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Conduit Mobile App Maker

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  1. 608380
    pixieboots : Mon 14th Nov 2011 : 9 years ago

    I love this thingy! - which I found through SoundCloud - lets you make apps for mobile devices and the web. For example, mine has SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter and Email Me buttons on it, although you can put pretty much what you like on to it. Seems like a great way to promote yourself and let your mates keep in touch with what you've made recently. If I still did gigs I'm sure the ability to send location-based push notifications of them would be a great feature.

    Being a bit of a Can't Use New Technology (great acronym) type of girl, this was surprisingly easy to set up.

    Has anyone else used this or anything similar? How are you finding it?


  2. 13
    Unknown User : Sun 18th Dec 2011 : 9 years ago

    the only thing I tried was but I wasn't impressed with the features. I tried the free trial o reverbnation app maker and it's pretty slick but too expensive to keep.

    there is something else I've been meaning to try called Codea but I think it involves some programming.

  3. 538393
    Unknown User : Sun 18th Dec 2011 : 9 years ago

    @Pixie... hahaha. Good one. I heard a really corny one the other day...

    What's hard and hairy on the outside, soft and wet on the inside, starts with a C, ends with a T and has the letters N and U in the middle?

    ... A cocount!

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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