The Most Beautiful Sound You Will Probably Ever Hear

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  1. 150060
    FutureAnalysis : Sun 3rd Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    Hey Guys, been a super Long time since i been on here , but i do always make sure to check out my account every once in a while to keep it active. anyways i'd thought i would upload a tune that i made like i said as always none of it make sense just pure sound of awesomeness ENJOY

  2. 674084
    Neuro : Sun 3rd Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    what autotune did you use??

  3. 951439
    Evisma : Mon 4th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I must disagree with accuracy of the post title. However, if you omit the words "most beautiful" and "ever", I believe you hit the nail on the head! The edits pop, the sound is grainy, and there are very abrupt and almost startling vocal hits in there that are kind of off putting. I also believe that auto tune should be banished from the land of music. I would expect to hear criticism from the Looperites if I uploaded a clip-filled, autotuned vocal line and called it the most beautiful sound you will probably ever hear. Please allow me to direct you to one of my favorites. Tool's song Disposition, on Lateralus. If your track somehow outshines Disposition to you, I will accept your preference and not say another word.


  4. 150060
    FutureAnalysis : Mon 4th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    this is 2013 not 1800's everyone has a Taste in Music rather if it is autotuned or Not , everyone is unique nobody has to Listen to the same type of music , it is just boring do something different and odd they can listen to whatever they are please we are free to do as we please . Thank you for your positive comment

  5. 951439
    Evisma : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I basically agree with what you are saying, and there is nothing "Wrong" with your track, it is simply mislabeled. I can hear what you are going for and that's great, but autotune is a cop-out. It instantly reveals that the singer is not able to perform what they write.

    I understand the fact that some people might actually like the sound of autotune, but I believe it is because so much music is "produced" by talentless money magnets. It's their image, not their talent that is being sold and flooded into the airwaves.

    My voice is crap, no illusions here, but if I recorded something with my sub-par voice and had to autotune it just to make it palatable, what have I achieved? Just like "Producers" who have never touched an actual instrument in their life calling themselves artists when all they truly did was take a few things, made by others, put them in a different order, and called it creativity. If I take all the condiments out of my refrigerator, put them back in a different order, I do not have a new condiment. It's still Heinz and French's.

    I also understand that everyone is different and has different tastes. Hell, Bjork grew a massive fan base by holding up a microphone while throwing nickels into her oven. Makes it original, but not good.

    All in all, I see where you are coming from, but I'm still calling it a bait-n-switch. To each, their own.


  6. 851137
    crucethus : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    what's wrong with music from the 1800's!!!!! just kidding that period was awesome in the beginning and sucked during the romantic period, but you knew that already Future. I digress. I must agree with Evisma that it is not the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. But ....but I do think it is interesting. You seriously need to clean the noise up on the vocals. Have you thought about using a vocoder from something like a Korg MS2000 instead of Auto tune software. you will achieve a smoother sound or you could run the recorded sound you have into a vocoder and make a very fascinating sound keeping the aspects of the autotune but making it fuller. if you re-record the auto tune sound without the distortion and clipping I could process it for you fuller so you could mix it again in the nice pad sound selection you have working. just a thought

  7. 350128
    Felix : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    Evisma, I have to jump into this conversation. I'm not taking sides because this thread is mislabeled. The auto-tune in my opinion was poorly executed. There was nothing special about the track posted. I just have to say something. I felt what you said about "producers" but, digital production takes enough "ear" & "skill" to receive just a little respect. You may not have been talking about me (since I do play out my chords & leads), but what I have heard from digital production in the last few years definitely deserves to be recognized as an art form. It may not be "traditional" like a guitar or set of drums, but it is surely a form of art. I listened to a couple of your tracks before writing this by the way. Nice material. Just throwing in my 2 cents from a "producers" point of view.

  8. 951439
    Evisma : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I will accept that there is skill in the finishing and polishing of assembled songs. I WILL give you that. But that is where it starts and ends in my opinion. The assembly is not art, the fixing and mixing of it is.

    My question is this. If CREATIVITY is slowly being squeezed out of music, and creativity lies only in turd polishing, where are we headed?

    The early classic rock guys are puking in their soup over what we have made popular and "creative". Auto tune was not needed back then because only real talent got big and truly earned their stripes.

    Auto tune should instantly remove someone from the artistic roll call. It's like paint-by-number. Yeah, it's there, but it's not you.

    I just hate the thought of musicians going from artists, to assembly line workers. No matter how you put Mr. Potato Head together, it's still what came in the box. Mr. Potato Head.

    I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm not like that. I just feel that we are losing something visceral when music is created with a thousand mouse clicks.


  9. 851137
    crucethus : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I would respectively have to disagree with you, being on both sides of the issue. Arrangement of a song is a talent. re-mixing a song is a talent. Frank Zappa had an interesting take on using new technology that alowed him to make sounds that were impossible to be played live. Why did he make such compositions. Because he wanted to hear them. Looping sounds is not just a cut & paste and here is your song. Sometimes I have used 4 to 6 different drums to make a unique poly-rhythm. sometimes 2 pad sounds make a unique harmony. It takes talent and an ear to make that happen. Just as it takes talent to physically play your instruments as well. For allows me to make music that I want to hear and maybe could never be played live without 100 people. The Piano when first introduced (as the Piano-Forte) was noted as a bastard instrument that will never replace the Harpsichord, and don't get me started on electric guitars first being used in popular music, and the first use of synths. It's a different Talent, but it deserves respect as a talent!

  10. 350128
    Felix : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I cannot disagree with your points. All are reasonable & understandable. With that being said, you must realize that "real music" isn't going anywhere.... It's not less people making "real music" in the world, it's just the immanent takeover of technology. More people are clicking away. As sad as it may seem, it is true.... Sorry bro.


  11. 350128
    Felix : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago


  12. 951439
    Evisma : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    I truly respect the point you are both making, and Crusethus, you do far more Composing than what I was referring to. It's the concept of not being the one who wrote or performed the music.

    When a track consists of two dance loops and a movie quote, it's hard for me to respect the artistry, no matter how polished those elements are.

    At the same time, I have written things on bass and added fake guitars to find what fits, but they are always replaced. I will also transpose things after the fact to find what works, but then rerecord with the changed note.

    I truly don't mean to be an ass here. I work alone and don't have any friends because they couldn't get off the meth and pills, so I don't get to discuss music with anyone but fellow Looperites, and I'm kinda out of the popular genres on this site. I truly appreciate your views and hope we at least see things half way.


  13. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    Where getting a little too deep into semantics here aren't we guys..if FutureAnalysis had manipulated this sound with a guitar instead of his voice there'd be no contention,Autotune is just a tool,yes it does have a certain stigma attached to it (thanks to some unmentionable rapper who I've already forgotten)..there's one thing music has taught me and that is anything goes,today's radical is tomorrow's conservative.

  14. 350128
    Felix : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    Well worded PlanetJazz. I agree with everyone. Honestly, It's all a bunch of opinions being thrown around. And yes, I believe that we are all on the same page of understanding evisma. Goodnight Looperfam.

  15. 916355
    DallaRiOfficial : Tue 5th Nov 2013 : 8 years ago

    (Without reading the comments posted before this) I do not think this sound is beautiful. Mostly on the mixing and sound quality. Very clippy. And killed my ears. Other than that, I see what your going for. And my advice, when you finish a project, don't be quick to jump the gun and post it online. Listen to a few more times, you'll seen realize something you wish you would've wanted to change, or you didn't quite hit the mark you wanted. Listen to it a few times, than make minor changes, when you think it's perfect, than by all means upload it. It also helps if you get others to listen to what you did, and get some input.

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