Is Anybody Here Who Ll Accept Two Challenges

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  1. 713971
    HenryPascal : Fri 18th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    Hi people.

    First of all, sorry for the very very long post. :)

    Since i signed up on this site last year, i got a pair of complete songs that needs vocals. I can't post them because i use some recognizable samples.
    Here are the YouTube links:
    "Twinkle little star (Voglio tornare bambino)"
    Translation of subtitle is "I wanna be a child again". Obviously who'll write the lyrics will know the topic which will write and most appropriate terms to use. Vocal style : sing. The voices in the background are part of the song and will not be removed unless they disturb the vocal track. Samples: kick "Crescendolls" by Daft Punk, snare "Take on me" by A-Ha.

    "E' il cielo che lo desidera (Loosing my mind)"
    This song contains a sample of "Find Your Love" by Drake, easily recognizable because of the beginning is exactly the same of Drake's one.
    In the video you'll read an italian lyrics about love.
    Here's the translation :
    "Don't be sad angel / Continues to believe it, even if you have suffered / Don't cry, your tears are precious gems / You have to give them only to those who loves you / Close your eyes / Free your spirit / Fly with the soul / You'll feel that love exists / You'll recognize it far and charming / You'll be the only light in the darkness all around / And with the tenacity that you own / You'll fly with your heart until you get it / Let yourself go and slowly the light that is within you will turns on / Love that everythig governs / You'll feel inside you / Like a whirlwind will thrill you / What you'll feel will go beyond the edges of dreams / And you'll dominate the universe / You'll be the Lady of all galaxies / Beautiful as only you can / You who are a force of nature / Illuminate this dark world / And a new day will come / Nothing is impossible / This sickness will come to an end / You'll find what you lost / Your soul will be high / And you'll be everywhere i lay my eyes / Find me a place in your heart / A place only you know / And listen to me playing notes of love / The sky wonder all this."
    Well, this could be the lyrics i studied for this song but who'll write and sing could write about all topics. Vocal style : i prefer all sing but rap and sing is accepted. Absolutely not adult content.

    Come on guys. And sorry for those who born tired. :)

    Thanks in advance for those who'll heroically accept these challenges! :D

  2. 549160
    BabyGee : Sat 19th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    I was going to do the first one, but I feel it would be perfect with male vocals instead. The second one would take awhile because I don't know much about Italin pronunciation. If it were Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese, I'd be on it.

  3. 713971
    HenryPascal : Sat 19th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    Dear BabyGee, you feel that the first one sounds better with a male vocals? Maybe but... who said? Try, try and try again, it could be better than you think! :)
    In the second one, you don't have to sing italian! In my mind this song is... "international". Italian is spoken and understood by 0,0001 % of people in the whole world, english "a little more". Mandarin, Korean or Japanese? Gangnam Style is danced in Italy but no-one worries about understand the Korean!!! :D So, try it in your language, it could be the version for your country! :D

  4. 549160
    BabyGee : Sun 20th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    Could I rewrite the lyrics so that they convey the same meaning, but they still rhyme?

  5. 831304
    DubTek : Sun 20th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    Do Italian songs not have a chorus?
    Cause i remember "shaddupa your face" did.

  6. 713971
    HenryPascal : Sun 20th Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    @BabyGee: rhymes doesn't matter. You could rewrite the song inspired by the one i wrote but you're not obliged! :D you can write a lyrics about the topic you like with the rhymes you like paying attention not using adult content. :) Come on baby! :D

    @DubTek: yes, that song did, but the chorus is not stereotypical of an "italian song". Most of '80's songs written by italians did no chorus (or just a little). Valerie Dore, Novecento, Via Verdi, Den Harrow you know? :D At the end, Shudduppa your face is a masterpiece, are you agree? :D

  7. 423992
    Carrol : Thu 31st Jan 2013 : 6 years ago

    Hi, thanks for your comment, I will have a listen to the songs, Regards Carrol

  8. 713971
    HenryPascal : Sat 2nd Feb 2013 : 6 years ago

    Thank you Carrol :D

  9. 713971
    HenryPascal : Tue 18th Jun 2013 : 6 years ago

    After 4 months, i'm still in search of a vocalist for that songs.... please someone would be so gentle to pay attention?

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