We Need Better Acapella Uploads

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  1. 787945
    JJWeekz : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    As I'm going through the acapella section, I have to say: there's a lot of useless junk there.

    Before you start throwing tomatoes at me, let me clarify.

    I think just about anything is useful, for a background sound or to be remixed.

    But most of these have awful effects on them, not enough time taken in the lyrics, and some are just random uploads from people's phones about some nonsense or other. Many of them have clipping in the sound.

    I don't claim to upload perfect stuff at all, but I do try to put effort into the words, keeping in mind what could be chopped to fit into other's music.

    If you can sing, Looperman desperately needs you! Don't be shy, upload something so we have more to choose from!!

    Write some thoughtful lyrics, don't add any effects, don't get too close to the mic, and upload. As simple as that.

    Anyone is more than welcome to contact me for lyrics, as long as they are sung for non-commercial, non-profit use.

  2. 1036738
    GMoneyProductions : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    Certainly a valid points JJ, and your absolutely right.
    I think your voice is definitely on par with what you do,...
    in fact, I'll bet you can do even more.
    Really good control and tonality. [*High 5s*]

    All the Best!

  3. 787945
    JJWeekz : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    Hi GMoney,

    I didn't write this to get attention for myself. Of course I need to improve- no doubt! But I am in no way saying I am better than anyone.

    Thanks for the luv

  4. 837584
    YMCMB : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    Hi! JJWeekz, haven't heard from you in forever! sorry about the name change, should have told you! D:

    But it's all good, anyway, I'll be posting some nice vocal samples soon.

    I haven't been active on the loop because of work and school starting so sorry about that, But like I said, I'll be adding great stuff to looperman very soon. Mostly hip hop samples, no metal really. :p

    Well anyway, you made a GREAT point, someone had to say it and I'm glad you did. :)

  5. 787945
    JJWeekz : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    I'm so happy to hear that you'll be uploading some stuff soon Jon! I could use any genre from you, doesn't have to just be metal.

    Hope you're doing well. I can't remember if we followed eachother on Soundcloud, but I deleted my old one because there were too many phonies on there. I made a new one though.

  6. 1036738
    GMoneyProductions : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    JJ, Well of course not, and I perceivably didn't take it that way or it didn't come off that way to me one bit. In retrospect I actually think it's not so much the personal confidence [don't sell yourself short] for improving [all though good to identify] as much as it could be the right opportunity to be presented with the right challenge, if you will. ;) [yes that's a hint]

    All the Best!

    All the Beat!

  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    JJ, by looking at the recent pellas, I can tell you've been very busy! Good stuff!

  8. 782718
    Unknown User : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    So true! finally someone said it.

  9. 787945
    JJWeekz : Thu 12th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    @G$- confused as to what you're saying. I don't take hints well when I'm feverish, always best to be direct with me. I've had plenty of awesome opportunities- unfortunately I'm one of those creatures who deletes most of the songs and pellas I work on, so unless you've followed me this whole last year it would be hard to know what genres I can handle.

    @Spivkurl- I hope to contribute some better ones soon, those were just some "in-between" ones while I work on bigger projects and present the acapella from those.

    @Evanstrey19- I admire that this is a site where most people are nice about their reviews, but sometimes we can't sugarcoat it. I didn't write this to put anyone down though, but to encourage them to push further.

  10. 1003117
    Sherris : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    oh yuuuuuupppp Jenny you are right about the junks amoung acapellas .
    but beside your true saying , i think looperman needs a
    more professional and more friendly atmosphere , and security and safety or something like a voucher about
    usage of acapellas .
    i have recceived 2 mails as 2 request from singers in looperman who have no acapella , have no track , and nothing in looperman but an id .
    I listened to what they had sung on my music and wonder why they don't join to us and never upload anything .
    their answer was they think looperman is not safe enough to convince them their acapella and lyrics won't be used and stolen without credit to them .
    I mean to say , when a composer can use my acapella or JJWeeks acapella and voice and JJweeks Melody sung in her acapella and lyrics which all can easily be a good matter of piracy , a singer is right to say won't upload his good or best acapellas in this situation of site . just it's enough to i sing by myself too or i know a singer to tell her sing this words on this track by this melody and easily i can steal that idea completely .
    looperman needs more safety and security about acapellas .

