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    SintheticRecords : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I've been on the loop for just over two years now, and i've met some amazingly talented people that can do things with sound and music that I didnt even think was possible or purely the domain of the very best artists.
    Sometimes though, when i'm browsing through the tracks section and I hear something I really enjoy, I start to think "I wonder how they got to this point. What influenced them into making this kind of music? I wonder how similar my own experience is to theirs."

    So I thought i'd start a thread so that I can hear the histories behind the members on this site and how they came to be making the music that they are.

    I'll start by telling you all my own (unexciting) tale of how I started out, in the hope some more of you chime in and do the same.

    I started off with hardly any interest in music, I think partly because I didnt have any musical influences in my family (My cousin was in a band but I didnt see him too often).
    When I turned 13 I started to listen to a lot more Rap and Hip-Hop than I had previously and really started to get into rapping and writing my own lyrics. The problem I had at that point was finding backing tracks that suited my style and that I liked rapping to.
    So it was after i'd written a couple raps that I decided to try and make my own backing track.
    This was all happening at the same time as I was being introduced to proper Metal. Heavy, brutal, insane stuff that has probably influenced me the most out of anything.

    So I downloaded Audacity and started researching ways of making computerized music. I heard about loops and samples and went looking for them all over the internet and managed to find a drum loop and some strings on a random site that I never managed to find again.
    Putting them together in Audacity and recording over it with my laptop mic was what comprised the first ever song I made (If you could call it that).
    THEN I found Looperman. I immediately did the same thing, found some loops and downloaded them. Made a song.
    It was right about then that I got my first DAW (Cakewalk Music Creator 5), and I was completely lost as to how to use it.
    I ended up teaching myself about VSTis, a small amount of music theory and, after I had bought a cheap mic and a mixer, recording techniques as well. I was also in the process of meeting a few of the Loops members.
    I started posting loops and just gathering as much knowledge as I could from everyone and everything on the site (Something i'm still doing now).
    I taught myself how to sing and scream at the end of last year and joined my band as well.
    Since all that i've progressed onto Presonus Studio One and I feel quite accomplished for a self taught guy.

    So now i'd like to hear about what everyone else came from and how they came up!
    Thanks for reading people.

    - Sinthetic

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    subSpace : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    were do i start well 13 years ago i did a music course at hurricane music studio were i learned how to produce electronic music. my first ever major daw was cubase that was on the atari st. my first ever synth experiment was with a moog. i did not pass my course but i learned a lot of things about making music for a brief time i gave music production a rest i had to work to earn money and then there was me in my own place having to feed myself etc so i could not afford major music equipment at the time.

    as a pass time i had music 3000 on the playstaion 2 i use to play around with that alot its a genius of a program. then i wanted more so i saved for a pc and midi keyboard and started playing around with ejay and magix music maker as years went on my daw choice got better i was going for the more pro ones.

    i like to make drum and bass and my idols are dj andy c and dj friction and JEAN MICHELL JARER this person in block capitals being my main inspiration for music

    i then downloaded fruity loops for my computer and then my music started to take form i was producing tracks with nowhere to go then i found looperman and was amazed at the site and it is here were my reputation was to be build i was creating tracks very novice like but now my tracks are exactly to how i like them to be i have met many good people here and now i work with phyrius blackjack on a lable called housefly records which is a free net lable my main profession is that i dj and mc.

    and the ROLLA G was born ;-)

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    yeshintae : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    ahahahahaha nice thread...
    can't wait to hear some more stories ahahahha

    Peace from LA

  4. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    hahaha yesh.. too funny, it's kinda labor intensive typing mine up, but I'm having fun.. post soon..

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    Unknown User : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I inquired the guitar at 10 when I first heard Long Tall Sally by the Beatles. I thought, "man, that is one cool lick". Only problem was my family was poor, and my mother, then separated, could not afford to buy me a guitar. So, I thought I'd write to my dad to see if he would budge and send me a guitar. To my surprise, two weeks later I accepted a package at the front door step from UPS and lo and behold I opened the box and my life changed from that point on. I was hold in my hand was a beat up, 5 string (one broke) acoustic guitar.

