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Dub This Dub That

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  1. 208341
    drmistersir : Fri 19th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    for figs sake folks
    every friggin thing is dubstep this
    dub that

    i don't even know what dubstep is
    but i am starting to think i hate it

    conform and make dubstep tracks that are popular with all the kids in the dayglo music videos!!
    nay i say

    i'm keepin it oldskool and scrubby

    if anybody can tell me a good reason to even listen to these "dub" noises, I'm open to it

    but left to my own, imma skip it

  2. 606872
    WithoutMyArmor : Sat 20th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    For me, dubstep was not something that I could just jump into at first. I started by finding a song that I really liked then found it remixed for dubstep. For me that was Cinema.

    If you end up not liking it then hey, no one says you have to! There are still dubs that I don't like but there are still plenty that I do. And since it /is/ becoming more popular people are talking more about it!

    As for a "good reason", I think a good musician should be well rounded; that means, at the very least, being familiar with genres outside of the ones they typically listen to for the sake of being knowledgable. If that's not something you consider important or relevant for you then I suppose there's no reason to listen to the dubs!

    Anyways, hope you found this useful and good luck!


  3. 63133
    RogueAi : Sat 20th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    Here is what old dubstep used to sound like:

  4. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Sat 20th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    for me, there only two kinds of dubstep, the really good kind, and the really bad kind. Poorly-done dubstep is somthing i can't stand, but if it's done well (with some kind of melody behind it) i really like it. Listen to Krewella for an example of amazing dubstep.

  5. 208341
    drmistersir : Tue 23rd Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    do please forgive my tendency to hate anything that most people like

    or dont

    common is common and abundant is abundant
    i'll keep it scrubby
    cuz it has to be done

    leave fitting in to people with experience

  6. 851137
    crucethus : Tue 23rd Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    Rogue Ai has a very good example of what Old-style Dub step was all about. It was trippy and repetitive but creative. What you are hearing now is Bro-Step or grimestyle. Which really emphasizes thebass wobble in a more distorted way. This apeals to people just as thrash appealed to a certain segment of the Metal community back in the day. The Melodic elements incorporated in bro-step with the skrillex like formula apeals to many but just as Disco came from the underground, it became commercialized and formulized and people got sick of it after a few years. It got Interesting again when it went back underground and morphed into house (thanks Chicago) So I can't wait to see what Dub-Step will morph into in the future. Who knows maybe your the one that will lead the change.

  7. 963405
    ViralSilenc3 : Fri 26th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    I agree with 'drmistersir' in that i'm sick of dubstep and it's popularity. And pretty much every add on this website has got something to do with dubstep, which doesn't help. I can see the creative side as it involves a lot of synth programming to get a lot nice sound textures but sometimes it gets a bit much and just sounds like someone violently murdering a Transformer.

    What annoys me the most is that people keep asking me to make dubstep even though that's definitely not my thing. On YouTube I posted a song and in the description I said 'this is as close to dubstep as i'll get'. The song wasn't even meant to be dubstep but I made it the same way as some genres of dubstep are but used the instruments I prefer to use rather than sit there programing stuff. And just about every comment was like "Dude, that bass drop was weak" or "You need more dirty synths".
    It made me want to introduce my face to a hot fry-pan.

    I mean, if people aren't gonna like my music for what it is, then I might as well just quit.

    (if you want to hear the song I was talking about then you can also find it here):

  8. 208341
    drmistersir : Sat 27th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    "violently murdering a transformer"


    and don't misjudge - i don't want to sway people away from it
    if thats what folks dig, let em
    it's just the volume of folks that dig "dub_____"
    are really choking off the variety around here

    there's still alot of talented folks putting up stuff that isn't "dub____" but the #'s of loops that sound so extra super similar is staggering
    it's cool, i mean it's forces me to do LOTs more on my own
    *mostly cuz it's faster for me to write program voice and record something i might catch a little inspirational buzz off of than it would be sift through page after page of dubstuff

    it's like only finding creamy peanutbutter at the store
    ya know, like aint no love for the crunchy?

    i always felt bad being a lurker and just downloading all these dope samples and loops on here,
    but now i feel kinda obligated to contribute,
    like i'm gonna put 2 jars of crunchy on the shelf everyday

    i'm pretty sure there's scrubs like me on here, and they just might be looking for something besides dub___
    and I'm certainly not the best, but i'm gonna do what i do
    just incase like 9people wanted something other than that

    somewiseguy said good music is never about conformity
    ...just sayin

  9. 963405
    ViralSilenc3 : Mon 29th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    Totally agree with everything you just said,
    And yeah, this isle needs a little more crunchy!

