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CyberSon - Welcome To The Asylum Video

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  1. 512025
    CyberSon : Sat 21st Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey guys. I've created a video to my track "Welcome to the Asylum" (which you can find in my profile), which I'm quite pleased with.

    The inspiration for the track came from my love of Batman graphic novels and I wrote the track after reading the book, "Arkham Asylum".

    I've used elements of the Arkahma Asylum video game trailers (with credit to the creators) and I'm really pleased with the end product as I think that the music represents the media perfectly.

    Anyway, what do I know? So please, enjoy.

  2. 538393
    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    Brilliant!!! Hot tune and excellent vid. Congrats.

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 21st Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    This is a sweet video for a very cool song! Great work!

  4. 538393
    Unknown User : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    "You've been acting really wierd lately... I wanted to discuss all this behaviour".... hahaha... love that part.

  5. 441709
    kerry : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    great track and great vid good work CyberSon

  6. 474217
    thyroid : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    This is dirty distorted good stuff.

  7. 512025
    CyberSon : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey guys. Thanks for the cool feedback, I really do appreciate it.

    I had a lot of fun working on this video, which took me some time to edit and work on, so God knows how long it took the graphic animators!

    @NuadaSilverhand - "I'm not mad!"

  8. 538393
    Unknown User : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    Hey, I just thought, this would be an excellent theme tune for the Looperman site.

  9. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Sun 22nd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    Great captures that imagery that I got the first time I listened to this track..nice job editing this vid.ive been working more (lately) with making videos for my tracks..too me,its alot like making a song.lining up the video clips to the beat and melody of the song,in contrast to lining up the different elements that make up a song in a DAW..Kudos again on this the gritty,dark feel,its puts the listener right in the middle of Arkham Asylum,with its involuntary inhabitants.

    SS3LDOG }:)-

  10. 512025
    CyberSon : Mon 23rd Jan 2012 : 9 years ago

    @Nuadasilverhand - Ha ha ha, you madman! Will catch up with you in the yard when then let us out for recreation time.

    @SS3LDOG - Thanks for stopping by the video and your kind comments.

    Video making is cool and I intend on making a few more. Gonna try and shoot some live footage and incorporate it with one of my tracks. Cool that you're working on videos for your tracks. I look forward to checking them out.

Posts 1 - 10 of 10

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