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  1. 79105
    Centrist : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    So, I recently received an email from a user who gave me to a link to a piece of work that he used my loops in. I love that people let me know how they use my stuff. This is not the part that upsets me.

    The part that upsets me is when they use NOTHING but my loops (no added effects, no originality WHATSOEVER) and then ask me if they can send it in to a record label. I mean, what? Seriously? You're going to take my hard work and send it away to bring you fortune and fame because you put some loops together? I wouldn't even have a problem if they had used a few of my loops to compliment a greater picture or piece and sent it off. My loops are here for just that. They're here to add a new level of creativity, to spark imagination in a classical way (which I believe is lacking in this day and age) not for literally taking one of my songs, re-arranging it, and then calling it your own.

    I do not want this to deter anyone from using my loops or even telling me about your tracks, because that is my favorite part. I want to hear what YOUR imagination can come up with. I want to hear YOUR ideas and YOUR concepts that YOU can bring to the table, not the same exact thing that I came up with.

    That shit gets old after awhile. :P

  2. 268784
    3n0 : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    in 21 century people now have no shame...its sad but true

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    This is why I don't upload loops from my songs, just loops that I made for upload.

  4. 636839
    simmerdown : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    like Duchamp's urinal, it's 'readymade' art

  5. 731285
    djkillapaul : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Strong sentiment and I'm with you all the way on this.

  6. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Fri 13th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    now just think about all the people that didnt send you a link to a song they made with your loops...

  7. 739907
    stem0man : Tue 17th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I got big in Estonia off your loops last summer. The summer was hot and crowds were on fire as they played the tune I had made. I thought I had it made until some Pitbull-esque fool from Belorussia showed up to steal my limelight. I now work at an Arbys equivalent in Kazakhstan. Just goes to show you what International showbiz could be like.

  8. 498019
    Tumbleweed : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Some people who do paint-by-numbers pictures think they are artists too Centrist....but their stuff doesn`t hang on many walls....all is cool...the cream rises to the top so don`t let it get you down even though they are out there...there are many who appreciate the bit of help that you and many others here on LM lend to the music...Ed

  9. 337508
    subSpace : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    if they have used just your loops then possibly this person is very novice at what they do and they will grow with time as i my self started off using loops to make track of course now i use loops along with my own stuff

    instead of ranting about it you should listen to the track and give constructive critique this person has probably read this and is to embarrassed to speak in the thread this person was doing a good thing he thought that maybe you would like what he did with your loops. its an honour to have someone play around with your loops it shows that they like what you come up with

    after all its looperman and here anything go's

  10. 748490
    fotisg : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    you are not the only one with that problem.
    I heard your loops (first I saw this topic cause I didnt even know who or what loops you make)Speak by names cause you can see who downloaded what. I got same problem with Full tracks and KSDs not only in this site but everywhere.. Guess Internet and all this leeching thing wont just stop. I am not agreeing with use of only loops or with other guys stealing your things I do agree that this doesnt show Artistic skills but I doubt that this will stop and not only to you but to anyone. Everybody pirates on the internet. Think about Massive and other NI products that many "artists" have with cracks and so.. Anyway I only used one vocal track from this site and I already informed (mariah Dawn) for its use. I hope this thing stop to you and all those who have the same problem.

  11. 666289
    FreeRadical : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I bet you'd be more gutted if they didn't use your loops at all. It is a bit dull when people just loop loops but as already pointed out, it's a good practice excercise for newbies.
    I personally get more upset about the ever increasing landslide of pizza menus that get pushed through my letterbox every day. "Joe's pizza" "Expert Pizza" "Best Pizza" "Pizza Gaylord" etc...... They all do exactly the same menu but change the names of the pizzas ever so slightly in a rather lame attempt to out do each other.
    For instance at Joe's Pizza they do "hot and spicy" where as pizza expert do a version called "dance of the flaming a$$holes"
    It's absurd!

  12. 600461
    visionarysoundsystem : Wed 18th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Free my friend. They may have different leaflets/flyers & phone numbers and menus et al but they are all the same establishment. Ring 'em up and the phone will be answered by the same person which ever "company" you ring. And they will have your number stored in their database. They change the packaging slightly, and the price, but the end product is the same. Is there a metaphor here? Trust me I have done the homework with local Kebab shops !

  13. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    @VSS - I suspected that may have been the case. I don't know why they don't just do away with the menu completely and just put "12 inch diameter, doughy, greasy, acney inducing, instant obesity bread 9.99 (complete with free chicken wings cos we couldn't sell them last night)
    Order a family size one and we'll give you a free prolapsed rectum.

  14. 589130
    Unknown User : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    @FreeRadical-LMFAOOOOO!!!!! I love you and what you stand for brother.

