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  1. 510699
    JCB : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    How much can i loop before it becomes a copyright issue,i make my own beats,but i i like to add some nostalgic stuff from the 70's to enhance the beat! Is this legal?

  2. 224104
    Mosaic : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago


    It is illegal, totally breaching copyright, does not matter how much you use...Full stop, using any is stealing from another artist...


  3. 510699
    JCB : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    thanx,I almost made a huge mistake

  4. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago


    "but i i like to add some nostalgic stuff from the 70's"

    I read you whole lot differently. You can still add plenty of 70's nostalgic stuff and stay 100% legal and still have that authentic 70's sound.

    This is the ultimate 70's Enhancer:

    Is it legal? Yes! It's an authentic 70's Royalty free Loop pack by Sony. Rhodes, Clavs, Moog, Funk Bass, Cow Bells and Funky Drummer style Drum loops. One the best ones I ever got.
    The Above is a link I made with it.

  5. 383306
    SGN : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    Well, it's completely off limits on this site, but in the real world you aren't gonna have any copyright issues unless you get very, very rich and famous for your music.

  6. 620343
    uberstrat : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    This is quite interesting! I have been reading up lately about legalities of copyright and other things. I have found out quite a lot, using loops even the bought ones from vengeance can open up a whole can of worms.

    Personally I'm leaving loops alone, it will be a learning experience to create things from scratch!

  7. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    True! But we are talking about 70's based authentic sound. People used to play actual instruments during that time. So today there are just two options as i see it. Play the real instrument now or use a non-synthed REAL 70's based loop pack.

    Synth reproductions are not the same no matter how close they sound. I am a 70's musician. No need to strike fear about loops. Just get them properly licensed, and buy the pack and you'll be okay.

    Vengeance has had issues with people loading and downloading their material illegally on filesharing sites. The license is pretty clear about what you can and cannot do. Even Looperman forbids you from giving away loops from commercial royalty free loop packs even though they are tagged as Royalty Free. But when you make a mix tracks from them, the vast majority allows the mixed track to be posted online. Read your licenses.

    This is why "theHumps" and "AllenV" and other musician who actually play instruments on this site are in such high demand on this site, because they actually play a real instrument.

  8. 510699
    JCB : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    thanx for the help! i play several instruments myself plus sing,and i usually make my own loops,but lately ive heard some main stream hip hop among others that have used loops from older artist.So... iam wondering how does one go about getting permission to use a sample to create something new?

  9. 366784
    yeshintae : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    getting a sample cleared takes MANPOWER....
    lawyers getting in touch with tha record
    label that originally distributed and sold
    tha actual sampled track... royalties, fees,
    and paperwork are all a part of tha process...

    expect huge blowback from using a sample...
    as Just Blaze said, "DON'T SAMPLE, IT'S NOT
    WORTH IT" ahahahahahaha ;)

    Peace from LA

  10. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    Or conversly you can get Zero-G's Sounds of the 70's'll also need a midi keyboard controller for this....Aaahh the 70's,brings back a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about those days,it was a blast!...cheers Planet

  11. 372886
    Bilbozo : Wed 27th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    Zero-G Software rocks !

  12. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Thu 28th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    making your own loops is certainly the safest route.
    sampling snippets and bytes from other artists/composers is definitely a no-know....
    alot of loop packs that you purchase can be used for commercial use in your songs,but not to be redistributed just as loops..
    here is what Prime Loops sends with all the loop packs ive purchased.

    ALL our sound suites are 100% royalty free... This means you can mix them into your
    original productions and then sell your music, commercially, for film & TV, live
    performance, DJing, albums, demos or releases, at no extra cost to you.
    No sample clearence is required, and you keep 100% of your royalties.

    Check the License for more info.



    All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. The sound samples
    contained within are licensed, not sold, to you to be reproduced within your
    original musical compositions only. All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling
    or trading of this product or its content is strictly prohibited. Only the original
    purchaser of this product has the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed sound
    samples within their music compositions. Use of these sounds in multimedia projects
    is limited to use within original musical compositions. Any other multimedia use of
    these sounds must be cleared with the producer of this product prior to release.
    This license is granted for a single user only (and is given on a worldwide basis).
    The license is non-exclusive and is granted for the full period of copyright protection
    and sound samples. You cannot electronically transfer the sound samples or place them
    in a time -sharing or service bureau operation or a computer/sampler network. Opening
    this product constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

    All Rights reserved.

    SS3LDOG }:)-

  13. 510699
    JCB : Thu 28th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    thanx for your input,but i can tell by your aggressive response that something was lost in the communication,Cheers

  14. 510699
    JCB : Thu 28th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago


  15. 510699
    JCB : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    I would like some feed back on how some of you guys mix in particular,the placing of your drums in a mix,a tool in my adobe audition 3.0 program that pans tracks at +90-90 +180-180 etc.and it makes a huge difference in the mixdown,any constructive advice would be appreciated thank you...

