In Need Of Beats Similar To The Dream Or Drake

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  1. 643644
    ErikWaave : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    I've just began to create music and I still have a lot to learn in the art of creating loops and beats. I was wonderin if anyone could create something that sounds kind of upbeat and mellow at the same time; similar to what you'd hear in a night club for a chill atmosphere. Rnb artist The Dream has the sounds that I am looking for. On the other hand Drake has the down to earth and mellow sound. Similar in some instances. So if anyone can create something I'd greatly appreciate it.

  2. 435773
    BrokenScythe : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Two solid options fam.
    1. (The best IMO) save up some cash, go to Soundclick and start digging around. Plenty of mainstream producers there. Good at what they do.
    2. Hunt around here yourself and find a producer you think would be willing to work with you for free. (Or not)

    Either way, goodluck.

  3. 286966
    ShowGunProductions : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Most of us on here produce our own sound. We take pride in the fact that we don't sound like what you hear on the radio. This may be the wrong place to ask "can I get a beat that sounds like.." Just saying. Broken's first option is prob the best.

  4. 566761
    OdotZED : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    Hahaha..come to the loop for the sounds of the Future!!!!
    Thats how we roll

    I had to go look who drake was when i read this,i was like 'whos drake'...

  5. 643644
    ErikWaave : Wed 10th Aug 2011 : 8 years ago

    brokenscythe thanks for the advice n options and same with showgun. I hear wut ur sayin about makin your own beats; and odotzed that wuz funny lol

  6. 219480
    CelloCubano : Tue 20th Mar 2012 : 7 years ago

    I could produce that type of sound... check me out

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