Finished Project With Looper Members On Free-dload

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    MaxJC : Thu 14th Feb 2013 : 9 years ago

    Sending a shout to my looper fam after months being M.I.A in forums; hope everyone is doing good - Hard work defines the outcome of a project and, with the use of picked up loops from different musicians around the site, came the birth of my artist Stokes new 'R.E.H.A.B / Reality Exceeds Happiness and Beauty' EP now available on free-download via the link below. I felt the need to give back and there's no better place than here to do so.

    As such, many thanks to MCHN who mostly collaborated to the making of the featured songs, Chris Neal, Jeremy Allred aka DjCufool, Martin Minor, George Gardiner aka Wongkishoo and others.From my looperman experience, i've definitely learned that building up on the right set of loops can create Magic - I'll be uploading here the top tracks i wanted to share with the old and new community. On that note, enjoy the feel-good music and remember:

    Dream Big ,Work hard, Enjoy the reward!

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