    Months later, I took guitar lessons at a local school from a reputable, awesome jazz guitarist and he taught me the fundamentals (chords, scales, licks, song books to practice to) but I wasn't able to afford him after a, it was a long journey, learning from many guitarists ranging from folk, blues, to classical, jazz, funk, etc.

    I joined my first rocked band named Human Drama back in 1992, doing background vocals and lead guitar responsibilities. In 2000, I co founded Neon Black and was lead singer. A few years later, the guitar player left and he took the name so we changed the name to Society X. I stopped playing live in 2005, and one day my wife surprised me when she purchased me FL Studio. Now, I was in a new arena. It took me a while to get use to vst softwares, and how to work the DAW, but I pressed forward trough many trial and error. I learned a lot from collaborating with other artists.

    It wasn't until 2007 that I learned about loops and samples, and so one day I stumbled upon Looperman, and I felt like I was in heaven when I discovered how much samples they had. Slowly but gradually I started to get more involved with the forums, listening to tracks and getting acquainted with many artists and musicians on here. My first song I uploaded was back in 2009, first collab in 2010, and up until now I couldn't be much happier.

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    kerry : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    i started doing music about 2 and a half years ago before i done music was and still am a poet i thought to myself maybe if i could find the right backing tracks i might be able to create something people might like using my writing talent i was not and still am not the best singer in the world but anyway i stated looking for tracks loops and found looperman so much great talent on here and i started uploading music then started getting feedback advice and acted upon what i was told and my music got better vocals etc done a few collabs then started using fl learning piano and sort came in to my own style thanks to everyone on looperman

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    supersymmetry : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I usually don't participate in Forums, however, this one is really constructive and allows Looperman contributors get to know other contributors in a positive fashion. This is a wonderful forum thread so I am going to make an exception. Thank You SintheticRecords!

    I love your story SR thanks for sharing, some really fantastic other retrospections on here also. I have somewhat of an extensive past so I will keep mine in kind of a Resume format.

    Started playing guitar and piano in my teens in the 80's [self thought]
    Around the late 80's I attended a summer session at Guitar Institute of Technology [now known as Musicians Institute] in Hollywood California, where I studied under guitarist and instructor Paul Gilbert [Racer X]. In the early 90's I co-founded my first band Apparition a progressive metal band. We were widely accepted in the West Coast of the US and on a local scale. We did shows with bands such as Sacred Reich, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod, Fates Warning and Candlemass.

    After that project ended I started a solo alternative project. I got to open up for Frank Black [Black Francis of the band Pixies] on his first record solo tour. I did many open mic's with artist Doug Hopkins [ex Gin Blossoms] before is untimely death, and with members of the band Meat Puppets. After that took a break to complete school at ASU, then started working as a local Session Musician, and learned Production, drums and other instruments throughout the years. So built on a good local reputation I still work as a freelance session musician and producer at various local recording studios and here at home on a referral basis. I also give private guitar lessons.

    On the side of that I work on my private original music here at home which is experimental music as a hobby and for fun. Since I am NOT looking for fame and fortune I keep my music progressive and experimental, because I need not to conform to the entertainment industry and slavery to keep up an image and income. Thanks and Cheers! :D

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    pixieboots : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Cool thread! Good vibes :)

    Er, if anyone's interested... I've been able to read music for ages (taught myself the recorder at 4, not sure my parents enjoyed it as much as I did) but didn't start writing anything original until 2006/7 when I got myself not only a ukulele but into a really dark place, hanging out with the wrong crowd and all the nastiness city life brings, so music was an ace escape. Schizophrenia's a wonderful muse.

    Then just over a year ago I started to write music electronically (missed my Looper B-Day by a few weeks!!) aided at the start mostly by loops from this site and a few amens to slice and dice. I'm a lot happier now and the music helped me get there :)

    Nowadays I just do uke gigs but I'm planning a set where the mr DJs the electronic tracks and I can play instruments/sing over the top... should be fun.

