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Help Me With This Dnb Bassline

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  1. 143356
    HaxBox : Sat 23rd Apr 2011 : 10 years ago

    Man, take a look at this..

    Man its sexy as hell, but my mind cannot "find" the similar settigs to make a bassline like this..

    What wavetype i must use? cutoff? lfo? filter type?

  2. 446835
    Skhul : Sat 23rd Apr 2011 : 10 years ago sounds a lot like it.

  3. 143356
    HaxBox : Sat 23rd Apr 2011 : 10 years ago

    Meh it explains so complicated!

  4. 428278
    fixxxer : Sat 23rd Apr 2011 : 10 years ago

    Sounds like a gated pad distorted compressed and notched down several octaves to me. Although I am by no means an expert. To create something similar you have to vandalise an already existing sound. Start with a middle of the road pad that's got some bottom to it and then exaggerate that with all the settings that you have to play with. I tend to think of effects like a box of crayons. If I don't like it the way it is I can rough it up and colour it any way that I want to. Check the bass line on my track Living Twice as an example. The original loop is melodic bass line in E. That's what I started with. I just roughed it up a bit for that song. Hope that these thoughts are helpful to you in some way. :)

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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