  11. 787945
    JJWeekz : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago


    That is a valid point. A free site like this will only produce average downloadable content. Looperman is unable to control that or privacy.

    I guess I just wish more vocalists- who do this only as a hobby- would freely give their best, despite the consequences. If you upload your best and someone steals it, but another person asks you to sign their label then you've won because your best always gets better. Unless they steal the goose laying the golden eggs, they'll only have one or two golden eggs and then they won't have anymore ;-) be the goose that keeps laying golden eggs!

  12. 831304
    DubTek : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago


  13. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    JJ, On the one hand we do have great singers and acapella artists like Bonnie Rabson and Patricia Edwards, but on the other we have fraudsters like Britney Sanders who will rip them off and take their work.

    See this: https://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/179929/warning-theres-a-scam-artist-among-us

  14. 905673
    SoulMaaaan85 : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    that britney sanders story did chill my chords fer sure thatd be a nightmare

  15. 905673
    SoulMaaaan85 : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    since i uploaded accapellas i started doing things like silencing noise recorded in the room and saving up for something better than my pocket sized piece of 29 cent plastic usb CAD mic ....also have adopted a much more stringent editorial process elimitnating abstracts that are agitated by intended notes and rythms that thrive on the immaculate edit once its done. its difficult to be poor and unfocused but ill get through it ::::::hocks a loogey:::::: alright take 2 shall we?!

  16. 1036738
    GMoneyProductions : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    @ JoeFunktastic,... Unfortunately, as we all know in this day of modern technology, there are going to be those [I shall refer to as cybergeeks]that spend their time just for this purpose. Glad you you brought this fact to the forefront again and the LoopFam to be intuitively cognizant of this issue. SO, for all you "cybergeeks" out there potentially reading this, be careful, the roles may just be reversed when it comes to the ol' saying,...
    "like a fox in the hen house" ... and oh yes people,
    ip addresses are logged.

    All the Best Loopfam!

  17. 322363
    GadManDubs : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    I noticed that folks upload only 1 minute of vocals

    , i feel a vocal song, if less than a minute long should be in the category of vocal loops, not songs

    Hope you find my acapellas useful,
    I provide heat felt lyrics with hooks & verses,
    have a listen!!



  18. 665781
    Soap : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    @ Sherris : Same here bro. It became like a #1 rule to me to never work with someone who's never uploaded anything. You never know where your beat will end up being sent...

    But the more we use looperman, the more people we recognize, because they post in the forums or collab with other members and finally appear in the track section... It begins to be like a group within looperman somehow...

    @ GadManDubs : You're right regarding the one minute acapellas. I remember having posted something about this... But in the end, I feel more like it's kind of a sample of what people can do... Means real serious producers will contact them to make a full song if they're interested... And perhaps it's a safe thing to just upload a little part, so singers don't get stolen... DAWS can loop a sample, but they can reproduce vocals on a text input... ;)

  19. 665781
    Soap : Fri 13th Sep 2013 : 8 years ago

    Sorry... I meant :

    DAWS can loop a sample, but they CAN'T reproduce vocals on a text input... ;)

  20. 933074
    mike0112 : Wed 30th Dec 2015 : 6 years ago


  21. 1293607
    Venuslove : Thu 31st Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    Putting everyone elses pellas sudden to make u look good wasn't your intention I am sure. People on here learn from eachother, they usually get better, get better equipment and try to do their best. In the beginning its not easy. There are a lot of newbies here on this site.

  22. 933074
    mike0112 : Thu 31st Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    Yea I know they get better everyone does. but just saying I agreed with the statement I just happen to see this on the side bar

  23. 933074
    mike0112 : Thu 31st Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    and the problem i have with the acapellas are people just doing what ever thinking that a producer will want to use it when the quality is bad and the lyrics don't even make sense.

  24. 933074
    mike0112 : Thu 31st Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    I am a remixer as well so yea

  25. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Thu 31st Dec 2015 : 6 years ago

    It takes time to grow, as Venuslove says. And, in the end, I'd rather have some low-quality vocals to work with than nothing at all :P


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