USB To Preamp-Interface Setup

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  1. 960526
    MrShores : Thu 27th Feb 2014 : 5 years ago

    Hello Fellow Loopermen (and women),

    I have recently decided I should make the switch from USB microphones to the whole interface/preamp approach. However, I have no real idea what to do. So my question is, what type of hardware would you recommend for someone on a budget, and is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks.

  2. 998072
    InverSound : Thu 27th Feb 2014 : 5 years ago

    Tascam US-144 MKII

  3. 490439
    ZeeHipHop : Thu 27th Feb 2014 : 5 years ago

    If you're on a tight budget, you will probably be looking at an USB Audio Interface with a built-in pre-amp. There are a lot on the market! Most come with some kind of software (I have two from Focusrite, the came with limited Cubase software)

    So consider the system requirements of the Audio Interface. I had to upgrade my Windows Vista PC coz there was no support for that OS.
    Consider the pre-amp contained in the Audio Interface. Do the research.
    Consider your set-up. The budget AI don't usually have many inputs or outputs maybe 2 for each. Will that be enough for you? Are you planning to record each instrument individually? Will you need more than 1 headphone port?
    Ofcourse, the price makes a difference too.
    Lastly, make sure your mic is compatible. Phantom power! Although I'm sure most have that these days.

    Here is a link that helped me a bit:

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