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    Planetjazzbass : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Well Thanks Friends!!... for dropping in and perusing my little spiel..I've thought about what category to put this under and I guess rants & raves will do..What in the (insert your favourite expletive here) is happening to this place,it seems Looperman has become just another roadside audio pitstop to drop the occasional link in then burn rubber without even checking the local menu,the number of posts I see to other sites is steadily rising,does anyone actually follow these links?..whatever happened to using and endorsing this place..why is this happening? it the upload it the bare bones layout or is the place just over run with apathy and internet it because of Facebook,the world economy or the I'm too busy to give a sh!t mentality..or is it all HipHop's fault?(lol)..I suspect it's because there are no cash incentives or nudity,but that's just my cynical side talking....thoughts? (mind you I could be totally wrong and this is in fact Looperman's boomtime!)

  2. 744903
    JeffBock : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Ha ha! I like your cynical side...
    In fact, when i give a link to other site on looperman is for share the wave version of a mp3 track.


  3. 71369
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    yeahh.... I totally hear ya on this one my old friend PJB, and to be truly honest with u and everyone else.. it really saddens me to say that I actually agree with you, pretty much on all of it. It's real sad honestly, and even more since I've been for as long as I can remember now. Like, I dunno.. pretty much when Looperman first came to be, sorta (2007 to be exact) so yeahh.. been a while now, eheh. And yup.. it sure has changed since then. Thou I would say mostly quite recently, like... say, pretty much this year and maybe even the end of last year too. But yeahh.. I guess times are just changin' (just unfortunate that's for the worst, lawl :/) cuz I guess dat most basically back then THIS was something that was still special, u know. NOT EVERYONE could and would do this (music making throu computers & loops; and homestudios; and all that jazz) but now... pfff, now EVERYONE can and does that. like seriously everyone. So yeahh.. I guess it just isn't special anymore since everyone does it pretty much. There is just too many daw's/softwares that let ya do all this and way easier/practical than it used to be.. and all that stuff pretty much. Plugins and apps (plus with the iPads and shiz lol, sry for the lango)

    So yeahh.... at least that's what I think pretty much. But it's really sad actually, I'd say. Cuz I've always loved ma Loopahman, but yeahh.. I guess time's are a changin', lol

  4. 500098
    ShortBusMusic : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Hey Dave, I have to agree with you. I do have a theory as to why some of the hit and run might be happening. In the old days, we knew not only who downloaded, or commented on our tracks, but also who listened. So, a track that had 2 reviews and 5 downloads, may have had 150 plays. And the way the site was set up, we knew that even though not many commented or downloaded, people were still listening.

    In the current state of affairs, there is no way to know how many people have listened to our tracks. For some of us, it isn't that big of a deal. But for many, the number of plays is some sort of "currency" for them. Since they have no way of knowing how many plays they get on Looperman, they then go to sites like YouTube or SoundCloud because they can track downloads, reviews, and number of plays.

    This isn't the only reason folks don't invest in the site, but I think for a lot of people having the number of plays would be an added bonus and an incentive to stick around and give the site a chance.

    I miss the old stats we used to have as well, but I also yearn for the good old days, haha. Just my two cents worth, I'll go back into hibernation now.


  5. 848132
    mrwolf14 : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Please let me add a completely different point of view... I am new to looperman, so I have no idea of how these "good old days" used to be.
    That said, I think it is not that bad: there are good musicians here and there a lot of good tracks and loops.
    I will try to do my best to contribute keeping alive this community... and I really hope you are going to do the same (also because I love your work guys!)
    Ciao, MrWolf

  6. 268784
    3n0 : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    i agree that plays number would help to keep people interested in uploading more songs.
    now when upload track and dont get comments u feel like no one listend your song...

  7. 428278
    fixxxer : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    I used to use the plays list to go and spend some time listening to the people who took the time to give my work a spin if they had anything posted up.
    Another gaping hole is the lack of the points system. Which at least gave you some incentive to find a few minutes to give a half decent review. It also gave you a good idea who was very active on the site or further along in their journey than you. Generally speaking those who had a lot of points also had a lot of good advice to pass on to newcomers.

    Why did we lose the word review in translation btw?

    For me it wasn't so much how many times a song was played. More who was playing them and what their influences and style were. Sometimes you'd think ok musically we're poles apart but you dig what I'm doing and I dig what you're doing. It was a very good way of finding new friends that you otherwise would have missed.

    The man who started this thread I learned about because he appeared in the listeners list to one of the songs I uploaded very early on here. I was awed that PJB had taken the time to listen to somebody's work who had barely been on the site 5 minutes...

    I'm trying to be constructive and point out the positives here in the hope that at some stage in the future these features will come back. Pretty please Mr Looperman.

  8. 189474
    ImproveWithError : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Some good points being made, I agree that the number of plays is a nice stat to see, it at least lets the uploader know that their track is being listened to and not passed up or buried amongst all the other tracks. Although the points system didn't really mean anything I think it helped everyone distinguish themselves as someone who was active on the site, in a sense I think it gave them some belonging and the feeling they were part of the crowd and not just some passer by. This place has changed a lot, the forums very dead, it would be nice to see more worthwhile discussions.


  9. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    hmm, ebb & flow, but yeah, I notice t slowed down in respects..

    a few things, groopaloopa is an attempt to get peeps more involved and aint half bad if u ask me..

