Riots In London

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  1. 446835
    Skhul : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    A few days old but still happening. Anyone in London seeing any of this stuff?

  2. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    I thought it was class warfare initially...but now it's degenerated(if that's the right word)into open looting for every unemployed hooligan roaming the streets...reports have the average age of the perpetrators at 14-16...all children of the 90's.......time for Dr Winchester's all cure remedy me thinks.

  3. 446835
    Skhul : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    i doubt the average age is 14-16. That would mean people under the age of 14 are getting involved in looting. I still cant believe the riots are apparently over a man who pulled a gun on a policeman.

  4. 636839
    simmerdown : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    by all accounts the police presence is escalating the usual

    i think the man was killed wasnt he?, riots errupted out of a protest at the police station..

  5. 446835
    Skhul : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    the police presence is increasing the violence probs because they arent doing much. They are apparently standing there and just stopping it spread rather than doing what they did at student riots and kicking the crap out of them.
    and yeah the dude pulled a gun on a police man, shot him then other police killed him. There isnt really a better story of it, thats all i could find.

  6. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    I'm going on what I can glean from the various news outlets..however I think it's safe to say the escalation has far outstripped any local issue involving the shooting of a man by Police.....a bit difficult to comment on without going into an extended debate about the socio economic minefield of the English class system.

  7. 446835
    Skhul : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    ok ill sum it up. Chavs go on huge shopping spree.

  8. 576565
    lostjoe3 : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    What if everyone had a gun and had to carry it with them, Would good and evil finnally have a shoot out untill the one last standing man wins?

  9. 446835
    Skhul : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    if everyone had a gun *stares at texas*

  10. 576565
    lostjoe3 : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    My point is will the crime rate go downor does crime rate.

  11. 375728
    Cybertooth : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    mr skhul

    but i dont have a gun

    i need one dont i? just in case the government or the riot caused by the government comes around....

  12. 576565
    lostjoe3 : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    Wy yes miss Cybertooth, you live in a country where you can legaly own your own smith-n-weston and join a group of your choise for just such emergencies.

  13. 566750
    Maxomunz : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    WHEW! I'm glad I don't live on that side of the world :D ...All we have over here is, hmmmmmmmm ........Maybe I should rethink what I just said. - [ ]

  14. 158799
    alividlife : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    ... Portland, Oregon is wonderful land of free mass-transit and Saturday Market.

    It's a glorious place where I wish I lived xD
    (I think the meth and H is the only downside?)

  15. 158799
    alividlife : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    We have bears (never see 'em tho) and volcanoes?

  16. 566750
    Maxomunz : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    @alivid - Where do you live? Washington?

  17. 566750
    Maxomunz : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    I know I love Portland! But I was meaning US ....Aaaahhhh Portland! More bikers than China on Chinese new year :D! ....

    Aaaahhhh Portland! More Potheads and Alcoholics than a college campus on American new year XD ....

  18. 158799
    alividlife : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    hahah.. god bless that City.. Yeah right now I am living ... kinda near the middle of nowhere in the mountains?.. White Pass ring any bells?

    But yea.. If I am gonna go see a show it's the Roseland or Crystal Ballroom. Hands down two of my favorite places to go see music.

    Fun fact for the world, Portland has one of the oldest strip clubs in the world lol.

    Sorry to hear about London tho... I think it's generally getting tenser all 'round the world.. except in the Pacific Northwest xD

  19. 512025
    CyberSon : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    The riots started in Tottenham, London following the shooting of Mark Duggan (an alleged local gang member) by Police.

    His family and friends led a "peaceful" protest to demand justice. The widely reported story was that the protest was met with any response from Police / Government and this was met with frustration / anger which started to flare into violence.

    Subsequently, the violence grew and grew with many people using the shooting as an excuse to loot and riot. Even the brother of the man who was shot, publically stated that the violence was not in the name of his brother!

    Unfortunately the violence has spread to other UK cities, including Birmingham, UK (just a few miles away from where I live). And why? It seems it is within our society, and in our nature to cause harm and destroy! The media claim the rioters are from poor communities, unemployed and disaffected youth?? Thats funny, because on the bus yesterday, I heard some very affluent looking, white middle class students, saying how the rioting looked "cool"! WTF! They seemed genuine about it and they weren't from the so-called lesser classes who are apparently responsible!

