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  1. 293573
    Spudsy : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hi guys and gals,

    I have been on this site for a good few years now as some of you may or may not know and i have been an A&R person for UpTempo records for a little while now.
    Basically wanted to ask you guys if you had any tracks to submit to me as maybe a stepping stone towords getting your tracks released on Uptempo via iTunes, Amazon, Play, Beatport etc...

    I am fully aware that there are alot of questions that go hand in had with a post like this so in the first instance i invite you to ask away :)

    If you are then comfortable with how you see the Label using your tracks and how it would work out for you then we can move on from there.

    All i would ask is that you only submit tracks that really do shine.. i understand everybody whats there stuff to be noticed and released but anything you submit would really need to hold its own in its genre or at least in terms of its content quality, mastering is something we can look at later if need be, but for the main part the tracks must be release worthy as they are (mastering cant polish a turd ladies and gentlemen lol) so please no 30 second clips or unfinished stuff because it just wont be considered.

    We span a lot of Genres but i mostly handle the housier side of things all tho if you do submit something that isnt my side of the label but i still think its good i will make sure the correct member of the team gets to hear it.

    Again if you have any questions regarding this please do post on here or PM me, like i said im not a newbie, i have been relesing tracks for ages now and ive been around the block plus a very active member of this site for a loooong while.

    I have links to the releases we have done so far including some of my own if that would help too.

    Give me a shout people..

  2. 365820
    WongKiShoo : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I can vouch for this man peeps ^^^

    @Tucka - I would submit a track mate but I don't think I've got anything *quite* good enough yet :p

  3. 600461
    visionarysoundsystem : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hiya Spudsy. Very kind offer. I suppose I've gotta get the questions rolling here !
    What is in this for any Looper that wants to work with you?
    What are the legal bindings on both parties involved?
    Is there an exchange of any monies involved between the parties involved?
    Do contracts need to be signed?
    I suppose there are many other issues that need to be asked but thats for other Loopers.
    Dude I would just love to see the day that a track of mine was released officially but I doubt I have the talent required, but I will PM you my Email address just to keep the dream alive lol. As for many others on this site it could be a HUGE stepping stone for them & I admire you for offering peeps this chance. Respect.

  4. 594797
    KidCoszier : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    ^^ What he/she said.

  5. 293573
    Spudsy : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thanks wongkishoo bro..

    Yeah course there all good questions..

    Depending on the strength of the track you can expect a different offer.
    If the track is incredibly strong and a certified banger we would no doubt offer some sort of upfront fee. The fee itself would basically be your half of the tracks earning up to the point the upfront fee is recouped after that we would work on a 50-50 basis after the label recoups its costs.
    For example one of my tracks needed to be mastered 4 times and the cost was over 300 tht the label had paid out. It was only fitting that the label kept my 50% until that amount had been paid for. Every label works in this manor.. The track would also be submitted to the remix team to make it into a package.
    Another way is to bring the track into the label without the upfront fee. distribute it to some of our remixers and see if we can make a full package of the product to be released as a single. From this point we would work on a 50-50 basis. But if the label has to pay any out goings (mastering advertising etc) these would need to be re-couped before we can give you a return..

    99% of labels will work in this manor.

  6. 293573
    Spudsy : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Wongkishoo you know your there mate.. Excellent radio friendly house style. You should submit to the majors not independents because your stuff sounds alot like the biiig radio remixs for people like Pink, Neyo, Katy perry etc... Trust me mate.

  7. 365820
    WongKiShoo : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    wha...? :O I just wanna get signed to any label that wants to pay me! But I *guess* I could settle for someone like EMI or Sony :D (he wishes lol)

    But seriously.. Thanks for the vote of confidence mate. All I'm looking for at the moment is just to make a bit of a name for myself and maybe some money with some nice original stuff with vox.. remixing's nice and all, but when you've actually had a hand in creating a new track from scratch.. that's what it's about for me. Like you mentioned above, if it's a banger - the label will pay upfront. That's what I wanna achieve..

    To even get a look in with a major label you've either got to be seeeeerrrriously talented or gone viral on somewhere like youtube imo.. realistically - I have a claim to neither of those feats in music lol

  8. 366784
    yeshintae : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Star, Spiv, Ensam, and ESLD should submit something...
    i luv their shizzzz

    Peace from LA

  9. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thanks for the support yesh! I wouldn't know what track to submit!

  10. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Heck yes, I was just asking someone today if they know much about beatport... hmmm, are we to submit links to our tracks here ?

