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Superstition In Music

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  1. 498905
    Bindanox : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    This subject has been on my mind for ages,but i finally had the chance to look around to see if i could get something from the internet and i found several posts about this.

    "Don't be late for a studio date or performance, nothing will go right for you if you are.

    Talk to people in the audience after you perform, not before. Not even long lost family members or friends. Too many confident allies will jinx you by saying stuff like "Your gonna be awesome" or "nobody can sing like my boy/girl" I don't think it's unlucky to be confident inside your own head though.

    I know some players that are like B.B. King, they don't like others playing or even touching their guitar... I think there is some to that mojo-hell hounds-and little johnny cocharoo stuff. I also kinda believe in that stuff about dudes selling/pledging their soul to the devil."Freddie

    "Never rehearse the night before a meaningful gig, cuz it'll suck all the mojo you need for the show."Woodman

    "I will not drink colored liquor(whiskey, or even red wine) before a show, unless i want to break a string. and to me that is about the worst that can happen. i hate breaking strings, and i have a b-bender that loves doing that.."Jason

    and the list goes on and on...

    Does anyone wants to share their ideas,experiences or opinions on this subject?


  2. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    I'm not a superstitious guy,but I always double check to make sure the stove isn't on when I leave the house...most of the people I've played in front of(been awhile now)have been drunker than I was!lol...I'd never let a stranger touch my instruments but if their a muso friend of mine no problems.

  3. 498905
    Bindanox : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Cheers Dave.I also always check if my stove is on when i leave home(especially i am leaving home on my own!!).

    I dont own any instruments but whenever someone asks me to mess around with my DAW,i always feel a bit reluctant about doing so as i fear they might delete some of my stuff.

  4. 666289
    FreeRadical : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    I have this weird superstition that whenever i hear the words "next we're going to play you a track by Micheal Bolton" I just have to turn the radio off.

  5. 208341
    drmistersir : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    anyone heard
    not to play drums in the dark?

  6. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 15th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Ahh now I have Stevie Wonder's Superstitious rattling around my head now.

  7. 883744
    ElectronBlue : Tue 16th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Never say "Break a leg" A family member said it once as I was going on stage and nothing went right after that. First I broke a string. Then my mic went off. Then I got all showy with my guitar and as I went into a riff I threw my guitar up and the strap came off and the guitar sailed across the floor into the audience. The lead brought it to an abrupt end and it crashed to the floot with an almighty bang as it echoed through the amps. A space cleared where it landed and it all went very quiet. Every body just stared at me. I looked down at my broken guitar and thought "SHIT" Then every body went crazy shouting and screaming for more. At least they thought it was good. I went and picked up my broken guitar put it away got my cheap backup guitar and carried on. So never never never say "break a leg" coz shit happens when your drunk.

  8. 944056
    Darkreine : Tue 16th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Haha 12string!! That reminds me of a superstition of mine, which is never try to do stage acrobatics when you're out of your box! I threw a mic stand up in the air once, intent on catching it and I swear to god, it never came back down!!

  9. 498905
    Bindanox : Tue 16th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Some nice and almost bizarre experiences...

    @FreeRadical,thats a great one.
    @DrMisterSir,dont tell me you have tried that?
    @Crucethus,thats because its a ctchy song.
    @12String,thats some bad luck.I wonder if it was Friday 13th.Hahaha.
    @Darkreine,thats a funny one.

  10. 883744
    ElectronBlue : Tue 16th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    @Darkreine and it is probably falling still. LOL

  11. 944056
    Darkreine : Tue 16th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    Dunno bro, but I felt such a prat afterwards!! I couldn't honestly tell you what happened to it, it must have landed somewhere lol!!!

  12. 208341
    drmistersir : Wed 17th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    @12string, that is the good kind of problem! plus !

    @optimistic, never tried it because of superstition ... I don't remember where I heard it
    and it just might have something to do with cymbals ruining knuckles in the dark... but having the lights on never really saved my hands anyway

  13. 498905
    Bindanox : Thu 18th Jul 2013 : 7 years ago

    @DrMisterSir,at least you can drum,i just wish i could.

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