Monk Chants

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  1. 885019
    XmafaX : Tue 24th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    Good day,
    Anyone knows where I can find Monk chants or similar ?

    I wish merry christmas for all looperman friends


  2. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 24th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    Freesound :D merry christmas Paulo also do you know how to rip audio from video? If you can find a public domain video you can obtain sound samples that way as well. It works on all videos but due to copyright I only use public domain stuff.

  3. 885019
    XmafaX : Tue 24th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    HI, thanks for your tips.Sorry for my ignorance but how I know ir public domain stuff ? and where i search, youtube ?
    Thanks again

  4. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 24th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    Where all here to learn from each other Paulo :D You tube is a great site but for that but not everything is out of copryright on there. Public Domain means the copyright has expired and is now public property. Royalty free simply said. Google to find out for specific videos. I use this freeware program to download videos from you tube. There is a setting to download the video or just the audio. Then I use audacity to cut up the audio file for the samples I want from it. ALso you can google Public Domain Movies and find tons of sites with old movies.The laws vary depending on what country your in,regarding time, but copyright expires after so many years and if not renewed fall into public domain. All U.S.A. government videos are public. Many old movies as well. The works of Edgar Allen Poe and HP Loevecraft, original texts, just a few examples. Google is your best friend regarding info on that stuff :D Hope that helps :D

  5. 885019
    XmafaX : Wed 25th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    Many thanks for your help!

  6. 837584
    YMCMB : Thu 26th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago


    I will make you a sample pack of 20-30 sounds containing mostly monk chant one shots so don't worry about having to go about ripping low quality audio off of Youtube videos.

  7. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Fri 27th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago Here's some more to choose from as well. This is where I get the majority of sounds I use.

  8. 885019
    XmafaX : Fri 27th Dec 2013 : 8 years ago

    Many thanks to all
    I really appreciate it

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