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Pwned The Success Of Dope Stars Inc

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    HaxBox : Wed 15th Jun 2011 : 10 years ago

    Ever Heard Of Dope Stars INC?
    It's Industrial Rock Band Led By Victor Love

    They we're formed in 2003.
    I was browsing thepiratebay for something something, then I saw they we're featured on the website. I clicked to see whats going on, It looks like they made the album and released without any charge, absolutely free!

    I was like are they serious? What kind of artists would do something like that?
    I downloaded the album Ultrawired and seeded back (you can find it here: You are authorized to share, seed, copy, distribute, spin, transmit and spread the infection.
    You are also "authorized" to donate, flattr, tweet, and buy some merch)

    I was shocked by the 3 first tracks. They we're amazingly mastered. KILLER TRACKS.

    I joined their page on facebook ( I talked to Victor and Congratulated him, after some time of chat, we became aquantances, (YOU CANT BE FRIENDS WITH SUPERSTARS UNFORTUNATELY) I've got my most of questions answered.

    One of them, its to support Piracy, We talk about what it hels about, and what it does harm, As for that we will talk in different topic. One thing: PIRACY IS AWESOME

    Except If you want to support the band, buy their album, not on iTunes or stupid music industries like RIAA.

    Anywas, Well you are looking whats the PWN3D about eh?
    Okay, here it goes. Victor told me he made all this just using SINGLE COMPUTER. NO FREAKING PLATINUM STUDIOS!
    Just a mic, A good soundcard, Some drum samples, Guitar Samples and Cubase 5. All those who wasted 20000$ or more for *cough* Successful career have FAILED miserably. Victor prove you don't need something that you.. DONT NEED.

    If you are planning to build a studio, buy only the necessary, Midi controller, DAW, Mixer, Mic, Soundcard etc. Dont buy 40 Sloted mixers, Very expensive sound cards, huge synths..


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