Live 6 Glick Cant Figure Out

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  1. 44315
    Stock : Mon 23rd Apr 2007 : 13 years ago

    how do you get ride of the automated repeat that effects all inserts. Its, transient resolution, there no 0 setting just 1/16 etc... kinda messes up vocals and. any user help me out

  2. 34972
    demolitionkid : Sun 13th May 2007 : 13 years ago

    i need more specific info on that and maybe i can help you.tell me what exactly your doing (or trying) and what you want to happen.explain in detail and i will do my best

  3. 60800
    jahknow : Sun 13th May 2007 : 13 years ago

    Automated repeat is just that. If there were a setting for 0 it would not be repeating. The quantize setting refers to how often the note gets inserted.

    Are you trying effect a midi track or an audio file? Sometimes delay or beat repeating in wav files can cause glicks, rarely ever with midi, unless your computer isn't powerful enough.

  4. 34972
    demolitionkid : Mon 14th May 2007 : 13 years ago

    yeah if you want to open the note up turn it up to 2/1 or 4/1.

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