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    ShowGunProductions : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Started playing guitar when I was 12 (1993). Formed my first band with my friends when I was 14. First serious band when I was 16 playing guitar and singing. Another band when I was 20 playing bass and singing. Created a hip hop duo with my best friend for fun at 21(2002) and produced and recorded an album. Played some gigs with the duo and produced and recorded a second album. During this time my circle of friends made up three of the more popular bands in Scranton PA area. We started renting out ballrooms at the Scranton Cultural Center and holding "The Bash At the Ballroom" once a month. We showcased local bands and usually it was headlined by a band formed by some of my friends called "Felix Sarco". In 2005 I moved to SC. I started making Hip Hop beats and working with local MC's. I found Looperman in 2009 and really started to hone my electronic production skills. Got bored with hip hop last year and started producing dubstep. The rest is history!

  10. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Great stories everyone, holy eh...

    Let's seee... well I was in my first band when I was 3.. oh no wait, that wasn't me.... sheesh, i was a groupie lol....

    I dunno, I started late like 27 or so even though my brother was already a guitar whiz, I was more of a travelling philosophical backwoods hippy dude.. whatever that means..

    my first attempts were an old Realistic Equalizer and a cassette deck.. when I hooked em up backwards I could get the feedback noise and using the EQ I could actually play the monotone frequencies from low to hi sooo coool..I had many many cassette recordings of me f-in around making noises, total crap hahahaha, learning though

    Then I got a Yamaha RX-17 drum machine, yes !.. So I spliced the wires going from the tapedeck to the EQ so they were 3-way and inserted the 3rd nipple into the output of the drum machine and found I could have the drums modulated/wrapped inside the EQ and with certain settings on the EQ it would be random ups & downs in time with the drum machine. sweeet cuz I could still also 'play' the EQ then return to the spots I had previously for the random effect

    sooo.. I bought a bass, lotsa tapes recorded of me playing around.. next a mixer so I could record to tape my eq & drums and then play the tape back thru the mixer and add bass, then I got a Digitech FX processor and a mic and started a home study course Electronic Music Technology thru mcgraw hill.. got a PC with the course about 8 months later and started learning cool edit, looping, multitracking, etc.. painful, but worth it

    then I got into computers and been struggling to balance music, computer career and woman ever since hahah. I did eventually buy a guitar and when my work didn't have anything going on I taught myself guitar in the back of the van and got paid for it, yesssss !...

  11. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago


    Now ?... still struggling with music, career, relationship but accumulating many very coooool songs in multiple genres that make me continue breathing.. ahhhh, love music. I've uploaded a zip of a couple of those oldies if anyone's interested in hearing the random sounds or me actually playing the EQ.. fyi: they are actually songs not just random sounds..

    I posted some if you wanna here how the EQ sounds
    C4 was badass man, It has random parts and me playing the EQ, all recorded live as 1 track - I'd set up different patched on the FX unit, set my EQ for random and start recording and counting the overall time and song structure timings in my head, then turn FX on & off, mix, play EQ and set back to random & play again, wow.. that was talented sht, no PC..

    DNial has me playing the EQ bassline and higher pitched line, very ominous, dark industrial track !

    Blank Stare v2 is probably my crowning achievement from those days, I got me a guitar and somehow had song structure figured out, dark, industrial dance style with awesome build up... what a ride !

    sorry for the vivacious diatribe, but thanks soooooooooooo much for the memories.

    Neal Visher

    Brian - get the heck outta here.. Sacred Reich & Voivod eh, whacked man...

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    visionarysoundsystem : Fri 15th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Bowie, Bolan & the Sweet got me going. Sold a Led Zepplin album, Fleetwood Mac & 2 by Deep purple to get funds to buy the 1st Clash album. Best bit of business I ever did. And the rest is my history lol. Discovered punk & reggae, then blues then electronic then House et al then loads more varied stuff. Hell's bell's Country and 50's doo wop have been introduced to me by Wife over the last few years! My ears are always open and ready to be educated. Along the way I altered my conciousness on occasion. Learnt to play the bass to a reasonable standard and enough to strum a rhythm guitar. Had loads of fun & met loadsa intresting characters along the way. Wouldn't change my love of music for anything as it's part of what makes me me. And that's where my inspiration comes from . . . . .

