Boss RC3 Loop Station

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  1. 372886
    Bilbozo : Fri 7th Jun 2013 : 9 years ago

    I just picked up one of the Boss RC3 Loop Stations and have been playing with it a while. Basically it will loop any instrument or vocal that can be plugged into it to record or to play through any amplified source like an amp or PA. Once you step on the button it records, step on it again (on the 1 of the beat) and the first track loops and you can play over top of the first loop or re-records up to a dozen or so layers on top. It also have a small number of basic drum beats built in to help you with tempo if desired. Simple's where it gets cool...

    This thing is USB supported. The memory inside the pedal will store up to 3 full hours of loops. Plus the USB port in and it becomes a flash drive, where you can upload WAV files from you computer to the pedal. What does this mean?

    You can add instruments to a solo or duo live show like drums, rhythm guitars or keys. Or you can use it as a tool to practice your playing by uploading backing tracks to it. Great for DJ's or musicians doing live shows. Rap over pre-recorded beats, add effects to your live tracks.

    I use it for live shows so I can switch and play several instrument in the same song. I store a drum beat which is the foundation I lay down a bass line, loop it. Pick up my midi-guitar, play a piano line, loop it, switch to my regular guitar and play a rhythm track, loop it...and finally I have room to throw lead. Sing some vocals....loop it and then yes...sing my own harmonies on top of the lead vocal ! Some practice and ingenuity....within minutes you have a full band you conjured up alone and on the fly live. This thing is friggin' crazy.

    Anyhow, I'm not a promo rep or anything...I was amazed and blown away what this little thing can do and I wanted to ask if anyone else has one...or used it in other ways.

  2. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 7th Jun 2013 : 9 years ago

    I saw the first incarnation of this unit Bill,I think you had about 3 minutes of Loop time available or something and was impressed then..but this little sucker looks the business,fantastic for a live performer no doubt you'll blow a few minds mate,I think Slap also has one.

  3. 270061
    JoyfulWAVE : Fri 7th Jun 2013 : 9 years ago

    i love what you can do with this thing...its all about creativity...and im sure bill can do great stuff :)
    if you never heard of Angela Sheik then have a listen...she impressed me the first time i saw her working with a loop-station...she is also a member of looperman...but not much around here...

  4. 1154050
    LooperMusicDOTCOM : Sat 1st Mar 2014 : 8 years ago

    Check out my detailed explanation of what you can do with the RC-3, as well as what you can do with the RC-30, RC-300 and several other mainstream and boutique loopers.

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