Broke My Amp Need Advice

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  1. 322747
    KooLKYLE : Tue 26th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    i think i broke my amp at the weekend... long story short beer got spilled and a few drips landed in my amp it sparked a few times and started to smoke. i pulled the plug out before anything else happened but now im scared to turn it on and test it. what are the chances of it instantly exploding in my face or doing damage to the socket its plugged into, also is a water damaged amp repairable what could be possible things wrong with it ? if not can someone recommend a cheap alternate amp that would power x2 800w 8ohms speakers

    the current amp i was using is

  2. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 26th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    Bummer..sounds like the transformer shorted out,in situations like these it's prudent to take it to a qualified repair service,turning it back on will only run the risk of electrocution..yeah I know it's a hassle and the transformer is unfortunately the most expensive component of the amplifier...I could be wrong but have experienced the same situation..with the same beverage!...hope it 's not too pricey to repair.

  3. 322747
    KooLKYLE : Tue 26th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    thanks for the advice man i dont think it would cost much to fix a brand new one costs about 80-90quid but atm my pockets are empty so just need to hold out for next few months and save up again for another one... might save a little extra this time n get one with more power so i can add extra speakers... il get it properly dried out and test it in a few weeks before getting new one :)

  4. 322747
    KooLKYLE : Tue 26th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    sorry for second post but people reading this should understand that accidents DO and WILL happen and you should be extra careful when gigging and also if its a really expensive piece of gear i would suggest getting some insurance :)

  5. 883744
    ElectronBlue : Wed 27th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    Probably fried the board. Easy to replace but probably cheaper to just get a new one.

  6. 672953
    Ozzz : Wed 27th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    Electronic repair guys fix their prices like the fight between Pacman and Bradley. Spoil your own head with a new one instead of paying two thirds of the retail price only to have fake generic parts in it, not that it matters. Its a mind over matter thingy..

    Yellah enjoy..

  7. 665781
    Soap : Wed 27th Nov 2013 : 6 years ago

    Remember how much you paid for you amp... should be enough to justify the fact you"re gonna take it to the specialist' store... ;)

    Seriously... Go and take it to a tech and taht's pretty much it...
    Wish the best luck for ya bro... ;)


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