Female Vocalist Looking For New Exciting Collab

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  1. 482418
    Cinas : Wed 20th Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    Hey hey loopers. So, I guess it's simple. I am a singer. I need something to sing! I'm honestly just feeling like the acoustic stuff I've been writing is getting stale. I want to try something different. So if anyone is up for a collab lets do something. Maybe something danceable with a rock vibe? Maybe you have a better idea? Lets get inspired!


    Theres a link to an old track so ....yeah. ^_^

  2. 448114
    DFDNB : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    i would really love to have a new collab. especially because i was looking for a femal singer. i produce many different kinds of electronic dance music. basically drum and bass and dubstep.
    tell me what you think about that :)

  3. 159051
    MINOR2GO : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    You defenetly have the perfect voice for rock / gothic / gothic rock. Sadly i dont produce such genre in the moment, cause i am concentrated on new experience.

    I am such you will find someone here.


  4. 159051
    MINOR2GO : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    such = sure

  5. 606872
    WithoutMyArmor : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    I can probably find something we could collab on, hit me up if you're interested!

  6. 551692
    SeanBoogie : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    Oh Man!
    I have been looking for female vocalist for the longest, but since u claim to be an acoustic singer, what do u think of this tune?
    I personally would rather do a dance song, but check it out.


  7. 573224
    Kalidonia : Sat 23rd Jul 2011 : 8 years ago

    I might be able to hook you up in a song. If you e-mail me at I'll discuss it with you. You can check me out at reverbnation, billboard.com, last.fm and more. I am hip hop however I think you would have a good voice for a rock based chrous for a song.

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