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    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Stop teasing already and release the damn beats you sneaky sneakins. I am already bumping yours and Coney's beats like black Friday I need a new taste. Give up the drugs already. xD

  2. 445235
    Loopeytunes : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I always if when I review give constructive criticism. So I agree with you Minor. I come across a huge number of tracks that was awful when I was here in 2009. I know I've not got much experience in certain genres so I don't give constructive criticism unless it's out of key or something doesn't match up in timing but tbh I never really listen to different genres apart from electro, rock and metal. There's been times where I've gave criticism and there has been no reply back to me saying "ok, thanks for the advice I will take that into consideration the next time I write a song or yes I'll try that". The saying goes "You got to be cruel to be kind"! ;)


  3. 566750
    Maxomunz : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    @Yesh - I CAN CHANGE, I can be better D': !!!Just give me a chance!

    .... Can I be called a new member? I actually joined this site in 2007 as Gore Productions ......and on 2008 I changed my name to Black Rose Productions .......Until 2011 of course :P ...Back in those days though I was only on her for the loops ....Aaah, now that I gave you my life story ....I'll go post in a couple more forums, and annoy even more people by saying something totally unrelated to the first post :D ..... - [ ] Separate

    P.S. - @Yesh - I already invented a time machine ....You just didn't know it ....Oh yeah, iv'e met you before ... BUAHAHAHAHAHA B)

  4. 566750
    Maxomunz : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    OH WOW ....I'm late ain't I :P ....I only read the first page ...

  5. 672953
    Ozzz : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Cleptography, I agree with all of your serious comments. Some "people" uplift themselves, and its ok if done in isolation, a joke otherwise.

    Martin, stop trying to act cute with all of these nagging threads you make with your shallow pride and arogance, I tried to stay quite but couldnt help myself. Youre an amatuer with too much time on his hands thus gaining the amount of experience you have, youre nothing more. Me, im nothing but im happy, but you somehow think youre Quincy Jones or something.

    One day youll learn.

  6. 439229
    mrE : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    the most beautiful part of joe cocker's song "you are so beautiful" comes right near the end where his voice cracks,sounding extremely imperfect yet perfect.sometimes its not the most technically perfect sound that affects us but the emotional aspect.sooooo rookies and experts keep puting your strange concoctions of basslines that dont really mesh with that piano loop...and enjoy making music that inspires u

  7. 566750
    Maxomunz : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I do believe that you are filled with arrogance Martin .....Please, be more humble.Even if your the greatest producer in the world ...Without respect from others you have nothing.But, I don't believe your amature .....In fact, I believe you are the second best beatmaker I know! ....That's THE truth ......And no, the first best ISN'T me ......Respect others as you would want to be respected, be humble, be wise .....Those are some tips I can give you.I am not putting you down in any way.I'm telling you your faults.I have much respect for you, until you started posting posts that said you are the best, and trying to be cute about it.

    No doubt about it, Looperman is THE best site for audio resources and a freindly atmosphere .....But lately there has been a huge amount of ranting ...In so much that iv'e thought about just leaving for awhile.It get's so outrageously annoying!

    I hope this can be taken in the most humble way as possible.Much respect to you Martin - [ ] Separate

  8. 372886
    Bilbozo : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    You know something? I would say about 98% of the reviews I had over time had been positive, maybe too positive. I could hear mistakes...balance, maybe an istrument was too hot or over processed. When I got a suggestive review about correcting things I thought to myself "That stupid moron...who does he/she think he is? But then I listened and found there were valid points. That's how I learned from those errors and kept improving.

    Now every once in a while you do get some guy who things he's king sheit of turd mountain and actually hasn't a clue what he's talking about and simply says "you suck". That doesn't wash for anyone here. We all learn, we all encourage and we should all be honest so we all can continue to learn. I would rather hear someone say..."Hey dude it's kinda busy with the guitar solo and piano. Kill one of em" instead of "Needs work, this is bad"

    I think specifics for criticism is most important. WHY does it need work? tell me so I can be better at this. Or if they are doing something right..tell them too. "Hey man better track...I can see your skills are improving in the arrangements you are making."

    Remember, costructive criticism is all in the delivery. It's not about being afraid to offend someone rather than thinking the best way to communicate to the artist where they may need yu help or expertise.

  9. 158799
    alividlife : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago


    I am way critical of everyone I review. So whatevs.