  13. 372886
    Bilbozo : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I began playing guitar back in 1984, but for all the wrong reasons (well at least musically). I just wanted to impress girls ! So I bought a bea up Hondo Explorer put some fancy stickers on it...wore my Rising Sun Sleeveless T-shirt and....FAILED MISERBLY !

    It was then I realized...hmmm...I guess it's going to be necessary to play guitar well to impress anyone.

    I then absorbed myself in books, and watching the guitar players hands in music videos on MTV. I was too young and broke to afford lessons, so to this day I am completely self taught.

    I formed my first band in 1986 and basically have been in many bands up until 2009 ranging from Rock, Country, Metal and Latin. Now I am strictly a studio hound, being a session player for the last 5 years. I now compose music for Radio, TV, Documentaries and Movies as a side business. My day job is the owner of a printing company and media company as well.

    I came across Looperman in 2006. Wow...Six years on the Loop ! A lot of people I collabed with have come and gone. Firstly just to download a few loops to compliment some of my guitar recordings. I began posting a few songs and within months became a collab hound, trying to collab with everyone who asked.

    At that time in 2006 I brought to Looperman, my business partner Bud Marcy (Buddrumming) here as well. Bud also happens to be a session player as a drummer as well. He sessioned with groups like Prince, and Chicago in the 80's & 90's. We usually work on commercail projects together with many other musicians, locally or collabing with people from other parts of the world as many here do.

    The great thing I found here has been the resource of people I have gotten to know on Looperman. I don't even download loops here anymore, which is what got me here in the first place. I learned to hone my craft and advance here as well as make some very valuable long term friends.

  14. 157207
    StarTropix : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I grew up in the nineties,
    my older siblings went to raves when "techno" still meant good old fashioned american techno.

    I remember N.R.G. and popstar techno-remixes (remember when they used to pitch the vocals way up on a Madonna track and call it a remix? ya.)

    I didn't end up getting a computer of my own until I was 15, by that time I had 2 synthesizers and a drum machine and (nearly) full knowledge of MIDI implementation.
    Even after I got my computer I rejected it as an instrument and saw it as more of a tool.
    I studied jazz piano and went to art high-school instead of high-school (basically that means I didn't have to take phys.ed. business, shop or home ec. and could play piano or paint for most of the day)
    I bought Magix Music Maker in grade 8 and was impressed to see the notes and parameters written on the screen as I played and tweaked!
    I've been holed up in my room buying synthesizers and churning out tracks ever since, even sold some for commercials, websites and other various things.
    One of my music videos was in the Vancouver international film festival a few years ago.
    Although I still haven't perfected my first album - which is only half done and consists of an intense mixture of acid, drum&bass; and jazz/lounge that would make Richard D. James blush ;)

  15. 366784
    yeshintae : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago



    tha owner of tha studio i work at
    was tha original guitarist for CTA
    and Chicago!
    perhaps they know each other?!

    Peace from LA

  16. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Back when i was in firt grade I started the whole music thing, acually paying attention to songs on the radio, remebering their titles and artists.

    My parents were very 'controlling' i guess, they weret about to allow me to obtain anything more than fariy tales and kids' music; so buy second grade i was writing my own 'what i thought was' music, trying to imatate my favrite tracks such as eminem's 'White America' and Toby Mac's 'Extreame Days'with a tape reorder and hitting random things together for FX. If i wasnt allowed to buy them, i would re-create my own (of course they wernt anything close to the origanal tracks, but good enough for me)

    By third grade i was getting more creative and wrting my own material, which was equaly as pathetic, but at the time i thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

    I never told anyone about my musical endevours, i was (and still am) very descrete and to-myself about my interests.

