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    Looperman : Sun 8th Apr 2012 : 10 years ago

    When posting a thread in this category you must follow these guidelines or your thread may well be removed.

    1 - Dont start a thread about a track posted on another site. Only tracks uploaded to allowed.

    2 - Dont start a thread here more then once a week. Any more then that is seemed as spamming the forum.

    3 - Make sure you tell us something interesting about your track. Make it worthy of a forum post.

    4 - Make sure you include a link to your tracks detail page. For example

    We all know that posting something about your track in the forums will get you a bit more exposure but you also have to remember that the forums are supposed to be for useful and interesting discussion. If your post is nothing more then an advert and does not create some sort of discussion its not really worth posting.

    If the forum is just full of links to peoples tracks nobody will take any notice so use this section sparingly to get the most out of it.

    The all round best way to get exposure for your tracks can be seen in this next thread.

    Follow the advice there and youll get a lot more feedback then you would posting here.

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