  10. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    (please excuse me if I've said these things before)
    Here's a few funny things to consider in relation to this topic.

    1.) Its been noted that there's been an observance of 'skewed' reviews.
    How many of you take the time to actually read through all of the reviews... To comment on the comments (either to agree or disagree, or avoid them altogether)?
    Excluding tracks with, say, in excess of 10 reviews in (where its better to just skim through, amirite?).

    I'll do this in order to prevent myself from making "Echo remarks" (saying basically the same thing someone else has). I know its kind of irritating when people point out the same things (as was the case on my @30k Feet song with the beat, which I had pointed out was an intentional experiment). However, when this does occur it shows that there's a general consensus for a thing (pointing to either approval or disapproval of it).

    2a.) In relation to the previously mentioned observance, how many of you ever go to the *Review page to skim through the list of past reviews? Here's a link for anyone who hasn't been...
    You may begin to spot something that I have.
    Beyond just the context of what is said (which do tend to be similar to one another, depending on who the words are coming from), but in base stats (ie, how much time passes between a review for a reviewer). You'll see places where there are spots of grouped reviews from the same person to multiple songs. At first, this doesn't seem unusual until you look at the times between each review (say, averaging something like 90 seconds between each). Randomly click on one of the songs they reviewed and find out that the track length is over 4 minutes.
    How can they honestly review a song if they haven't even listened to it all the way through?
    And just as obvious is that these type of 'popcorn' reviews usually all say the same thing (a generalized one or two-liner praising the song). Which one can easily guess is just a weak and generic way of fishing for reviews back.
    (I scratch your back, now you scratch mine).

    2b.) In relation to the previous point, how many of you actually listen to the song you are going to review?
    Not just whether you listen to it all the way through, but how completely do you listen to it?
    I'd say to be able to give an accurate and honest review you'd have to listen to it more than once, yes/no?
    And how many of you actually do that?
    Beyond ones that are deemed as a *Favorite I'm guessing not that often.
    Which sort of defeats the purpose of the review, because how can honestly review something when you haven't really analyzed it in the first place?
    IMO, for the average 3-5 minute song it'd take atleast 15 minutes of listening and then another few minutes of writing about it (say, 2-5 mins), depending on whether you're writing stuff for the review as you listen or not.

    And I can just imagine how some of you might be snorting in contempt for such an overly involved process, thinking along the lines of...
    "Oh, what nonsense!"
    We're talking about giving honest feedback, correct?
    So do you want honest feedback...
    Do you just want to have smoke blown up your butts about what you do/create?

    Ladies and gentlemen, its simple. Bullshidding will always come free and easy, but the truth takes a little more effort.
    If you want it, you've got to be willing to put in some work for it.
    You don't have to be an expert on every subtle detail, technique, and nuance of the music making process to comment on it.
    Its "Art" isn't it?
    Art is generally made to make you feel something, right?
    If nothing else, comment on that.
    Not to say that I'm looking to turn this into a Psychology class here, but come on.
    The uber-technical response isn't what everyone is here for.
    Sure, some might be, but I think a vast majority of us are just here for any kind of feedback that will enable us to get a grasp of where we are... As well as where we need improvement.
    To get our bearings!

    Then again, there are some folks (like me) who have learned to take each review with a grain of salt, because when you knuckle down to the bare basics of what they are, you find that they're just opinions and nothing else.
    No way to gauge them in terms of right or wrong.
    They just are!
    And this excludes the obvious troll comments like,
    "This sux!"

    Yet, as Minor pointed out (in a somewhat lumpy way) is that there can sometimes be an issue of honesty on here.
    Keeping in mind that all reviews are just opinion...
    If you come across something with glaringly obvious mistakes and poor quality production/arranging and then see that it has a few reviews that all applaud it (without any of them mentioning any of the errors) you begin to question what's going on.
    Sure, there might be a lack of overall knowledge due to being new at the music craft.
    These people aren't deaf.
    Tone deaf perhaps, but that'd be a really bad trait for someone to carry in the music biz, yes/no?
    So what gives?
    I suspect that most of it falls back on the issue I pointed out at the end of '2a' above (fishing for reviews back).
    In addition to either the jovial glad-handing or pussi-footing around the artistic or personal sensitivities of their friends.
    Sensitive artists?
    Really? Really!
    As immature and unprofessional as it might be folks still walk around with (bruisable) egos here.
    In that light, its kinda hard to be honest when you've got to tiptoe around eggshells on here.
    It over-complicates an already complicated system (if you prescribe to the same methods that I do for it, that is).
    What to do then?
    Way I do it is to...
    Approach things neutrally!
    I while back I created a template for a 'complete review' (which was later used in the short-lived *Featured Artist thing done last fall). The gist of it is simple. Provide...
    A.) Positive feedback,
    B.) Neutral feedback (or random commentary, like what the song name reminds me of, etc),
    C.) Negative feedback & suggestions (usually worded "If this were my mix I'd...).