  10. 678241
    J2age : Mon 29th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    For me i love the woblles and nasty bass. I have a banging system in mah car and i bump the nero cd or flux pavillion and its just !cimsagrO lol and i love rapping to it. Its chill.

  11. 724143
    Exoflex : Mon 29th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    FOr me i like Dubstep, although i am a progressive house producer, i sometimes consider putting those bassy sounds in the drop. Something that is Mastered has that nice melody and tune, not something that sounds like someone scratching on a chalkboard and adding a kick and reverbed snare. Something with a nice starting melody building up towards a nicely crafted, well timed drop! Its Dance Music and if i can dance to it, it gets the thumbs up for me.

    But everyone is subject to their own opinions. :D

  12. 358310
    JustTony : Mon 29th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    ...and I'm over here just like hey, I'm uploading punk.

  13. 322747
    KooLKYLE : Mon 29th Apr 2013 : 8 years ago

    dubstep is good and complex i like dubstep because its really creative but see now its has got crap it sound all the same check out glitch hop its better

  14. 208341
    drmistersir : Fri 21st Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    so I've considered mis-catagorizing my uploads and listing them as Dub__ even though i'm unsure what that even implies...
    just to see what it does to the download #'s
    i think the results may be shocking

    am i the only one who's thought about this?

  15. 560295
    TurfGoldMusic : Fri 21st Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    Recycled reggae type beats being called a whole new genre. Add a few weird sounds and wallah, we have dubstep!

  16. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 21st Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    Every new genre of music since about the mid 80's is a dumbed down version of something that came before......period.

  17. 560295
    TurfGoldMusic : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago


  18. 851137
    crucethus : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    wow !to make a statement like that about music from a musician whom I admire as a performer disappoints me. All folk music, and that’s what we do, folk music takes it cues from about 20 to 30yrs earlier from serious composers (Ie what we generalize as classical musicians) Ragtime took from the romantics, Jazz from the neo classicists,trance and house from the minimalists like philip glass. The only difference is we put a beat to it. When we stood upright on the serenghetti in small tribal groups, we occupied our leisure time by hitting sticks together to make a rhythm and we danced to it, then we had the shit scared out of us by a roaring animal. We still continue to like rhythm and dancing and having distorted or dissonant sounds push our adrenaline buttons. Why Elec guitars and now wobble wobble sounds are so liked by the youth of today. It makes them feel alive and a part of a tribe. In the 70's paint by numbers became popular. Now you the fool at home could paint like a professional. Just like the advent of cheap synths then pc's allow the fool at home to make music. But there is always the artist. The one person who can make magic in all of these genres, even the ones you think are dumbed down. They are relevant to someone...just not you.

  19. 585857
    Unknown User : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    Hey, I'm 16 and been producing for around 3 years now and i have had Dubstep in my heart since 2008. I grew up with whatever my older brother liked (Hes 28 now) and i loved heavy metal, dubstep, house, reggae, rap, and i still love them all.
    I think people get mixed up with Dubstep because here, right now in 2013... It really sucks. There is no vibe to it, it's not mellow, it has no soul in it. All it is, is a bunch of annoying loud sampled beats from other loud annoying songs. With straight forward drums, and god damn annoying female cheesy vocals. The Dubstep i love is old school, Mala, Skream/Benga. @MastahBlastah. It hurts me you say that, because NOW it is true. And i understand some people think Dubstep is a pile of poop because it is, but was not 3/4 years ago! Also @Planetjazzbas... Dude, POP music is that, and the "new" dubstep is basically pop, so if you are talking about the mainstream stuff, then i completely agree. Anyways, if anyone likes mellow deep bass, that is like garage, then go listen to Mala. Great tunes. Sorry if i miss-typed anything, i type to fast :]

  20. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    Fellas,it was a tongue in cheek remark...after all this is under a rants and raves category...just so no one misconstrues,it's always going to be a compromising situation whenever opinions on music are expressed but I think we're all able to take and give a little ribbing now and then..the specter of political correctness has yet to take over music! (exits smiling)

  21. 585857
    Unknown User : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    Haha, and that is the best way to exit :]

  22. 379853
    Alen9R : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    lol this thread reminds me of threads for hip hop 3-4 years ago:))....

  23. 966341
    PVRIZEN : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    no to me everything is hip hop this hip hop that im a unique kid at my school the only one that listens to dubstep everyone at my school istens to hip hop they listen to it so much that they all act like they're black not trying to be a racist but c'mon im the only true hearted white kid there

  24. 208341
    drmistersir : Sat 22nd Jun 2013 : 7 years ago

    i feel old now, thanks kids

    anyone else old enough to rent a car?

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