise to that.
    What does everybody else think?

  6. 1166585
    jsyoung83 : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago


    At first I was a little irritated by this post. Then I thought about it, read the comments, and came to the conclusion that I agree to an extent. However, if there is anyone else like me out there who would love to have the time to comment on our fellow users' artistic expression, but they just took a job that requires 11 hours a day, 6 days a week just to support their little girl and wife then they know it's not possible sometimes. I mean, I had a dream to make music my life..... Then life choked it out. So some people sometimes may have a little apprehension commenting sometimes because their life situation is less than favorable. My grandmother used to tell me. If you've got nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. But I see your point.

  7. 1166585
    jsyoung83 : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I have 2 or 3 listeners so I get it. I'm sorry about the last post. I had a rough day. Forgive me please.

  8. 736426
    BEATZMODE : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    i have to agree ,everytime i come on looperman i usually review peoples tracks ,my reviews might be the simple "great track,lower the bass..." from time to time but im pretty sure any feedback is good feedback ,i notice alot of people just come here for the free instrumentals,free loops,acapellas etc without commenting ..them type of users could atleast give some type of comment even if its a simple "awesome tune" or a "you suck" ,.i would even appreciate that lol

  9. 879970
    Smpulse : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I don't think thats right. I am not the most involved member here for sure but I am at times. Been coming here a long time to work on my abilities in the art of electronic music. I listen to others music for a couple different reasons neither of which is because I HAVE to. I wouldn't want someone to HAVE to listen to My music. Next we are going to require they listen to the whole 5 minutes of a song in order to comment. I don't listen to any longer than 4 minutes unless I'm at a show or it's really really really good. I can't even listen to 4 minutes of my stuff.

    I come here for the main reason to work through pieces I am creating. I like to upload after I have established a theme. I get a different view by doing that. Not sure why but it works. I occasionally get the few really awesome dedicated members comments but I don't do it for comments or recognition. Nor do I do it for a chance to make it big or become famous.

    Now when I do comment on others it's not to get bumped I promise, its definitely not because I want to upload a song, its because I am inspired to and/or have time. I also very rarely listen to the bumped music or the new music list. I go off the "just commented on" list below. I also go on people that I've seen listen to a lot of my stuff even if they have never commented. If there listening continually then I appreciate them. I also like to listen and support newbies to DM when I am aware of them.

    So my vote is it stays the way it is. Looperman is NOTING like Sound Cloud. However, It will always remain 10% of the pop will do 100% of the share. I like this site over Reverb and Reverb way better then Sound Cloud. Hell, Looperman even runs ads for it. What seperates Looperman is the 10% here and the established dialogue amongst like minded people I've had over the years. Hope everyone has a great weekend


  10. 1201983
    RenzWilde : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    @ MAVstudio

    I don't think dictating rules to follow is the answer. I thought the whole purpose of sites like this one was for people to share and collaborate their musical ideas in a free and supportive environment. If you start dictating what people should or shouldn't do (outside of the site admin's rules)you create an authoritarian atmosphere.

    And by pointing out that anyone who has a DAW is feeling free to just upload everything they record feels to me like you are criticizing people for doing so. Or at least questioning if their songs are worthy of being uploaded. I could be wrong but it comes across as, if you personally don't approve of all the songs being uploaded by these millions of people with DAWS, then they should be limited.

    Not everyone appreciates the same kind of music. So what might come across to you as yet another person just uploading something they recorded on their DAW most likely has a lot of meaning to that person or persons and they would like to share it with others.

  11. 220648
    JoeyBonezSD1 : Sat 3rd May 2014 : 8 years ago

    i upload a track.then drop comments/feedback i try atleast to give three or four.somtimes i download an dont leave a comment but will hit the like bttn. i give more than i get!!!but never complain, it is what it is!!!

  12. 672953
    Ozzz : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    How about for every one track upload, you must post up five loops - that's contribution. This site would die without loops, and would thrive for centuries without pella's and tracks. Everyone comes here for loops, not tracks and this is proven buy the download ratio between the two. What is it, like one track download for every twenty thousand loop downloads?

    Those that have tracks without loops should only be allowed to post one track a year, and the "feature" button should be removed so they may fall far back into the flock, lol..


  13. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    @ozzi - I couldn't disagree more. I haven't downloaded one single loop from this site for years. I BUY mine from the sites sponsers. That is what keeps the site going.
    I do however like to use the occasional acapella and there are good ones on this site so a BIG shout going out to all you vocalists out there. keep 'em coming.

  14. 224104
    Mosaic : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago


    Agree mate, very rarely do I download samples/loops from here, only will download for a genre I normally don't do, which is rare rather then buying a pack that I might not use more then once...

    Agree on your second point too, BRILLAINT vocalist here, again I have not used any acapella's yet in any of my works but hopefully in the near future will do, when I am ready I will download from here...Giving massive credit to the artist when used....


    The stat's you quote for downloads of tracks verse's loops,sorry doesn't hold much credit...Reason being most tracks are not open for download where as loops are open to all to download, fair enough the ratio would still be in favour of loops, as you need to download loops first off to make the track to be downloadable, where you might have to download ok lets say eg 20 loops to make one track, you are going to get 20 to 1 download stat in favour of the loops...as to one download for a track if tracks are open to download...


  15. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I don't think you can effectively make people participate any better by implementing any download,upload,review caveats....However I do sympathize with Mav's concerns....the only thing I suppose is to keep keeping on like Spivcurl does,he's given thousands upon thousands of reviews and is still going strong...all the people who have posted in this thread obviously care about Looperman and that's the main thing!

  16. 782612
    40A : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    deadest horse is the deadest.