    Well, I didn't see where it said to post em so here goes:

    Isolated Ground Receptacle - The Sunshiner:

    Isolated Ground Receptacle - Still Alive:

    Isolated Ground Receptacle - Alchemy:

    3 tracks from 3rd Nipple Music
    sorry Alchemy isn't on this site, but... meh


    Thanks mon frere !

  11. 293573
    Spudsy : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thanks for the links and emails do far guys.. I didn't tell you where to post yet because I thought there would be alot of questions you would have first.
    You can post links here if you like or if you send something to me through looper man it will go to my private email addy.
    I don't mind either.

  12. 748490
    fotisg : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I know tracks from an amateur like me wont even get noticed but at least I will try :)

    Tracks that I would like you to check out:
    and this:

    I will remake a bit drop parts on Pyrophobia so expect changes on that one.
    They are both Dubstep genre. I already know your standards are by far higher than those I can make and produce though I would like to test my luck. Thanks.

  13. 293573
    Spudsy : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thank you for all the submissions so far.

    Sorry for being a little quiet on here since posting but have been working up the country for a few days and im djing all over the weekend so may not be on for the next 2 days to reply but i am still checking in so please do continue to submit your tracks either on here or to me via email and if any stick out, be sure that i will get in touch with you.

  14. 744420
    SlopeCreations : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Great initiative, good luck everyone!

    Don't sell yourself short Wongkishoo, there's a few guys and girls here that stand out and I think you're one of them.

    But then again: humility never made anyone ugly :)

  15. 744420
    SlopeCreations : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    By the way Spudsy, this is not a time limited thing I suppose? I am working on an album and taking massive steps at the moment. It might be a good idea submitting one or two tracks when they're done

  16. 293573
    Spudsy : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey Slope

    I work there pretty much all the time so uness they boot me out there isnt a time scale, lol.

    And Yh Wongki has got it going on ;)

  17. 143864
    Vizronics : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey Spudsy! Long time no hear! I logged back on last week looking for you, Koble and a few others. Wanted you to check out my remix of "Eye wide open". I also have a new catalouge that I may be interested in sending to you. Anyway, in the meantime give this a listen when you have a moment.

  18. 748139
    carlosnble : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    let see what happens

  19. 143864
    Vizronics : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Wanted to send you a cleaner mix of this cut. I played 80 pct of the instruments on my Sylenth.

  20. 365820
    WongKiShoo : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    @slope & spudsy - Thanks a lot guys :) I just wanna wait until I've got something really special before I start sending people demo's.. Hopefully this year, but maybe next lol

    @spudsy - Dunno if you've seen you're facebook, but I left a message for you a couple of days back about the contract template you were chatting about? Can I have it please :p

  21. 293573
    Spudsy : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey guys thanks for checkin out the post and submitting. Like I said above I'm up and down the country performing this weekend so I probly won't get the chance to sit down and listen till sun/mon night.

    Keep em coming :D


    Srry bro I have been well busy. Im replying on my iPhone at the mo and the contracts are on my home pc. I'll chuck it over when I'm back home at the beginning of the week fella..

    Only other thing I would say about getting your tracks out there dude. I had a long chat with Dennis ferrer a few years ago and he told me to use your music like an audio business card and just chuck it out there to associate your name with what your about. As your talent grows so will your fan base. Basicly if you chuck enough sh1t at a wall some will stick looool.

  22. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    well,here goes.

    I got alot of stuff id like to throw down here, but like you said, less is more.

    this one acually won a constest on Indaba a little less than a year ago, and ive nothing but positive feedback on it, quite proud of it myself.

    this one hasnt seen the limelight like the other has, but it is quite prominent to me as well.

    this is a great oppurtunity, huge thank-you for ofering this up, regardless if my stuff is picked, this is bound to help somone out here on the loop.

  23. 365820
    WongKiShoo : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Nice analogy dude.... xD

  24. 589130
    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hi Spudsy, nice to meet your acquaintance. This track I created a year ago--don't really know what to make for a genre, but I just threw in elements of different styles.

    Soul Of The Machine:

    Thank you for this thread.


  25. 293573
    Spudsy : Sun 22nd Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thanks for all the submissions so far guys. I'm gonna be working my way through them hopefully tonight or tomorrow night (depends what time I get back into London)

    Keep them coming in

    By the way if you want to see what the labels about just google us we will pop up. Or go onto beatport/iTunes and search for us..

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