    You want an honest, unbiased, and complete review? There it is folks. And on that note, I am going to stop acting like sucha snob and shove off.


  11. 158799
    alividlife : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    "I believe nothing of what I hear, and only half of what I see."


    Clearly a good practice, and applies as well to "what I read..."

  12. 340647
    Phyruis : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    wow not sure how to follow that donnie!!

    for what it is worth I'll add my two pence...

    this argument has been raging for a while now...

    in my opinion it's abit of a mute point...

    people will do what people will do and for whatever reason they'll continue to do it... until they are forced to change their attitudes and practices...

    just by voicing your discontent Minor2go you have added your voice to the chorus... in depth and honest reviews is not just a problem for this site it's a problem ...EVERYWHERE...they're some sites that enforce and minimum number of words in a review but as the BIG man himself has said thats not and never will be no the cards...

    I will say...

    when I started here I knew nothing and learnt loads from honest reviews it was like a baptism of fire for me.. those people that helped me in the beginning through honest constructive reviews are largely gone from this site now for what ever reason so now it is up to the old heads here to step up and take up their mantle...

    we have people here (and I'm not going to mention names because they know who they are) that have the know how and refuse to pass it on...

    I see that as pretty childish and selfish but maybe thats just me..

    we as a community know who they are because some of their names are in green, some are in red and some in dark purple...they earnt those colours and they would have had to put a lot of time and effort in on this site to achieve them even if you see the point as a fun thing you can see that maybe they aren't doing all they can..

    so really what the chorus of voices is saying is....

    STEP UP PEOPLE... LOOPERMAN as community NEEDS YOU.........

  13. 159051
    MINOR2GO : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago


    Yes I am ;) Maybe this is one thing of selfpromotion?
    Why do you think are the most scandal vips in the news? Cause they are normal? :P Thats no secret.

    Sure, i agree... my output is arrogant.
    Is this me?
    Or only a clever leadder to climb up? Noone really knows *twinkle*


    Interesting facts to think about.


  14. 265632
    WeazelBeats : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I'm starting to feel more and more honoured that all the reviews I've gotten from you were very positive. lol


  15. 512025
    CyberSon : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I'm struggling to get my head totally around this thread, I mean, I can't help but feel that there is quite a bit of arrogance within?

    Christ! We all like different elements of music. I've liked many different artists over the years because of certain aspects of a song that either just satisfies my taste or sparks an emotion etc. I adopt this attitude when I listen to tracks on this site! I'm in a position at work, where I can listen to music. I don't bother with the radio and choose to listen to tracks from this site. If I like a track, for whatever reason, which essentially will be my personal reason / emotion, I will review accordingly. If I hate a track, I don't bother reviewing! (If you can't say anything positive, then say nothing at all!). If I feel I can offer some technical, production related opinion, then I will.

    I have to say, I've read and had, some "technical production" reviews that seem to massage the ego of the reviewer that are useless! Some of these type of reviews simply seem to suggest that the reviewer "has great technical / production knowledge", which they probably do, but they don't actually share it with the artist they've reviewed as they don't offer reference to the areas of the track that are incorrect, thus making the review pointless! I will go as far to say that thechnical reviews from PhyriusBlackJack are always helpful, because he ALWAYS states where he feels the track needs something!

    It's all down to individual opinion regarding what's good and bad! I mean, I loved Nirvana, yet when they played lived, Kurt Cobain was technically rubbish most of the time, but that didn't stop anyone enjoying the music! And for me, I'll never understand how N-DUBZ have managed to get a record deal! I think they are total sh**! But they've sold millions of records to people who obviously like what they do, so who am I / us to judge!