    i found an old beat up classical guitar in the basment that had belonged to some relitive that i had never met, it only had the top three strings left, and i knew nothing about tuning or what those knobs on the end of the neck were even for; and strangly enough i never messed with them. that old guitar became my new source of broken melodies and FX.

    at 9 years old, i got a 1/4 sized guitar from my godfather for my birthday, brand new. I loved it. had no clue to really play, none of my family did. took me several months to learn what the frets were for, and even longer to be introduced to the idea of tuning.

    lack of real teaching, and no source of internet at home squashed my progress with the guitar and music quick-like, and by 6th grade the guitar collected more dust that that home-made scarf i was too embarresed to wear.

    then in grade 8 i was introduced to my first DAW, the schools new computers were a fleet of iMacs, loaded with Gradgeband. It was my new obbsesion, every chance i had i was playing with this program at school. That next christams a DAW was all i asked my parents for.

    sure enough i got one, ACID home-edition 6.0. It managed to run on the junky desktop i had in my closet. This was the real begining to to where im at now.

    Im going on 19 now, and i use ACID pro 7.0. Ive had alot of instability issues with ACID software, almost causeing me to changed DAWS a few times. but ACIDs simplicity keeps bringing me back, to the point were i fixed most its problems via registery hacks and compatibility settings.

    lol you wanted a story, i gave you mine :)

  17. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    AWESOMENESS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  18. 750535
    violetflame20 : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    well i spoke on my introduction i guess i'll speak on it again. I also had no musical background. all of my siblings were artists and so was i but i played around with the piano in choir in middle school. My teacher like what she heard and used a basic loop i composed. When i was 15 i began writing poetry, pretty basic stuff and a year later i was introduced to MTV Music Generator for Playstation. It was my friend's and i guess i had several songs in my heart because i produced about 10 beats in that one week. I had no training, i just put notes together that i felt sounded right. After that, i never seen his copy of the Generator again. When i graduated from high school i was able to get my own copy and i produced maybe 50 beats in a 2 year span. I was way more creative those days and more of a risk taker. I lost interest with it because of the limited number of sounds on it. I still got those songs if anyone interested in hearing any of em. People were telling me i was a lousy producer because they were use to the monotonous sounds of hiphop music that i was trying to avoid at that time. I got college and bought a cheap 20 buck mic from wal-mart and tried my hand at recording my poetry to music. Sounded terrible. I took intro to music, learned that all my songs were in minor. Figures because i was always depressed. After college i got FL Studio and a slightly better mic and been improving since. Recorded 4 albums alone because people lack heart down here. Music has been dwindling in my heart lately because i'm kinda tired of doing it alone. Plus i feel bogged down and obligated to work with my other talents before i lose them. I'm trying to write a poetry book and a novel, paint, draw and etc. Ideas keep coming too me but my inspiration is sporadic. I found Looperman and it's been a little relief but the pressure still feels heavy from the thought of getting all my projects and ideas off the ground by myself including music. And here we are. I'm up at night, working on a new song, thinkin about other projects i could be workin on.

  19. 403648
    SintheticRecords : Sat 16th Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Wow, I didnt expect this thread to take off quite so well!

    ALl your stories are great guys and i'm finding them really interesting. Definitely giving me a massive insight into you people.
    Thanks for replying to the thread everyone!

  20. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Thu 21st Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I love this thread.

    and @ violetflame20 - where can we hear those oldies mate ?


  21. 323004
    J1K : Thu 21st Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    AWESOME forum. i will keep mine short. well, i have only been into producing for about 2 years. grew up surrounded by hip hop and as i got older i got tired of how it evolved. so a couple of years ago i decided to make my own...i started here on looperman and haven't gone away since! i am now helping to co-produce an album for an artist in colorado who is signed on an independent label..without looper none of my connections would have happened! i am only now starting to branch off into different genres.

