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Looking For Great Female Singers To Collab With

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  1. 840933
    OmegaFlame : Fri 30th Nov 2012 : 8 years ago

    Hello Fellow Loopers,i'm looking to collab with female singers for two Hip Hop songs i'm producing.On one i need a more emo type of vibe with emotion(Think Evanescence).The other i need someone who can sing dramatically opera like. You can contact me here or leave me a email at I can't compensate but will give you a copy of the finished songs. Trying to be done before the winter holidays.

    Thanks and have a great evening.

  2. 840933
    OmegaFlame : Wed 5th Dec 2012 : 8 years ago

    No female vocalist here,anyone wanna collab on anything ?

  3. 454645
    Antranita : Wed 5th Dec 2012 : 8 years ago

    Hey OmegaFlame. I'm up for the challenge. The only reason I haven't replied yet is cause I have a few projects ahead of you. My voice is in the midst of recouping right now. And I don't know when you're looking to have this done. I'd like to give it shot, though. Let me know if you like my voice and I'll give it try.

  4. 787945
    JJWeekz : Wed 5th Dec 2012 : 8 years ago

    You should also message Janis71 personally. She can do what you're asking :) I'd offer, but I can't hit the high notes in the same way I know she can and like Antranita said, I am behind on some projects.

  5. 34104
    oasisduke : Thu 6th Dec 2012 : 8 years ago

    im game.
    lets hear what you got!

  6. 549160
    BabyGee : Fri 14th Dec 2012 : 8 years ago

    Do you have something I can listen to to get a feel for what you want?

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