  15. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Thanks PJT, I just wish they'd stop doing it. I even gaffa taped up my letterbox to stop the guy from posting them but now he just pushes them under the door. The burgers are rubbish as well (brown salad, dry buns)

  16. 614554
    Mykael : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I feel your pain and your rant! It's the nature of the beast, sadly. If it, by some freaky chance, generates thousands of bukaroos, you always have the option to litigate. I agree with Subspace, though; it's very likely this person is green behind the ears. It's also likely he (or she) felt very proud of what they've done(or at the very least, felt good), otherwise I don't think you would have been contacted.



  17. 79105
    Centrist : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    @Leah and Sub: I think you misunderstood what I meant. I was upset not because he used my loops, in fact, I'm very delighted that he used them. It's incredible to have people use something that you make. However, I was upset that this user wanted to send a track that might as well have been downloaded from my track list to a label. I respect creativity and honesty, not blatant stealing.

    I understand that loops here are free to use for whatever, but none the less, they are still mine. They are my property, and I feel I'm VERY lenient on what is done with them. I feel it is within my boundaries to say that is the border in which I feel comfortable with. I could make people pay for my loops, but I don't. I post them here specifically for this community and no where else.

    And by the way, I don't feel I need to shelter anyone's emotions here. If I don't like something, I'll speak up. Change does not happen without ranters and ravers to get people so annoyed that they have to change something. :P

  18. 560295
    TurfGoldMusic : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Bottom line he didn't use your loop, he stole it. LOL, gotta be careful what you put up for download. Never know how it's going to be used.

  19. 633575
    Lodderup : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Lets take the scenario..
    The record company likes the tracks, they'll ask for more and he'll make more, with your loops. At some point he's got to run flat and ask you for more. That will make him the biggest loser when dealing with reality in terms of facing the record label, but also himself.
    As a couple of people mentioned, his skills are probably of the most basic, but if it gets him motivated and encouraged, then the hell with it.

    Some remixes played on the radio, aren't really that much of a remix, more a resampling of the original. Though, they still run with all the credit.. That's not really fair neither.

    Don't get me wrong dude, i agree with you.. But reality will kill his ambitions. Thinking in the long run, theres really not anything for you to lose in this case.. So just laugh at the situation and pad him on the shoulders..

    Who knows, maybe it's just a wrong way of complimenting you - after all, he did ask you before sending it :-)

  20. 600461
    visionarysoundsystem : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Surely the record company will ask do they have full permission & a license to use the loops as they won't want the a$$ sued offa 'em?

  21. 1
    Looperman : Thu 19th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Put simply if you upload the loops here you give people the right to use them as per the terms of the site.

    Nothing has been stolen and the only problem seems to be that centrist is upset that they didnt do much to the loops to create a track apart from bunch them together.

    Again though there is nothing saying that anyone has to do anything in particular with loops they download from here when they create a track.

    I guess the bottom line is that if you feel you cant let a loop go then you should keep them to yourself instead of setting them free by uploading them here.

    On the bright side, should something come of it then you should get in touch with the label that release a track containing your stuff and offer some of your own tracks.

  22. 782612
    40A : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    "My loops are here for just that. They're here to add a new level of creativity, to spark imagination in a classical way"

    Wrong, your loops are here for download. That is all.

    Whether the downloader decides to profit from them and make millions while laughing at your face isn't your concern.
    Since you decided to relinquish all rights to your intellectual property the minute you decided to upload them. "As per the sites terms"

    In fact, you may be the originator of these loops, but they're actually not even yours anymore. Because there is no license, contract, agreement or anything that says otherwise. And even if they were...

    If the downloader downloads them specifically from looperman it nullifies any protection you may have had on them. "As...per...the...sites...terms" Which you agreed to when you signed up, and uploaded.


  23. 751876
    Unknown User : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    I have a hard time using just straight loops. I feel like I didnt make the song....

    Although I'm new here, so my opinion probably doesnt count. haha

    It'd be interesting to hear the difference in the loops and that persons song. How many loops did he use to make it? And was the song (group of loops) any good?

  24. 79105
    Centrist : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago


    You know, I was insulted there for a second or two. I then realized how much you appreciate the people here and value their work. All I have to say is that I actually do respect people that put their hard work up for people like you to use. We deserve the credit that is seldom given, but apparently that's not important to you. Oh well. Have fun being a hard ass.


  25. 782612
    40A : Fri 20th Jul 2012 : 9 years ago

    Just giving you a dose of reality, jack. Your reasons for uploading loops aren't as nearly as poetic as you may seem to think they are. They're just...downloads. They don't come with a special exception clause, they don't come with rules, they don't come with methods. People listen to it, download it, and use it as they see fit.

    The fact that he even decided to contact you, and politely ask your permission to use them in a commercial environment is something i'd personally consider commendable, and a huge show of respect.

    He didn't have to ask you squat, he could've just went on making money off it completely legitimately, but he decided to go through you first. And you're angry about that?

    "Hard ass" or voice of reason? Some people need to be slapped.

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