How Can I Trigger My Midi Controller With Electric Drum Pads

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    Sebastian : Wed 17th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Hey looper members, I have a roland td-7 percussion sound module as well as the drum pads that go along with it. I also have an M-Audio axiom 49 which is connected to my computer and to my td-7. I am using Ableton live as my DAW. So what i wanted to do is i wanted to have it so that everytime i hit a pad, it would trigger a note on my keybroad. I believe I have my keyboard and the sound module set to the same channel. My midi cable is connected to the OUT on the sound module and to the IN of my keyboard. I have never done this sort of connection before so im very new at this sort of thing. I did read the roland manual and my Axiom manual and im still going through the axiom one. If you could help or give me some sort of direction i would much appreciate it. Thank you (:

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    StarTropix : Wed 17th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Okay, MIDI controllers have no sound. All they do is send MIDI messages.
    You can trigger your TD-7 with the MIDI keyboard or your drum pads, but nothing will happen if you plug the MIDI out (from the module) into your keyboard because modules don't generate MIDI messages and controllers don't generate sound.
    (thats why you need a MIDI controller or MIDI drum pads to trigger sound modules or drum modules that have no sequencer or keyboard of their own.)
    The way I would set this up is, [Pad Controller]midi out--->midi in[TD-7]
    or [MIDI Controller]midi out--->midi in[Pad Control]midi thru--->midi in[TD-7].
    Make sure they are all set to the same channel, hope this helps.

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