Calling For Singers Rappers Harmonics - 30 Tunes Available

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  1. 231571
    kvim : Mon 24th Sep 2012 : 7 years ago

    I've been on looperman for 5 years.It has got me interested into music arranging.I've been using mix craft.As time goes by,responsibilities increase.I don't think i would have time to play music anymore.I have about 40 tunes arranged n composed.Looking for singers,harmonics,rappers.If interested PM me.This is for personal use only.I would like to use this opportunity to thank and give something back to looperman too.Creating chances & appreciating music

  2. 423563
    2secondimpression : Tue 25th Sep 2012 : 7 years ago

    hey man im definitely interested, what you got to share? i like to try any stlye of vocals. so hit me up with something if you fancy it. thans for the mail kvim...

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