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  1. 666289
    FreeRadical : Wed 14th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Right, I haven't had a rant about anything for a while so i'm going to have one now.
    Is it me? Or are there far too many awards being handed out on tv these days? It seems like you only have to shove your face in front of a camera to get one.
    For example, This morning i switched on the breakfast news to catch up on what's been going on in the world & instead, I find myself watching the weather lady going on about the award she's just won. I mean W.T.F.??? Who the hell judges the weather forecast??? Perhaps it was the way she says "cold wind coming in from the North" that clinched it for her was it??
    Whatever next? Are we going to have an award for the most appearances on crimewatch perhaps? Or maybe we should give one to that thick as pigsh*t bloke from grimebusters for having the lowest IQ on the telly.
    Sorry, but it just p***es off!! Especially when i think of all the people on this site, who put just as much time and effort into their work, give it away for free, ask for nothing in return, whilst simultaniously doing another job.
    So there you have it. Go stick your bloody award up your ar$e!!!

  2. 366784
    yeshintae : Wed 14th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    she obviously won tha award by
    "bending over backwards" for
    tha "judges" ahahahahaha

    Peace from LA

  3. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    If she did that whilst simultaniously giving detailed information about fluctuations in high and low pressure i might be swayed to change my mind.

  4. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    ahahahahaha imma pretty sure
    she knows tha difference between
    a high and a low pressure system :P

    maybe if it was a weatherwoman swimsuit
    contest.... that would be awesome...
    think of all tha beautiful weatherwoman
    out in tha world... hehehehehehe

    Peace from LA

  5. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    It would be highly enjoyable right up until the point where the obligatory homosexual weatherman turns up in his pink speedos.

  6. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago


    why does it ALWAYS have to be tha weatherman ahahahahaha

    Peace from LA

  7. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Haha..well mate,the seekers of celebrity of this world who desire acceptance in the shape of a shiny trophy are often weather presenters I guess....It's like when you look at some jumped up little general from a third world country with a chest full of medals...I always think what's that one for..balancing twenty tortillas on your head while you polished your gun or something...

  8. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Exactly. In fact i'm suprised that they haven't presented an award to Bashar al-Assad for "most defiant murdering scum bag"
    Or perhaps an honourary award for Saddam hussein in the "the best pruned moustache" category.
    The thing is, the weather forecast in England is frankly boring. It's either raining and cold, or it's not. I could understand giving an award out if your local weather forcaster frequently throws themselves into the eye of category 5 tornados, Or surfed a mile high tsunami. That would be worth of an award. Not just pointing at a screen and telling me there's patches of drizzle in my area.
    I can tell that by looking out the frigging window!!

  9. 512025
    CyberSon : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    I'm feeling your pain! In terms of "why and how have they won an award", I had the misfortune to stumble across this video of TOWIE (The only way is Essex) award speech (if you can call it a speech)

    Now, can some please tell me how these totally plastic idiots have made it on to TV let alone win an award! And an award for what? Being totally plastic idiots?

    Jeez, what is happening?????

  10. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    I've never actually watched an episode of TOWIE. The thirty second advertisment for it was enough to make me draw the conclusion, that i could provide myself with a less painfull and more enjoyable form of entertainment, by attempting to give myself a scrotum piercing with a hammer drill.
    What is it about? To me it just looked like a load of pretty people being extremely shallow. If i was in charge i would have rather legalized heroin than let that rubbish go out on the air. It would be far less damaging to society in the long run.
    PS that link for some reason just took me to the front page of the daily Mirror and i didn't notice any articles about TOWIE. Nevermind, It's probably for the best.

  11. 512025
    CyberSon : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Now that made my eyes water!!!! errrr I think it is actually about people being shallow lol Senseless rubbish. Imagine Big Brother without any pupose whatsover!

    Because I don't want to disappoint with my link error, here's the article. Read it and have a hammer drill on standby!!

  12. 230280
    Xtaticauk : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    +1 on TOWIE dude - as I come from Essex and we are not all tango'd all over believe me - how this makes air time I have no idea -

  13. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    That video hits the nail on the head. I only managed to watch 20 or so seconds of it before i ran out of bags to be sick into.
    I don't understand why anyone likes those sort of programmes. They require no imagination, no writing and there's not even any sort of plot.
    More annoying still, Why is it in the news? That's not news!! It's bullsh1t!! & if i wanted to read bullsh1t i'd, write to Nick Clegg and ask him to send me a copy of his latest manifesto.

  14. 512025
    CyberSon : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    @Xtaticauk - TBH my friend I do genuinely sympathise with you, because I think that the rubbish does unfairly sterotype people from Essex in a way that is clearly unreasonable.

    I just do get it why such rubbish TV is made! Are there people in England becoming so shallow that they'll watch any old crap? And as shown in the report posted, they've actually won a number of awards! For what purpose???