    I'm afraid that within some people, irrespective of class, culture or logic, there just seems to be the need to destroy! What a future for our children and their children!

    Sorry, have now stepped down from my soap box!

  20. 1
    Looperman : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    Afraid this is not the London Riots its all over the UK. Its up the road from me here in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, all over the UK. Sadly the BBC have pretty much only reported on London though.

    Its simply an excuse for gangs of thieves and thugs in towns and cities up and down the country taking the opportunity that resources are stretched due to the sheer number of incidents to rob innocent people, raid shops and destroy buildings.

    This is not a protest over anything political. 90% would not be able to tell you the name of the guy that was shot. many would not even be able to tell you the name of the prime minister.

    This is simply gang violence and organised burglary done simply out of greed, a lack of respect and Im sorry to say a lack of intelligence.

    Its an embarrassment to think the world looks on to see a minority of idiots act this way.

    There has been talk about how the internet, twitter and mobile communications have played a part in this helping gangs coordinate themselves but from what Ive seen it works the other way too. I kept informed by keeping an eye on live blogs that people set up to inform local residents.

    Since early this morning a campaign on twitter started to deal with the kick back from the rest of the UK to try and put things right.!/riotcleanup

    at the moment its getting a few hundred new followers ever minute or so

  21. 620343
    uberstrat : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    People with guns huh? when will they ever learn? The police have authority to carry weapons citizens DO NOT if you are going to play with fire ..... although I don't agree with the 'Shoot to kill policy' if it was used in this case.

  22. 293573
    Spudsy : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    This happens everyday in London on a small scale (local gangs robbing/beating people for fun etc...), all its taken is a little bit of organisation through Blackberry Messenger, Twitter and facebook by the local scabby jobless chavs to attain such high numbers..

    I feel like im going mad tho because the solution is simple in essence but wont be easy to follow through.

    All we really need to do is use excessive force on them. At first this will make things worse but in the end they will back down and be forced to understand that this will not be tollorated.

    The police wont because they are all worried about loosing there jobs in backlashes from people in these so called "communities" because "Da police iz rasist init"

    If my son or Daughter ws ever involved in anything like this i would be the first person dragging them to jail to serve there time... respect is everything, and these little sh!ts have non for anyone or anything...

    I do kinda hope it gets worse, so me and my neighbours and locals can take the fight to the d!ckheads running down the streets smashing, looting and beating anyone then can find...

  23. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    Behind every bit of graffiti there's a seed of anarchy....we're looking at a bleedin jungle here....time for the army to step in...I really hate seeing this,I'm a real Anglophile and always will be but it just tears your guts out seeing one of the bastions of democracy being screwed over by the mob (yeah I know there's worse things going on in the world)....if you look under a hoodie you'll probably find a hood.....friggin punks

  24. 526890
    ST3RL1NG : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    Here's a Google map showing were all the riots are .,-0.056305&spn=0.39294,0.630341&z=10&source=embed

    (sorry for the huge url)


  25. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Tue 9th Aug 2011 : 9 years ago

    This is a tremendously shocking and a disappointing turn of events. The United Kingdom has probably though it defeated its worse enemy ever imaginable decades ago when an evil dictator nearly took over all of Europe and then next up was the rest of the world.

    People, the U.K. Decades ago, through it's greatest leader ever, Winston Churchill who masterfully brought the United States into the war to help defeat the world's most powerful modern dictator and his evil regime saw powerful bombs dropped on British soil but the U.K. people never surrendered. It was Churchill's sheer determination and never surrender attitude that lifted and inspired a Nation to rise up against one man and his evil war machine. Churchill was also an awesome paint based artist and poet.

    Today, the U.K., the most generous country in all of Europe faces a new threat of gangs and thieves. A sort of enemy from within. But unfortunately there is even a greater threat sleeping in that country. Al-Qaeda sleeper cells. They thrive in chaos and anarchy, like Afghanistan, Somalia and even Libya to name a few.

    Domestic thugs could keep officials busy enough and distracted enough so that even a greater enemy such as Al-Qaeda could possibly organise almost unnoticed. For the everyday citizen I'd petition my local MP for change to avoid a complete system collapse. I'll pray for the U.K. People.

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