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Ive Had It With This Site

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  1. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Title pretty descriptive really. When I first joined, I loved this site, the people, the music. Things seem to have gone downhill so much, that every time I come on here I leave again feeling frustrated. I Cant even upload loops and acapellas anymore! How can this site be called "Looperman" and be a loops and samples site when I CANT EVEN UPLOAD THEM! Ill upload a track, really hyped about it, wanting to see what other people think about it, and nobody so much as listens to it, let alone give feedback. It was so much better before! Its like when it was updated, they decided "Lets Update the site and make it into a pointless shithole"
    Cant see any reason to bother anymore. Soundcloud is the way forward. SZ

  2. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    BTW if anyone feels the same, a link to my soundcloud:
    Feel free to come comment on my tracks and ill do the same :)

  3. 308224
    theHumps : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    I just looked at your page and you have 65 reviews out, the last one this past December. Maybe if you got more involved in a positive way people would check you out more. You have been here 2 months longer than me and I have 1300 more reviews out than you.

    What do you expect?

  4. 552036
    teamrufeless : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hi it is such a shame to see you feel this way I have been on soundcloud for quite sometime and feel that it has become a clique,a large percentage of comments are just fishing for comments and likes and probably haven't even listened to your track and although there seems to be activity of that kind on this site i think it is minimal,and although the numbers are small they are on the whole genuine. I feel that this site is invaluable source for those who seek collaberation, in my humble oppinion the biggest problem is that once your track has moved onto page two of the tracks section its as good as dead, you have that small window of being on page one to get listened to and sometimes that could be as little as an hour, i have just been and listened to your tracks and they are fab, i tend not to comment on you young ones tracks as i am a 54 and i am sure you are not intersted in an old mans thoughts, anyway it will be a shame if if you give up on this great site. all the best Lee

  5. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    @Thehumps I will only comment on a track that stands out for me, so Instead of saying "Cool track" on every new track sthat appears , ill give a good review on one that i really like.

    @Teamrufeless I know what you mean, but on soundcloud i get a lot more feedback and i find it a lot easier to use. People on there seem to value tracks a lot higher.

  6. 636839
    simmerdown : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    the upload thing is some tech issue, probably easily fixed

    comments in are usually 1/2 of comments out...on SC i would say the ratio is much worse

    no need for it to be an either/or choice

    whatever floats yer boat!

  7. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hmm if its easily fixed why hasn't it been?]

    Not trying to tell people what to do, just saying this site has gone downhill a long way (in my opinion)

  8. 186161
    Spivkurl : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    I'm very sorry to hear that you feel this way! As far as not being able to upload, I would contact Shan the Looperman and see if he can get that sorted. I'm on soundcloud too, but I find that it is no replacement for good ol looperman. I agree that to get a good reception on Looperman, you need to be invested in the site and involved on a regular basis. This place isn't as busy as it used to be of course, but we're all to blame for that.

  9. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Just chill dude! Contact Shan as it's been mentioned and he'll sort out the uploading issues for you. No need to be so upset.

    And as far as reviews just gotta get involved a bit just like on get what you give so drop a couple of reviews and you'll receive a couple.

  10. 1
    Looperman : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Simple answer to the upload situation is to read the stuff that there to help you when you try and upload.

    At the moment you dont have permission to upload as youve not read the help section and realised you have to get in touch.

    As for the rest of it as you say, just your opinion.

  11. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    thanks for the comments guy, I might have been a little harsh, I just got a bit riled up. respect to all of you.

  12. 498019
    Tumbleweed : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    I have less time to spend on LM that I would like, but when I do I have no difficulty keeping myself entertained or finding some quality music and I find it is a welcoming place for those who invest even a little effort in supporting fellow musicians....One thing I can say with certainty...I have never found any website anywhere (music or otherwise) where the administrator is so easily available, open to input and actively involved in the kudos to Shan and regrets to those who feel they deserve more recognition than they give.

  13. 750535
    violetflame20 : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    I've been on here for maybe a month i think and it started as wanting recognition but it kinda involved to just enjoying reading the forum. So many people just upload and download without getting involved that i get discouraged to even listen to the tracks anymore. And even more strange is that the people that i see posting on the forums every single day, are the people that i honestly look forward to hearing music from. My point is, music is only empty sound unless we can feel your heart and soul behind it.

  14. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    There's no need to complicate simple things. It might be a good idea to put a sticky somewhere so that members that can't post or upload could contact Shan and have the issue solved without to much forum drama.

  15. 636839
    simmerdown : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    sad fact of humanity is that everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to listen (unless it is a means to then be heard)

    solution is to make music you love and need to make for yourself, so much so that you dont mind if its never heard...

  16. 715796
    Reficul1889 : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    The eight people who responded thoughtfully to your concerns are reason enough to stay, in my opinion, mate.

