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  1. 1201946
    PackManDubstep : Sun 27th Apr 2014 : 8 years ago

    My name is Skrillex... what? I really need to stop putting music on repeat. Anyways, I'm Pack Man. I'm a relatively new artist (writing since around August 2013) and haven't really done much worthwhile yet, but I'm improving. Some of you may recognize my name from my Minecraft tag and XBOX GamerTag. It's me and not an imposter. I write Dubstep, Complextro, and Progressive House, and am Christian, so no explicities here. That's about it.

  2. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sun 27th Apr 2014 : 8 years ago

    Welcome to the site. I'm Nick and i'm completely insane.

    Rule 1 of Looperman, Comment on other peoples tracks and they'll probably come and listen to your tracks.

    Rule 2 If you review several of the same artists tracks and they don't listen to yours then they're probably a d**k.

    Thats about it really.

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 27th Apr 2014 : 8 years ago

    lol @ FreeRadical!

    Hello and welcome PackManDubstep! Always good to meet a new digital face. Nick's advice is valid for sure. Enjoy the site!

  4. 1205128
    LivingInSilence : Mon 28th Apr 2014 : 8 years ago

    . !!!

    Just kidding, welcome to the site! :)

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