A Higher State On Hospital

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  1. 896300
    Polyfronetic : Sun 19th May 2013 : 9 years ago

    Hello Friends of Music,

    after a month forced break (ruptured appendix, two surgeries and much nausea and pain) I present you with joy my latest trance tracks. The idea was born in the hospital. In fever / and morphine mania haunted always a little melody in my head. Today I was finally able to work again a little longer time on the DAW and so was the song "Higher State" was born. Of course, I hope that you like the song and the work (and pain it) was worth. Would appreciate feedback very much.

    Whether you like the song or not, thanks for listening!


    Greetings from Switzerland

    PS: forgot to delete the link to track, please post another!

  2. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 19th May 2013 : 9 years ago

    Good stuff! I highly recommend this to any trance head!

  3. 896300
    Polyfronetic : Tue 21st May 2013 : 9 years ago

    Thanks to all for the many feedback!

    Mastering is not good, I realized too late. Will definitely work on the song again. The criticisms are taken into consideration.


    PS: Sorry for my bad english, comes from Google. ;)

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