Reason 5 Kong Pitch Knob

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  1. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Wed 2nd May 2012 : 10 years ago

    Hey guys. Im trying to tune a sample to my track and I was just wondering what the unit is for the pitch knob adjustment in reason and how many of those units I would need to move up 1 semitone? Thanks guys.

  2. 63133
    RogueAi : Wed 2nd May 2012 : 10 years ago

    The only drum sounds that may need tuning would be kick or toms. Snares, hats and other perc sounds don't need to be tuned to a specific key.

  3. 63133
    RogueAi : Wed 2nd May 2012 : 10 years ago

    Oh you mean the units, just use your ears when tuning kicks. If it sounds good than it must be right. Or if you most be precise, just use the pitch detection in the NN-XT, export the sample then load into Kong.

  4. 158799
    alividlife : Wed 2nd May 2012 : 10 years ago

    I just messed with the Reason 6 Demo... Friggin' awesome.

    Ahem, but yea, agree with RogueAI... gonna have to rely on your ears. Semitones for sure.. I think if you notice on the kong it only goes -120/+120 semitones. So for every "10" you are at another note... But who knows what the drum sound is originally tuned to.

    +1 tuning your drums. I have respect for people that tune their drums. With real drums and in the digital realm. I absolutely love when people -5 semitones on a kick, here and there during breaks.

  5. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Thu 3rd May 2012 : 10 years ago

    hmmm well yea i couldnt get it correct sounding with just the pitch knob cause i was going nuts fiddling with that thing so I just stuck it in nnxt. thanks though

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