Looperman April DnB Dj Mix

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  1. 251164
    sn76 : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    Here it is as promised April's Dj mix of Looperman D n B. Feat Rollagee,Bennson,Lundi,Sn76,Wynn and Roussseau,Slambox and DV8. Liquid moments in this mix stand out but some heavier moments too.Some great tracks here,respect to the artists who made them, hope you all enjoy it and remember I will return in May with another instalment!


    Sn 76

  2. 73162
    HMNN : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    Great mix! Btw what track starts at 10:30?

  3. 337508
    subSpace : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    yeah the mix is killer i love the 2nd track in the mix now i want to do a loopermix of my own as i feel very inspired by your ideas my friend i made a call for a loopermix 2 times in the past to no avail i will ask people in another thread about it i will defo be using some of your tracks if you wanna get like say 3 tracks over to me i will add them to the loopermix........... i like your selection very cool well done

    Rolla g

  4. 744420
    SlopeCreations : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    Excellent initiative, thumbs up! I'm pumping it right now, great to be surrounded by so much talent

  5. 724770
    Bennson : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    once again a great showcase of talent in this mix..good work

  6. 251164
    sn76 : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    Glad that you lot are feeling this mix,a fair bit of work went in to it,I remember Subspace trying to get one together moons ago,I look forward to hearing another loopermix from him with some double drop meyhem!

  7. 666289
    FreeRadical : Wed 4th Apr 2012 : 7 years ago

    marking this thread so i can listen later.
    I'm sure it's going to be a goodun.

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