  22. 687720
    juttumoose : Thu 21st Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Heyyy! I'm pretty new in here, been into producing just one year and in looperman half year. And i'm 13 years old. I am self-taught producer from Finland. I do preferably Dubstep. I have no partners, no co-producers, no studio, no record contract (obviously) nothing! just my new laptop. So a partner would be great... But i still try making music in FL Studio almost every day. And my dream is to be popular dubstep producer...

  23. 750535
    violetflame20 : Thu 21st Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    Here's one of em that i just posted. I didn't post my more experimental ones because i'm noticing they had extreme volume issues.

    I use to put all my songs on soundclick but it got way too crowded on there. I think this was about the 20-30th song i've made. i don't remember.

  24. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Fri 22nd Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    music is the best hobby anyone can have and i dont know where i would be without it. my mom was sort of a hippie and had a lot of different music on wax and tape. even while i was in the womb i was developing an appreciation for various forms of music. when i was a tot, i would nod my head to any beat. i would make my own basslines with my mouth and i got my ass beat a few times for makin a drum set with my grandmothers pots and pans. i went to catholic school until 9th grade. in 4th grade i joined the school band. i started on the snare. thats all, just a snare. there was some kind of competition between the schools in the diocese that i want no part of so i quit. when i graduated from 8th grade parents got me a pearl forum set. one year later i picked up mtv music generator 2 for the playstation. then through a friend of a friend i got sony acid 4 and a couple gigs of loops. in 11th grade i took a music tech class where we learned how to use cubase and work with midi. me and my friend made an album. he rapped, i controlled the head dip (the good old immortal records/ shogun records days...). friends come, friends go. data gets lost and is never able to be recovered. later when i was in college i started with ableton live 7. when i was livin at my friends house, his brother started on the guitar and my friend had a 5 piece set. we would play covers of ratm, sublime, qotsa and more. just awsome jam sessions. a new version of live, an akai keyboard, the maschine and over 70gb worth of sounds, here i am today. gonna get a electric set sometime soon and i might try the bass.

  25. 715796
    Reficul1889 : Fri 22nd Jun 2012 : 10 years ago

    I'm in my late twenties now, I only seriously started (making music) last year just about, on the advice of my therapist, actually.
    He asked me one day if I kept a journal or a diary, as doing so can often be helpful in sorting one's issues. I replied in the negative; I have been encouraged to do so in the past many times, but I could never keep to it. An entry or two would be scrawled out, but I'd quickly loose interest and my notebooks would inevitably end up as doodle compilations or more often simply under the bed, and quite blank. He told me that he had been the same way, but he managed to find his catharsis through making music. He played guitar in a band and gigged around a few bars in town (while he wasn't shrinking heads.)
    My family is somewhat musical. My paternal grandfather could crank out all the old favorites of his era, the 20's, 30's, and 40's on guitar, banjo, fiddle, piano, and he wasn't a bad vocalist either. In fact He, his Brothers and Father recorded an album when he got back from Germany in '46 just for fun with the aid of a local studio who brought recording equipment out to their farm. My Aunt has always been in choir, my Sister plays violin and a bit of keys and guitar, and my Brother plays viola and guitar. I grew up playing violin, four years of it or so, but found it a chick repellent and switched to guitar and bass. But as most things for me as a kid, I never stuck with any of it.
    In the mid-late nineties, I had grown up listening to a lot of grunge and punk music, some good old Brit synth pop and post punk, a bit of metal, throw in a large dose of hip hop, add a dash of electronic (most sub genres included,) lots of industrial, and of course bits of the classic rock and pop of my parents eras, a strong curiosity and respect for old jazz and blues, all sort of lovely world music, and finally a good grounding in the classics. That's my musical taste, really. However, I started going to raves, mostly for girls and drugs, but I don't know, maybe it was the drugs, I fell in love with turntables and beat machines and sequencers, synthesizers, samplers, effects racks. I really felt captivated by pounding bass and bouncy arp melodies, samples, static, and loops. I began listening to the early pioneers, and skated from genre to genre. I even started seeking out that really awful noize music, you know the stuff that's all static and buzz saws and cursing violently about your mother through a distorted microphone. And I loved it.

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