  16. 538393
    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I think at the heart of this was Martin's question as to whether we have the courage to criticise harshly if the track warrants it. My opinion on this is that it doesn't really take a lot of courage for anyone to be critical or to act tough on the internet. All that takes is immaturity. What takes courage is to be yourself and try to be as real and human through a medium (internet) which doesn't lend itself well to ordinary human warmth. The people who impress me here are the ones, like Bear, who show warmth, encouragement and positive regard for everyone equally, regardless of their abilities.

    The point has been brought up a few times about people leaving 'technical' reviews and I think that is interesting in view of who started this thread. Personally, Martin, I think your work may be technically sound, but it seldom seems to challenge your comfort zone. Someone said it was robotic, which I think goes much too far, but to me it often (not always) lacks soul. So now, how will you take this? Will this anger you? If so, then you will probably understand why many of us do not leave harsh criticisms. I don't really care enough about your work to have you, or anyone else, start having a go at me on here or leaving stupid reviews out of annoyance, as others have done (not you).

    There are many artists on here whom I review positively although, technically, their work may not be good. What I hear is soulful, or vulnerable, or someone pushing themselves beyond what they have done before, or a beginner with a great idea but maybe not enough experience to carry it off. I don't have much respect for the mediocre artists who have found a niche and never develop beyond that and never try anything which might leave them looking incompetent. Typically, this is all too often the same people who leave the same repetitive and useless advise which Cyberson just spoke of.

    There is a real issue here, though, of people posting unfinished work with ridiculous comments like "new beats I made in an hour," and the track being a five minute cycle of the same boring beat. I think AJ brought this up recently. It is a pain in the neck to go to the 'new tracks' page and find maybe one in ten tracks which have had a bit of effort put into them. Personally, I just skip the others, but it does make the new tracks page hard to use. I don't want to waste my time leaving reviews, harsh or otherwise, for people who can't be bothered to put in any effort in the first place.

    Personally I do try to say it if someone's track is obviously not working well, but this has resulted in a few people being nasty back, even though I always try to be constructive. Why would any of us bother to bring that nonsense down on ourselves on a site where we don't even know most people's real names. The only ones who'll do it are the ones who want to stir up trouble, not the one's with 'balls' as Martin so eloquently put it:)

  17. 641913
    TheArythmitic : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Just from my own personal experience on here i've seen some smug reviews and some intelligent reviews. The bottom line is that everybody interprets things differently or they just have they're
    own way of critiquing what they hear. But as I've said before there is a way to tell someone that the work isn't good without disrespecting's all about respecting each other, and if a person can't review a track without insulting the author of the track, then i guess its best not to comment at all!!

  18. 641027
    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Being clever, witty and sarcastic, how is that working for you? As long as the circle laughs it reassures me of what I do not know about myself. Oh wait I forgot I live in a bubble filled with mediocre music and uneducated thoughts, but hey I'm the boss so as long as I use proper English and space my paragraphs I shall make my counterparts look the fools I assume them to be. We all suck including myself, no one here knows what they are doing hence why we are all on looperman. Now lets all go do the world a favor and go play in traffic.

    The only reason people even post to a site like this is to be heard and to be reviewed. The only reason a site like this exist for that matter. Music is lost in the new generation at least the purity of it is. You should just do away with reviews all together and let music , this art be what it was meant to be "fun" We should all be ashamed of ourselves, what a waste of fu**ing time. Sadly if we stopped reviewing people would probably stop posting music, no more egos to stroke or to let down. Clever quotes, movie references, sarcasm among friends, does anyone here really know what they are doing or saying. If you say yes than your arrogance stems a bit further than mine.

    Now go tell your families you love them enjoy everyday as if it was your last by doing what it is you love to do in life. You start to die the day you are born, and once you are gone none of what you have done will mater, at least not in this world. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

  19. 601456
    thephilosofist : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I'm starting to really really dislike both Martin and Clepto attitudes...and I used to share the same views...just voicing my opinion. they keep claiming how much better they are at others at music theory and having debates in this thread. I personally dislike both of your music, I have found mistakes in both...I could write overly harsh reviews as well, but that's not how people learn.

    "Maybe this is one thing of selfpromotion?
    Why do you think are the most scandal vips in the news? Cause they are normal? :P Thats no secret.

