Coding For My Website Need HELP

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    CelloCubano : Mon 9th Apr 2012 : 8 years ago

    Hey Looperfam!

    Im sure some of you are good at coding and html... Fact is: IM NOT!... I just set up my website within the past week and im having a great dilemna..

    I want to upload a tagged beat for listeners to preview then if they purchase it redirect them to the download (no tag) directly from my server. How would I go about doing this?

    What Merchants Do you guys use... Im not feeling OScommerce right now...

    Someone help me craack this and Ill Upload some new loops!

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    Looperman : Mon 9th Apr 2012 : 8 years ago

    To be fair its not really the place to be discussing it and you would have a better chance of an answer on a coding forum.

    You might want to think of it in a different way though. If I were you I would just publish the preview and use paypal to collect the money and then you can manually send someone the finished product when they purchase. A very simple method.

    You could also just use a third party company to deal with all the sales and delivery of digital goods such as ejunkie.

    As far as setting up a site goes you may as well just use wordpress. either the hosted version at or the self install version at

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    CyberSon : Mon 9th Apr 2012 : 8 years ago

    Hey BonesRecordz. Not wanting to discourage your coding efforts but I agree with Shan and would look at easier methods. As an IT Manager I'm always looking for more convenient solutions. As such, it's been years since I did any heavy coding because of all the alternatives.

    I use the Wordpress solutions and find them very flexible for my music needs etc. I've looked into the PayPal solution previously and would recommend it for the money transfer security etc I could only imagine massive headaches trying to sort a safe and secure way of money transfers myself.

    Anyways, all the best with whatever you decide to do my friend.

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    CelloCubano : Mon 9th Apr 2012 : 8 years ago

    Sorry bout that Shan, but thanks for the suggestions!! Much Appreciated Guys! Ill try that method

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