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The Unintentional Triptych

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    drmistersir : Mon 24th Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    okay, i see people start threads like this to promote a track they made
    ( i read stuff, cuz i am a lurker )
    so im gonna do the same thing...
    only this is a little different.

    between 2009 and 2011 I made lots and lots of _music*_. it was sort of a whacko _art as therapy_ thing that i felt i had to do.
    why isnt the important part...

    i noticed there are these 3 tracks that came from the time period that are pretty much just 3 parts of a whole.
    Im not that GUY WITH A PLAN,
    at least not in that way - BUT
    there they were all the same.
    3 seperate thematically linked compositions;

    I thought it was one of those wierdo _not by me but through me things_; since i kind of in that zone anyway at the time.

    then all this time later (about 2years passed) the second act began to unfold- on the news infront of the whole world.

    this made me want to share the whole thing here.
    with this odd and rambling attempt at an explaination.

    in order it would go

    and there it is, I would really like any body that can stand to, to soak those in, and let your mind wander and junk. I welcome all feedback

    its not about the bomb, or even mans excuses for building it... its about the anti-human mind set that turns our greatest advances against us like clockwork


    * ; the word music is used in its loosest meaning, see also rhythmic dinn

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