    Sure, i agree... my output is arrogant.
    Is this me?
    Or only a clever leadder to climb up? Noone really knows *twinkle*"

    ^wtf? who says that without getting punched in the face? if you're german and you talk smack like that to people in real life, I wonder how you get by, socially. sounds pretty self righteous and backwards to me. with your incredible talent in music (and I will say, you are incredibly talented), I feel like you should be working within the industry already rather than talking down to us youngins who are just working our way up and using our previous musical knowledge to our own musical creations.

    honestly it just sounds like both of you are looking for a fight, there are clearly a number of us on here who play musical instruments, attend music school, study theory, etc. there are clearly a lot of us who are strictly electronic producers who haven't touched a woodwind/brass/string instrument in their life. live and let live, give your criticsms, and maybe you'll learn something from here too. if you think you're only here to teach, then I guess you guys are just getting your rocks off by talking smack. I can appreciate that too.

    I hope you found what you are looking for with your post, Martin. Because I didn't really see the point other than calling the site out for something that is a known and obvious fact.

  20. 641027
    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I'm sorry if this is disrespect but this kid is just dumb, hey jackass why don't you read the post right above yours because what you just said I just said just worded differently. P.S. I am far from arrogant my degenerate little friend. What you read and how you perceive it to be is completely on you. There is one thing I will boast about and that is the fact that I do my homework before I decide to start running my mouth.

  21. 641027
    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Oh and P.S. philophisyistwannawhatever you are. I would like you to first define what a flaw is in music, and then gladly point them out. I welcome all bad reviews, hell I encourage them, because I know something about you, this dudes a gansta his real name is Clarence, and Clarence parents have a real good marriage.

  22. 601456
    thephilosofist : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    you have confidence and look for trouble. I have no reason to talk with you Clepto, this was directed at minor2go, who has been a contributing member for a long time.

    clepto, I may not be a master of music but I have attended music school and studied theory the last 13 years of my life. just because I post hip hop on here doesn't mean I don't make money off other forms of music or that I don't know much. I teach violin and guitar.

    but this isn't about me, it's about members who review lightly. you can relay your message to them through advice in reviews. think globally, act locally...however cheesy the saying is, it applies. if the artist gets pissy over it it's their problem.

    of course it's nice to have your ego stroked. but that is not why I am here. and if it is why you are here, then more power to you but I won't supply that demand unless it's a really good piece of music and I know a handful of artists who won't either.

    I'm on here for audio production tips and vst suggestions, mastering & mixing advice. I don't know jack about production, haha. feel free to give me advice on my theory though I have no qualms about constructive reviews. it's how I get better. it's how you get better. it's how mr martin up there gets better.

    I read the posts, buddy. I may be 20 years old but I have had a fair amount of life experience for my time spent alive, as anyone who has had a really good conversation with me knows. Played all over the world. Settled down in the local scene here. Been playing around the city for the last 5 years of my life. Looperman is still the best place for me to post unfinished tracks and get technical feedback. Keep on contributing to that, I would love to see it.

  23. 641027
    Unknown User : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Well they say those who teach do so because they can not do. Yes yes I know you are 20 and bla bla bla to your life experience. I'm not laughing at you I am laughing at myself because I remember 20 and where my mind was at that time and would have said something quite similar to what you have. You had made a comment a while back about if you just released one really solid album that maybe you would have a chance, and I laughed again not at you but at myself, and the storage unit I have stacked top to bottom front to back with decades of music. My LP collection reaches into the 10's of thousands, tapes, cd's, reel2reel, and from the earlier years remain those hopes and dreams of where you reside currently in life. One great album that will make it all true. Again it wasn't meant negatively at you it was more or less of you reminding me of a more honest clueless and pure time in my life.

  24. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    What happened to this place?

    I for one always leave technical reviews and that may be annoying but for me it's a professional defect. If I find a song that makes me shake my head or goes deep to my soul I'll try and review it technicaly because musically it might be perfect already. Well my opinions anyways....if someone is bothered by a review just delete it and move on or send an offensive message and explain you've been in the biz for the past 50 years(I won't drop names but they are around :))))

    Take care guys!

  25. 159051
    MINOR2GO : Sun 14th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Posts 73
    Views 1087

    in one day :)

    Only one thing: My system here is more psychological reasoned than musical. YOu dont must understand this, cause it still pays for me. I know what I do with all the praise and dislikes, that I fuel against me ;) If you ever ask yourself, how to get more downloads and listens, only spectate the others brother. Great arrogance? Well, like Clepto said: Read the words, you make the interpretation yourself, not me. My words are clear. You only must stop to interpretate non-existing stuff behind my words.

    Noone is looking for a fight here. Great opinions and postings here.


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