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    anonymousmicmusic : Wed 24th Oct 2012 : 7 years ago

    Hey Looperfam,
    I'm looking to collaborate for a possible serious project yet still have fun with the whole creative process. I'm a singer/songwriter. I've written complete songs and also have plenty of non completed songs. I enjoy all types of music and willing to expand and learn. Up front disclosure I'm not a professional vocalist.
    What I'm looking for is someone who can produce and write also advise to get the best quality of work. Ability to mix/master would be awesome also since I'm still learning that process but I will help mix/master also. Someone who is serious and enjoys all the process of making music. Someone who is interested in doing a 50/50 creative split for all collaborated work and with proper credit also given to any other collaborated work where (your music and my lyrics = you get 100%credit for music and I get 100% credit for lyrics). I write under the band name "scrapesociety" and would prefer to keep releasing my work under that name if possible but would be willing to work something out. I believe in 110% giving proper credit and protecting work. I have copyrights on all my music. And would also want to have any work collaborated on being legally copyrighted. If we like it lets release it.
    What you get is a dedicated focused musician who can take criticism and can also learn new things. I put up an acapella several months ago and it should give you and idea of what I sound like. I also have early versions of songs at www.reverbnation.com/scrapesociety
    if interested please contact me at

  2. 678606
    TranePsy : Thu 25th Oct 2012 : 7 years ago

    Hey there! I am psytrance artist and right now i would really need some quality vocals for my track's.Anyway,if you would like hear some of this track's so you can now what i am looking for:

    Reply here so if you want further collaboration!

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