MIDI Controller Parameter Assigning Issues

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  1. 951439
    Evisma : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    I knew this would happen.

    I bought a MIDI keyboard controller so I can expand on my musical arsenal. It's friggin sweet.

    AKAI Professional MAX25.

    I'll get right to the issue.

    In my DAW, Studio One 2 professional, there are 3 virtual instruments that control a bazillion MIDI instruments. "Presence", "Mojito", and "Impact". They are not VST's. They are integrated into the software. Not 3rd party plug-ins.

    I am wanting to control the instrument called "Presence". Looks just like a MIDI keyboard controller.

    I've set up the MAX25 and it is flawlessly controlling the keys in "Presence", and I've easily assigned the pads for drums. So, I know my controller is in communication with the virtual instrument.

    The MAX25 has a bank of four touch-faders that you can assign to anything as a MIDI CC. In the software that allows you to assign each pad and fader, the pads are easy,... MIDI channel, Note, assigned key. Easy. The faders have no explanation on how to assign them. Choices are; MIDI Channel, CC, 20.

    I know what the MIDI channel is, pretty sure CC is for parameter tweaking, but I have no clue as to what the "20" is for, or how I assign it to a knob in "Presence" that controls the synth filter.

    "20" is a particular faders assigned number, 2nd, 3rd and 4th faders are 21, 22, 23. So I understand that the first fader is in "slot" 20.

    How the hell do I assign "slot 20" to a knob in the virtual instrument?

    Another program that came with it is designed to find all VST's and "wrap" them.(I guess that means map them.) It has found a bunch of 3rd party stuff like Melodyne and Guitar Rig, but can not find the "Presence" instrument that is vital to the DAW's MIDI.

    Again, I have the controller working for keys and pads as they are the same, but I can't figure out how to assign touch-faders and S-switches

    Please, oh please, help me. I'm in love with this controller and feel like it will unencumber creative conveyance considerably. With all of the Electronic prowess I've heard on this site, I thought this would be a good place to start, as I wait for customer service to finish enjoying their weekend.

    Thank you good people.


  2. 782612
    40A : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    have you tried kicking it?

  3. 951439
    Evisma : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    Owner's Manual advises against it, already checked.

  4. 782612
    40A : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    I'm all out of good ideas then. Best of luck bro.

  5. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    I don't use Studio One,however in Ableton you access a Vst's controls by unfolding the device parameters in the plugin edit window.....I'm betting the same applies here,you probably can expand the Vst in Studio One then assign midi mapping to your controller's touch faders ,sorry I can't be more specific...there are some members who are dedicated Studio One users here,do a search of "Studio One" I know there's a thread about it somewhere and contact those members,there's bound to be a solution.

  6. 998072
    InverSound : Sun 26th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    email their support team

  7. 951439
    Evisma : Mon 27th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    @ mistermerlin

    I did that, but it's the weekend so they're MIA till Monday. Thanks though, I appreciate it.

    @ Planetjazzbass

    I got it figured out. Your advice was very similar to the actual process, but it was a bit easier. The parameter value window in my DAW was associated with MIDI assigning, so you sent me on the correct path. I had to find all of the MANY functions of the parameter window to see how to assign MIDI. Thank you VERY MUCH! Your time and know-how is appreciated to the FULLEST EXTENT. Made my month!


  8. 588276
    StaticNomad : Mon 27th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    Cool. You got it sorted.

    Just as well as I had no specific useful advice to offer.

    Didn't even have any good jokes. Just nothing, really.

    Now it's working you can become a real knob twiddler and get on with some banging dubstep wobbles and stop mucking around with that bass of yours.

  9. 951439
    Evisma : Mon 27th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    I'll turn my bass into samples and just toss out the useless Ibanez. I've been told that producers are still considered musicians even when the power is out. Unplug a MIDI controller and see how much music it puts out. I think the bass will stay. It is still functional without power.

  10. 588276
    StaticNomad : Tue 28th Jan 2014 : 5 years ago

    Yeah, just play thousands of riffs in every possible key, record them and sample every note on the neck played in a variety of ways plus a whole load of slides (every fret to every other fret on each string and at tempos from 1-250 BPM). That should pretty much cover everything.

    Then get rid of that bass. Maybe just give it away - if anyone will take such a thing.

    Or use it instead of a spade for landscaping. Or maybe make a half-buried statue in the park out of it. Could also be a good bird feeding platform.

    Could also be used for playing baseball.

    Bassball hahaha...

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