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  1. 322363
    GadManDubs : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    Hi i have been a member of looperman since 2009

    And just want to big up all the talented people here!!

    Back to business:

    When an artist such as myself uploads a vocal, the producer must realize that the name of the song & the name of the artists,

    help legally identify the artist intellectual property.


    1.I sing or rap a song,
    then I register that song FULL TITLE:

    ( GadManDubs-Falling Down)

    with PRS, PPL, & MCPS or ASCAP IN US

    now if a producer then takes my vocal/song makes his own version of it, using whole vocal, and re titles his song,

    mr beat-wonky chocolate-FT Gadmandubs

    or mr beat- wonky chocolate - my credit missing-

    see how this situation, would need for me two re register, a song,

    now if a 1000 people do this , i am effed!!

    If the producer just uses samples from the vocal, i can understand, as its just a sample,

    if the whole vocal is used , then keeping the title
    GadManDubs-Falling Down(Mr Beat-remix)

    this would be easy for me to track down
    and register, as each remix is deemed as a new version of the same song.

    If looper man had built in Licence contract
    software that would also be great,
    with an ability to sign it digitally,

    as alot of producers wanna sign my vocals to labels, but i wish to remain independent, so i only can grant a non exclusive licence, to any producers, to deal with 3rd party labels.

    any other artist out there?, I would love to hear your views & experiences with this matter!

    Also producer let me know if this makes sense!

  2. 665781
    Soap : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    I totally agree with you bro.

    Labelling "feat" means I've invited someone to sing along a beat I made. Well that's what I think.

    I usually label ArtistName - Title ( Soap Mix ) and just mention my name on the "composer" MP3 tag.

    If it's a collab, I think I would write Soap / ArtistName.

    As for contracts, I really don't know how it works. I think it could be a remarkable idea if someone could post a contract "template" somewhere in the forum...

    Sorry or my english.


  3. 890922
    kjason : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    I think your right & agree with both of you. Especially what Soap said. I made this mistake a few days ago just because I didn't know better, but I just fixed it. Sorry if I confused anyone lol. :)

  4. 1036738
    GMoneyProductions : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    @ GadManDubs, Soap, kjason,...
    Hello & good to meet you all.
    Gentlemen, these are all very valid points for the concerns of many. I think where the discrepancies may be are perhaps
    there are those who for one reason or another don't understand or realize the current policies which are posted here,... or, and of course, the flip side to the obvious that there are those unfortunately who don't care [and we can tell who they are]
    and certainly neglect to abide by any rules or legalities which is also very revealing of their actual intentions [and for some their maturity] as to why they are here.

    @ GadManDubs, you absolutely can't go wrong if there are ASCAP registrations, especially for "Independents" ;) and for that reason [addressing cybergeek pirates]the real Artists/Musicians and the like, can be rest assured they will in fact, get caught. [or as they GET GOT!]

    All the Best!

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