    There are no obligations, and they definitely shouldn't be forced. I don't know why people feel so hurt when their track doesn't get commented on or rarely played as if they were inherently deserving of it. The way Looperman is designed pretty much dictates that your track(s) are essentially at the whim of sheer random luck when it comes to exposure.

    Once you fall off the front page it's as if the track may as well have never been uploaded to begin with.

    Also, people only come here for the loops. Tru science.

  17. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Off topic a bit but i've uploaded stuff that hasn't had any comments or downloads. I usually wonder why for a while but then one day i play it back and the penny drops...........It was a pile of s**t.
    It can get a bit annoying that people are so nice on this site. There are plently of things you can say about a bad track such as "something is out of key" "something is out of time" "The EQ is bad" ect..... But it seems that people only want to comment when you've done something alright.
    So there you have it, No reviews and no downloads 99% of the time means you've posted a minger. Jobs a goodun!

  18. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    People definitely come here for loops,however for the active community side of things that isn't the prime reason,absolutely no way.....I've seen quite a few musical sites and nothing beats Looperman for the constructive exchange of musical ideas,if you become involved and interact within the community your music improves,now that's a fact you can hang your hat on however this place isn't a self promotional aide....
    lets see if the discussion can be kept free of any personal vilification.

  19. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago


    I have a great deal to say on this topic but will just say something about this:

    "It can get a bit annoying that people are so nice on this site."

    Yes though nice is also nice. I give extensive and detailed reviews though only choose to comment on tracks I either like or think are promising.

    I once gave a slightly negative review and then had the track maker (a regular on here) decide to leave a bunch of personal insults on my tracks. And my review wasn't even particularly bad and I was polite throughout. If you really want, I can tell you which of my tracks if you want to see the kind of insults I'm talking about.

    Recently, someone else whose work I've commented on a fair bit pissed me off a lot by telling me off for being "condescending" and saying that he essentially did not want any criticism. I quote:

    "We have scrutinized the tracks many times over and corrected any issues we feel needs correcting. When we post them, they are finished and we feel they rarely need editing or correcting in our opinion. Also, all tracks will sound markedly different on whatever system it's listened on. I can listen to anyone's track and hear things I would change if I was doing it, but know it's that artist's interpretation and that's the way HE wants it to sound."

    That's an arrogant position I have a real problem with. It's basically saying there's no point in giving any criticism. So, what's the point in getting feedback if all you'll accept is praise?

    Why not just put in the track description "No criticism please, this is perfect as it is"?

    So, I think I'm give to give up making any comments at all on his stuff with that awful attitude and save the suggestions and analysis for people who appreciate it (loads do).

    He did add "I know you mean well and your comments are not given with malicious intent, but some of us may be a little sensitive about our stuff"

    but I refuse to comment on tracks on which I feel that I'm essentially banned from making any criticism. What a waste of my time!

    Anyway, I've got loads more to say but I thought I'd just mention why I essentially only give good reviews. I can't be bothered having to deal with whingers who can't take polite, helpful constructive criticism and/or believe their music is essentially beyond criticism.

  20. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I see your point, but sometimes there is something so hiddiously wrong with a track such as one annoying hi hat which carries through the whole track about ten decibels louder than the rest of the mix.

    I've had critical reviews from you before which i thought were fair but i'm never happy with my mixes anyway and rather than correct them, i usually just start another track (and make the same mixing errors on that one)

    Hell, I aint no professional and i NEED to learn more if ever i want to progress. But as you say, if people CAN'T listen, then that just sums it up in a nutshell really.

  21. 588276
    StaticNomad : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    "sometimes there is something so hiddiously wrong with a track such as one annoying hi hat which carries through the whole track about ten decibels louder than the rest of the mix."

    Yes - I tend to tell people who I've got to know (only in an online way) about things like that because that's real help rather than just not helping by stoking their ego and making them think their track has no flaws in it.

    Sometimes we do miss big errors in the music we make (and are sometimes in denial about them!) so people should welcome other people pointing them out (constructively and with time references etc).

    But some people apparently upload their tracks here in the belief that they are perfect so no criticism is valid.

    Damn - I can give detailed criticism of my stuff that I think is really good.

    I actually do this in some of my track comment replies.

    Sometimes that's the most criticism on my tracks!

  22. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Ahhhh....reviews.....I'm with MavStudio on the "everybody that has a DAW just uploads everything they record" part of the discussion. Now I'm not trying to deny anybodies right to upload and express themselves but some of that expression should be kept hidden or just on a personal iPod. And NO I am not talking about the mix quality.

    We really shouldn't force anybody to review stuff as that would lead once again to spam reviews and quick reviews and then the forums will be full of "stop they great track short reviews" threads.

    Sure it's nice to get a review now and then but this site as any other site works on the principle of you give a bit you get a bit and that's the fair way to go. Imposing obligations would just add a higher sense of falsity and the honest reviews are way to scarce anyways.

    Just my 2c.

  23. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    @PJB thanks for the respect! I love hearing what people are creating here on Looperman. It's mostly a different group compared to when I first showed up here, but there is still a load of talent!

    As far as the main thread goes... I don't think we should require reviews or loop uploads to upload songs. In my opinion this would risk a neverending stream of poor quality loops and fluff reviews.

  24. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    Oh, also... you will be a more recognizable member of the site if you always return the favor of a review, never give up!

  25. 992278
    dansjoy4 : Sun 4th May 2014 : 8 years ago

    I believe it's very polite to review other songs on looperman rather you upload or not. However I have to agree with Spiv about the uploading of tracks...you will be more recognizable by returning the favor of reviews.

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