    I'm on soundcloud lot more now because of the continuous play, make's it alot easier to listen without being hooked to my pc, and if I like something, I stop, go to pc, comment, then continue on my duties

    I think even small competitions would help the interaction, and I also think if there were a level of membeship where you could pay, without restructuring the site, but having certain options added on if you buy a small membership that might help, but who knows.. and that requires coding, payments systems, etc, so kinda big

    and yep, most of the net is, check me out.. what ? you exist too ? noooo.... really.. but what about me..

    one thing I find, esp lately, is that people ARE commenting on my loops more and saying thanks and posting links (to this site or otherwise) and that's cool. I do that when I use a loop - it's two-fold: I know they wanna hear the thanks and the song someone made with their loop, and it also helps promote my own music (without me just saying, yo check me out lol)

    still my top site for many reasons, along with soundcloud (well, soon as I buy the Lite membership their cuz I want SETS heheh)

    I miss alividlife too


  10. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    ps: I also tweet people's tracks and try n bump good topics to keep the cooperation & flow going..

    never know, could be a good experiment - you guys might like it if ya try it ; )

    ok, off to bump one of my own threads lol.


  11. 755430
    Jadon : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    I haven't been here for too long, But you are right in so many ways

    "Looperman has become just another roadside audio pitstop to drop the occasional link in then burn rubber without even checking the local menu"

    ^^ That is completely true and I agree 100%

    I think if you bond with the community of a website and get to know the other users, then there is a way better chance of people checking out your stuff other than just posting various links and leaving.

    I'm soon to make a Thread on why I utterly hate my generation, and this will tag along.

  12. 498019
    Tumbleweed : Mon 4th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Its not just LM where the trends in plays, comments etc seem to be on a downward slide...I post on another site that has charts (based strictly on number of reviews & scores given), competition, remix contests etc...used to see (2 yrs ago) at least 100 plays a week on tunes that made the top ten see betweeen 50 & 100 in a month..There are a group of musicians who regularly check out the music (you can receive notice when a fav uploads)...a lot who review only if a return review is your habit...and a large majority (as on most sites) who are among the millions around the world who put sounds on their computers and invite you to come and hear their new awesome music.....Doesn`t make sence to me but seems like a lot somehow feel entitled to attention and results without having invested in the hobby/trade/art they profess as their own...Anyway...I am glad we still have these little music communities that have within them a bit of a fellowship of musicians and the mutual support that helps keep us striving...Lets keep doing it...and if places like LM decide they want to do more and it costs a bit...thats fine with me I`m in...There are some gems around the place that to me are priceless........Ed

  13. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Tue 5th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    This is a great site with an awesome community. What's happening here is no different than the trends happening any where else on the web. This place must evolve both good and bad to progress forward.

    At the end of day we should all remember that this is just a website amongst billions more. A website like this is only as good as its members, and people, well, will be people. Nothing ever stays the same and if it did, it would be extremely boring around here.

  14. 1
    Looperman : Tue 5th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Joe summed it up I guess.

    There is plenty for me to do here, adding new things and bringing back a few old ones etc. Problem is that there is a lot going on my side at the moment that is holding up any progress. Like making music I guess. You have to be in the right head space

  15. 438673
    DJSchmeeJ : Tue 5th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Couldn't be the lack of nudity Dave, I'm naked right now!

  16. 177447
    Unknown User : Tue 5th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    I would say a reason I don't do a much is the quality of the music...before there seemed to be more musicians on the site and this was reflected in the music. Today there is a ton of I just made this five minutes ago tracks and after about an hour of skimming through I'm done for the week. Especially when you only find a couple of gems where there use to be a treasure chest of gold. I don't know what can change that, but I'm still hanging in and I still love this place. Haven't found another like it.

  17. 157151
    PatriciaEdwards : Tue 5th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago two cents is...

    Looperman has been mighty good to me! No matter my own cd or not, I will always lend vocals to this site because there is always someone who needs them, and it's my way of saying thank you.

    There will always be those who visit, and come over once in a while to eat and be gone until next time. And there will always be those of us who have made this place home, and continue to do what we can to make enjoyable.

    Thanks for listening :-)

  18. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Wed 6th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    interesting how the zeitgeist operates. i have been away from the loop since december, just gettin back, but i dont really see a change. my yogurt is still in the fridge, and no one snuck any of my jolly ranchers. same old loop, just wish someone would fix that leaky sink.
    i think youre just noticing something that has been there for a while that you never really took notice of before. then again, it could be hip hop lol.

  19. 512025
    CyberSon : Wed 6th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    I think you need to be in the right state of mind and place. For me, a lot has changed in my personal life since Christmas and I'm just getting back on my feet, so music and this community has taken a bit of back seat. I'm aware that there are many other committed users who may have similar issues?

  20. 636839
    simmerdown : Wed 6th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    hey Yo y'all, chek my new track up, comment if u feel me

  21. 755430
    Jadon : Wed 6th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago


    isnt this what we've kinda been talking about?

  22. 636839
    simmerdown : Wed 6th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    yes, no, not Really

  23. 636839
    simmerdown : Thu 7th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    i dont even have a new song for months now

    some things that added the community feel in the past...avatars of all who have listened to a track below the player...and, strangely, the personal photo album in profiles

  24. 71369
    Unknown User : Thu 7th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    LOL xD simmerdown!!

  25. 189474
    ImproveWithError : Thu 7th Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Hilarious Simmerdown, made me laugh, or lol I guess

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