  17. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 27th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    The bottom line here is you like Looperman but are feeling a little frustrated at the moment......these things can be easily fixed,any upload issues or permissions can be sorted by contacting Admin (Looperman)...the other aspects like feedback require a little bit of give and take as has been suggested,things don't need to be polarised into black and white,in or out.....but if you only occasionally visit,people will soon forget who you are and you can't blame them for that....there's another issue present here and I'm not suggesting this applies to you,I'd just like to address it as it may explain the difference between Looperman and other music sites.......Creative people by and large like to display their work obviously and very often in the musical domain this manifests with a desire for a fan base,a lot of people visiting Looperman initially attempt to insinuate themselves by self promotion and wonder why it's not very's the thing, Looperman is primarily an audio 'resource' site with a heavy emphasis on sharing information,loops,acapellas and collaborative endeavours....following one of these tributaries is the way of least resistance. (sorry that last remark sounded like a line from a beginners guide to Kung Fu) lol

  18. 636839
    simmerdown : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    well said pbj

    yes, history is strewn with the rotting bodies of users who wanted Looperman to be something other than it is

    (theres some drama!)

  19. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    despite what you think, and just because a track dosent get a review, people do still listen. it dont bother me one bit that i dont get the number of reviews i used to get on a song. while welcomed and appreciated, reviews are secondary. see, since i know people still listen, they hear it. they hear it, they gonna have their heads noddin. thats what i set out to do and succeeded.
    remember, its about the music.
    and soundcloud is f*ckin useless for meaningful reviews, only has room for comments, which is usually a link to their profile. (and when you go their profile, they have like 4 songs uploaded and they kinda weak, then you see they put the same comment on their own songs and they use it as a reply to comments as well. at this point your thinking "where is he going with this tangent?" and to tell you quite frankly i dont know. i simply dont know, its been lost. you should be redirected back to my origional train of thought momentarily.) its only use is it has really simple urls. just looks cleaner when givin someone a link to an upload. but thats about it.

  20. 605560
    RichieWinn : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey SZ. I have just had a look at your profile and noticed a track posted recently so clearly that issue is now resolved. Let me just add to comments posted earlier in this thread about the LM Administrator. Shan is accessible, always provides a quick response to any issues raised and does an outstanding job here. That should have been your first move in this instance.

    As for "wanting to see what other people think about it, and nobody so much as listens to it, let alone give feedback" I completely understand. Having poured your heart and soul into a track it's always good to hear what people think.

    Allow me to make a suggestion. Have a look through the recently posted tracks (continue on past page one too!!) and have a listen to as many as you can from the genres you like and can identify with. Leave comments and try to be objective (write about what you actually hear) and try to leave out the subjective (the comments "not bad" or "I don't like" aren't very useful). After a while two things begin to happen. You find a group of Loopers you keep going back to and finding out more (because you are interested in their work) and they reciprocate by visiting your profile, watching for your new track postings and leaving comments.

    All communities thrive and prosper when people get involved.

  21. 731285
    djkillapaul : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Soundcloud is your Tesco's while Looperman is your friendly corner shop that you never want to leave. Quality, not quantity my friend. You should stick around if you want people to be true and helpful rather than false and egotistical. Hope you stay on the train.


    PS. If you are from another part of the world and not aware of Tesco's then this comparitive analogy will fall flat on its face!!

  22. 754343
    djtheobserver01 : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    hi everyone ,

    i think screaming zombie is out of limit uploading tracks or loops ....
    and S.Z. want more coments ?... ; if you want people listen to your tracks, you have to comment their tracks or loops and let the world know you are there with nice tracks too.

    be more open for other kinds of music or creations ...
    greetings .....

    PS, you left a thread and you see what happens .......

  23. 512025
    CyberSon : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    @ ScreamingZombie - I hope that you've managed to resolve the issue you were experiencing? I think the post from PJB summed it up really.

    For me, no other site will compare to Looperman in terms of advice, support, education, resources and friendship. I like so many other artists have gained so much more than just "followers" from being involved here.

    In terms of Soundcloud, I think it's just a track promotional tool and nothing more. It's simply what I and many other artists use it for. I link my website to that so casual listeners can listen to my work. Soundcloud doesn't have any soul IMO, it's just an online track player and not a community website.

  24. 287207
    ScreamingZombie : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Ok everyone, the problem is sorted :) and very sorry for posting this forum, I see that I was out of order, respect to all of you and looking forward to listening to more quality music ;)

  25. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sat 28th Apr 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey Screaming Zombie, I was actually waiting for you say something like this finally. Respects to you for taking the time to think things through and truly realizing how great this site is.

    If anything, people know who you are now, ha ha. Thanks for being honest enough to realize your error. It seemed like in your initial opening you where experiencing a moment of personal frustration. I am glad that all is well now. Cheers!

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