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K19 Remix Fun Pack

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    retronical : Sun 11th Dec 2011 : 9 years ago

    Had a good time remixing K19's 74 bar clean, a young lad on this site with some promising potential, he does like to go hard imo ;)

    Below is a link for 7 WAV files @100bpm (Emajor) in a basic mix state -12db'ish, that can easily be chopped up for any new creations, for any project as you see fit. I did edit the vocals up and could be fun to re-edit yourself. I am not seeking any credit, rmx yourself and credit K19, if so necessary, a shoutout to 'retrodog' will suffice.
    Enjoy and many thanks to K19 for sharing his unique fire. Any links to your works would be appreciated, surely could be interesting!!!

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