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Is Anybody Still Here

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  1. 337508
    subSpace : Thu 30th Mar 2017 : 4 years ago

    Rolla gee still here at ya service

  2. 227480
    StrikingDaggers : Sat 1st Apr 2017 : 4 years ago

    Spivkurl, Old School is what I do! But you already know that, lol

  3. 512025
    CyberSon : Thu 6th Apr 2017 : 4 years ago

    Hey there people, old CyberSon stopping by to say hello. Hope you're all well. I've taken a long hiatus from music and am currently following my journey writing dark fiction and horror stories / books. Still cool to dip back into the world of Looperman.

  4. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 6th Apr 2017 : 4 years ago

    subSpace, Shatner, Cyberson! What's up?!

  5. 62363
    OneVizun : Thu 20th Apr 2017 : 4 years ago

    Hi everybody! Still here.

  6. 796294
    silverman : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    This place is dead. Have the all gone and got jobs?

  7. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    Seems like tough times all over silverman. Maybe they have been in the garden a lot, like I have?

  8. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    It's because the place has been totally overrun by the "I need a friggin rapper" crowd, and all the associated doggerel, unsurprisingly this puts people off.

  9. 630386
    Unknown User : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    Dave, there were some awesome performers and great people in the Five Years ago posts in this thread like AllenV, ShowGunProductions and Eshar to name a few. What we have now are a lot of new Teens and High School kids here now due to the proliferation and expansion of the so called bedroom producer that have only a DAW, a laptop and no real musical experience. This is also clearly evident when you see loops here on this site with the ROOT key set to UNKNOWN. Conclusion, there are lots of young newbies here now, then there is a gap with mostly abandoned or dormant accounts, and then there is us. Since this is an ad supported site, the I need a crapper posts are something we all must deal with now or offer another alternative way to support this site. Lots of people don't know how generous you are Dave and also people like SlapJohnson(Steve) are to this site. I have heard very positive stories about your giving, also one user told me a while back that you purchased a major DAW for her, she use to sing here but got ripped off buy others making money off her material. My respects Dave.

  10. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    JosephFunk, that was an inspiring post to read. It gave me the renewed impulse to make some loops after a long break, as it is one more way that I can support the site.

  11. 102056
    Dj4Real : Thu 18th May 2017 : 4 years ago

    Yepp still here

Posts 76 - 86 of 86

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