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Chill Out - Ambient - Down Tempo Log Book

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    Looperman : Mon 18th Mar 2013 : 8 years ago

    Started this thread to continue from another but in a more structured way.

    Us this thread to discuss and discover all styles of Chill Out / Ambient / Down Tempo artists and their work.

    The term Chill Out (for me anyway) came about as the tunes you might hear in the side room of dance clubs where the music was more atmospheric and psycadelic.
    It soon ventured off on its own and clubs that only played this style started to crop up.

    Chill out music though has been around for ages and you could say bands like Pink Floyd or Hawkwind were early examples.

    Modern(ish) examples would be The KLF, The Orb, Mixmaster Morris etc.

    Anyway, there is plenty of great stuff out there so post up your favourites or sit back and discover some new sounds.

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    Rj7laya : Mon 18th Mar 2013 : 8 years ago

    Chill-out music (sometimes also chillout, chill out, or simply chill) is an umbrella term for several styles of electronic music characterized by their mellow style and mid-tempo beats — "chill" being derived from a slang injunction to "relax."
    Chill out music emerged in the early and mid-1990s in "chill rooms" at dance clubs, where relaxing music was played to allow dancers a chance to "chill out" from the more emphatic and fast-tempo music played on the main dance floor.
    The genres associated with chill-out are mostly ambient, trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient house, New Age and other sub-genres of downtempo. Sometimes the easy listening sub-genre lounge is considered to belong to the chill-out collection as well. Chill out as a musical genre or description is synonymous with the more recently popularized terms "smooth electronica" and "soft techno" and is a loose genre of music blurring into several other very distinct styles of electronic and lo-fi music.

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    StereoMathematics : Mon 18th Mar 2013 : 8 years ago

    so really anything that is a slow tempo, atmospheric and relaxing fits under the chill out genre? would this song by nujabes count?
    after hanabi

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