    (I'm now getting off my soapbox lol)

  15. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Well to be fair you can't really blame the cast members. If i was making stacks of cash and winning awards for not doing very much then i suppose i'd be inclined to carry on with it as well. Maybe they're not as narrow minded as they seem. The audience on the other hand......Well lets just say that i thought frontal lobe labotomy's had been outlawed some years back, but i guess i was wrong.

  16. 400188
    AllenV : Thu 15th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Well I think we have a lot of weather people that have a lot to do here in Florida but....(and i'm saying this in caps with a grin to make the point)...YOU DON'T HAVE TO STAND IN FRONT OF A HURRICANE TO CONVINCE ME...THE BUILDINGS UNDER WATER AND FLOATING CARS ARE ENOUGH...I GET THE POINT...NO AWARD FOR THAT EXTREME ACT OF BRAVERY!
    Sorry for the rant but FreeRad started it and I agree.

  17. 230280
    Xtaticauk : Fri 16th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    you should check out UK bloopers we had a weather girl completely swept off her feet by a giant wave just to tell us the weather on the coast was a bit choppy....

  18. 318543
    profplum : Fri 16th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    You want to check out the weather on australian tv they spend 20 mins telling you what the weathers been like today and 20 seconds on what its going to be tommorow.

  19. 666289
    FreeRadical : Fri 16th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    I'd like to see a performance art weather forcast where the weatherman just walks on and gets a huge sack of crap catapulted at him if the weather is going to be crap.
    Now that would be entertaining.

  20. 608380
    pixieboots : Fri 16th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Have you seen the weatherman on The Day Today (a Chris Morris show)? That's weather I'd love to see! Can't see a YouTube video of it anywhere or a link would definitely be going up. Err... so I guess you'll all just have to imagine a very funny sketch involving nonsense, or buy the DVD.

  21. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 17th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    Why is it that every time I see a celebrity or a fake celebrity like a weather presenter,I envision them being humiliated or even being administered to by the Spanish Inquisition....I guess it's because like a lot of people who've been subjected to the ongoing indoctrination of television I'm totally sick of all the facile bull$hit...but then again it might be because I have a desire to wear a pointy hat and torture people.

  22. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sat 17th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    @Dave - I too feel a similar sort of desire. It vexes me so much that i feel like writing into the sun newspaper and asking if i can reclaim 250 for the pointless big brother type articles that i never bother to read. Had it not been for the fact that there's never any toilet paper round my mate Ted's house they would have no use at all.
    @Pixieboots - Chris Morris is hillarious. Personally i thought that he should have won an award for his Brass Eye Paedophile special, Which i think still holds the record for the most complaints ever recieved by a television programme. Now that is an achievment and to be fair, If you watched that and didn't realize he was taking the p*ss, then you must have the IQ of a slug. But if you watched that, didn't realize he was taking the p*ss AND rang up to complain, Then unfortunately i can't tell you what you are because the barrage of expletives would probably result in a bunch of slug iq'd thicko's turning up outside my house with pitchforks and burning effargys.
    Seriously, Who rings up to complain about a TV show?JUST TURN OVER!!!

  23. 230280
    Xtaticauk : Tue 20th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    if you check out the ITC site people complain about too many adverts breaking a film or inappropriately placement of breaks during a feature...their out there dude and they are amonst us....

  24. 230280
    Xtaticauk : Tue 20th Mar 2012 : 10 years ago

    here is an example...

    Showing Complaints & Interventions Report for UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LIVE (Trailer

    Channel: ITV1 (LWT)

    Date & time: Various dates and times in October

    Category: Other Taste & Decency

    Complaint from: 223 viewers


    This trailer promoted Champions League football matches. A young boy sitting at a dinner table with his family deliberately flicks mashed potato into his grandmother's face so that he might be sent to his room, where he could watch the television.


    Some viewers were concerned that this would encourage disrespectful or even violent behaviour towards the elderly or simply condoned poor standards of conduct from children. Others felt it was generally inappropriate in the light of violence and other anti-social behaviour associated with football.


    The company responsible for broadcasting this trailer, LWT, pointed out that it was in the spirit of a classic Just William -style scrape. They believed that the good spirit or innocence of the sketch was underpinned by it being set in the home. They argued that, whilst it was regrettable if some viewers saw the scenario as condoning disrespect for the elderly, the act portrayed did not do this.

    The ITC accepted that the promotion was in a long line of 'naughty boy' sketches in mainstream humour. It did not feel that this particular context of a safe family environment was likely to promote youthful bad behaviour. The ITC has received no persuasive evidence that this trailer has actually led to such behaviour. Neither does the ITC feel it could be implied from this very specific context that there was any endorsement of any of the negative aspects of football.

    Nevertheless, the ITC does understand the very real concerns voiced by viewers about the importance of the examples set by television programmes, advertisements and trailers. It therefore accepts that, although unintended by the broadcaster, widespread offence may have been given.


    The trailer was in breach of Section 1 of the Code dealing with general offence.

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