  16. 620343
    uberstrat : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    To SS3LDOG

    That's the case for prime loops, see what I have is a huge amount of synth sounds but only one note for example in the key of 'c' I then take that one note and create a melody, does that mean The loops is legally mine if I created the riff using a one off sample?

    Regarding loops, If someone were to take a purchased loop and chop it up and use little snippets of it throughout their track and try and sell it would that be allowed?

    I've see a lot of conflicting opinions on this subject, some say 'Well, who's gonna know ?'. Some say, well it's fine I use them all the time ect....

  17. 510699
    JCB : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    thanx uberstrat,appreciated

  18. 538393
    Unknown User : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    If you already play some instruments, and especially if you have a good keyboard and a good DAW, then there are other ways to use samples, perfectly legally. It does involve work!!! But surely that's half the fun of it all.

    For example, download the sample, listen very carefully, and play your own instruments directly on top of it. It's up to you how accurately you want to, or can, do this, or if you want to use different instruments but keep the flow of the original. Then get rid of the sample.

    Now, I'm not talking about covering a whole song or a recognisable hook, I just mean if there are a few bars of a beat you like or something. I do this sometimes, and it never ends up sounding enough like the original for there to be an issue, especially if you move on from there and add totally different instrumentation as well, or cut and paste to change the structure. All it does is give you the feel of what inspired you, but the end result is your own. It's nonsense to think anything is totally original in the first place anyway. Everything we do is inspired somehow by what we have heard in the past.

    You can also do this with loops, even copyright free ones, to enhance them and make them sound better. Or split them up onto different tracks and work your magic on different frequencies or different instruments (e.g. midi) within the loop on each seperate track. Or add plug-ins to change the quality of the sound. Even top acts like NIN regularly use this method.

    One trick I sometimes use with midi loops is to take a midi drum track, or play a preset from my keyboard, but play it through an instrument voice, e.g. a bass, on my DAW. Again, you get the feel, but the instrumentation ends up being totally unique.

  19. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    If you purchase a loop pack from a company,they usually all have their own "rights agreements".ive found that most loop packs,whether they be entire loops or just single note loops,usually allow you to use the loop in your music and you can sell your music that you made with the loop,and any money that you make from the song,is yours..

    there is a lot of speculation on the use of loops in your music,for commercial/selling use..but most of the license agreements ive read do allow you to use them for this purpose,whether you chop the loop into snippits or just use the entire loop...youre just not allowed to sell the loops as they are/by themselves (as loops) actually have to use them in original productions and then sell your music, commercially, for film & TV, live performance, DJing, albums, demos or releases....

    just be sure to read the license agreement or even contact,via e-mail,the company that you purchased the loops from and they can inform you on what your allowed to do with their loops.

    SS3LDOG }:)-

  20. 538393
    Unknown User : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    Echo what Yesh said, too. Getting permission for samples is a major hassle and a lot of legal work and money. Most record companies nowadays have a structured way to go about this, but they're not even gonna talk to you if you're just Joe Soap. Check out Creative Commons, though. Some artists are taking to this approach and things are a 'bit' different.

  21. 620343
    uberstrat : Sat 30th Jul 2011 : 11 years ago

    Thanks guys! This helps me a lot.

  22. 207366
    xprojectd24 : Mon 8th Aug 2011 : 11 years ago

    I have a quick question since we are on this subject. Would it be ok to recreate a part from another artist to use as a loop (say, a drumbeat)?

  23. 491269
    Unknown User : Fri 22nd Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    @ JCB. You can use any of the loops on this site commercially or non-comercially without the uploaders consent. All the loops offered on this website are royalty free, which means the creator of the loop you're using in your music can never get paid because they gave away their music for free. Nobody in the world can give something away for free and then turn around and say they want some money for it.

  24. 782612
    40A : Fri 22nd Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    Super Thread Necromancer of the Year Award goes to....

    *drum roll*

    Abraham911, congratulations.

  25. 551750
    Unknown User : Fri 22nd Mar 2013 : 9 years ago

    i have heard this kinda thread time and time again. am gonna be honest, people complain when it feels like their work is not geting notice. when a track comes on the radio, tv or social media i think wow wicked track, but when you get the full details on how the work is down you know people, uses others bits. it naturally to like someone's work and add it to yours. we all learn musically instrument as a child or grown up. majorist of musician knows how an instrument works, even sample producers/rappers like my self. it what direction you want your taste of music to go what makes us different. some of the best musician are unknown. let face the fact how can you get clearance if you cnt even pay the bills. for non commercial purpose and people who are not born with a silver spoon, how can you even start. if i was sign to a major label or a million or have cash, of course it easy to do it, but when you can even sign up to a payin site to put your beats, how can u pay major artists. be realistic people. there are lots of sites i will love my beats to be in but you have to pay. keep the music coming.

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