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How Do I Synchronize 4 Loops To Add A Bassline

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  1. 567336
    FrankieFuego : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    im doing a new track for a mix tape trying to step it up a lil more but for some reason
    i cant synchronize 4 loops in one track bcs one file
    has a slower or faster tempo then the other but the idea of the track is hot. Mario bro crossing the bridge loop 87bps, 808 kick bass loop96bps,
    808 filtered hihats128bps and virtual bass 116bps,
    im trying to get it to sound good enough to add a simple bassline between each 4 or 8 quarters

  2. 666289
    FreeRadical : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    What programme are you using?

  3. 247253
    n0mad23 : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    Moved to Audio Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks forum.

    Please try to post to the correct forum, as it makes it easier for people to find and answer.

  4. 567336
    FrankieFuego : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    i have dlusion dt10 also using fruity loops xl 9, i tried cake walk and reason and virual dj i have all of them but when i match pitch or do auto is still out of range

  5. 143356
    HaxBox : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    you need to play with them a little bit.
    so you will make a perfect part of the track.

    you cant have a groovy loop and mix it with a dramatic loop. the result will be horrible.

    If you are into recording, please make sure about your BPM.
    especially on the guitar.

  6. 567336
    FrankieFuego : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    help! can i give you guys a sample of how it sounds so someone can tell me where im going wrong?

  7. 636839
    simmerdown : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    d lusion, awesome

    yeh, lets hear it

  8. 666289
    FreeRadical : Wed 23rd Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    If you open up the step sequencer on FL click the "SMP" tab.

    Then where it says time stretching you can right click the time nob and there's an option which says auto detect.

    If you set your first sample to the tempo you want and just auto detect the rest it should (hopefully) put everything in the same time signature. Unfortunately it isn't an exact science and you may have to tweak it a little.

    If it doesn't quite fit i often find the granulizer is pretty useful.

  9. 337508
    subSpace : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    for me if you want to match different tempos then ableton live 8 is the best program because it does many things an beat matching is one of them it has a warping feature and you can put your samples into the live session view and make your music simple as

  10. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    Ableton for life!!! lol

    Yea... I dunno how you do that with FL... I know it's easily possible...
    I know that slicer is probably the coolest thingy about FL.... May take a look at that?...

    Ableton kinda trips me out in some ways... If your not careful it will make things you intentionally want NOT to fit --fit.

    ... I was trying to think if there was a way to edit the BPM outsida FL with a third party thing. I know there's some out there.

    I keep thinking of Propellerheads ReCycle or Melodyne... and those are expensive.

  11. 666289
    FreeRadical : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    It's kind of funny how all these DAW's seem to differ so much. You would have thought that by getting to know one inside out that the others would be really easy to pick up.
    Ableton is like a chinese puzzle to me at the moment. I keep opening up doors and pathways and all manner of complicated looking things, completely make a right hash of what i'd actually like to do with it. Then i get the ar$e, turn it off and boot fruity back up.
    But yeah, The fruity slicer kicks ass. Especially with vocal samples. You can just keep cloning it and slightly shifting the key to get that kind of Utah Saints vibe.

  12. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago


    Yeah... Ableton ... Being a guitarist/string/drummer, it really helps me... Actually ... I mean.. you know the little sequencery thing that you paint blocks on in FL?

    That's basically the arrangement view in ableton is the area in FL that you paint out your tracks

    The session view is like ... FL's step sequencer, but ... live.

    The problem/difference of FL and live is in the red arrangement button in the middle center top of the arrangement view. That thing is the source of all evil in the world.

    In the same way you can right click anything on FL to get the drop down menu of options, Ableton is the same except it's usually dependant on where you right click.

    Anyway.. sorry for going off topic.

    But something I want to say.. that absolutely NO ONE should listen to, is to read the manual.
    I did my best, and I made it 2 years confused with Ableton, until I accidentally opened it, printed it, and put it by the toilet. Suddenly I knew what I was doing lol

    Conversely this applies to Fruity Loops too.

    And NEVER EVER EVER try and learn hot-keys either

    FL hotkeys

    Ableton hotkeys

  13. 636839
    simmerdown : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    Live is too good at beatmatching for can throw in six loops,bpms from 80-108, and boom! perfect (usually) ...if not , the Groove Engine will easily take care of any straggling sounds..

    and yes , the 'back to arrangemant ' button, ahhhk!...rule of thumb, if your sht does not sound like what it looks like , hit that one, lol...but, some of the skin colors make it really obvious, the envelope line color is noticeably different...nautique, for one..

  14. 1
    Looperman : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    as its not a tutorial but a question ill move it again

  15. 567336
    FrankieFuego : Thu 24th Mar 2011 : 10 years ago

    Thank you i found it to be helpful i am still working on it

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