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HELP Cant Find Candace Vocal-loop GET ON THE DANCEFLOOR

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  1. 754343
    djtheobserver01 : Sun 5th Aug 2012 : 9 years ago

    hi ,
    i hope someone can

    HELP ME !!!

    i used a vocal-loop made by CANDACE
    called "GET ON THE DANCEFLOOR (?)"
    for one of my tracks i've made ..

    i uploaded the track to quick with a lot of AAhhs and OOPS .

    so i wanted to remix and remaster the track .

    but I CAN'T FIND the vocalloop anymore on my sticks and pc.
    And i CAN'T find the loop here on the loopermansite ..(maybe it's deleted)

    this is the track with the lost vocalloop =>

    so i hope somebody has downloaded the vocalloop and can help me with remastering the track , cause this was a great vocalloop !!

    i know she was a sister from a (lost?) member

    plzzzz Help me !

    greetz and peace from the netherlands

  2. 787368
    DJNeonator : Sun 5th Aug 2012 : 9 years ago

    hey DJtheobserver misschien bedoel je deze track:
    ik heb die track zelf ook gebruikt voor mijn nieuwste nummer:
    veel succes verder!

  3. 768745
  4. 754343
    djtheobserver01 : Mon 6th Aug 2012 : 9 years ago

    hi , guys .

    nope ,
    ( good tracks!)
    but i used a vocalloop from a looperman-member ,his sister named CANDACE -get on the dancefloor ,
    she made a few vocalloops and her brother uploaded them .
    which i used
    but can't find it anymore ..


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