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  1. 150060
    FutureAnalysis : Tue 15th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    i was doing the same when i typed in free loops then BOOM!! poped up

  2. 157207
    StarTropix : Tue 15th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    Yesterday, I wanted to find royalty free samples of vocoder snippets. And I found this brilliant community of artists.

    Cheers fellas

    -Andrew Smith

  3. 71369
    Unknown User : Sat 19th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for more Royalty Free Loops and then I found this website, Looperman


  4. 158454
    Galaxy2012 : Sat 19th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was out looking for sound and music loop,- so I ended up here :D.

  5. 158799
    alividlife : Mon 21st Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    lol... wow... how the hell did I end up here? ... I was searching about a M-Audio Delta 1010 question and saw the site on the side in a google search.. wtf?


    I use loops, I like free stuff, great find, and I like most of the stuff I hear, never seen a site like this before.

    I am more of a musician tho. Straight up. Stringed instruments, and piano, and I play a mean air drum.

    I will contribute for sure when I get my new comp. I would love to collaborate.

  6. 145482
    irkano : Mon 21st Jul 2008 : 13 years ago


    i got mixcraft and used its suggested links to look for loops.

    those loops where crap so i typed in loops in goolgle.

    looperman poped up.

    my first track i uploaded was breakthrough the black glass and the first response i got was so uplifting i think thats what got me hooked.

    that and looperman has so many effing loops its crazy.

  7. 34452
    Gsusfrk : Mon 21st Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I needed loops, typed in Google loops and literally searched through about a hundred sites before i headed up this one. I heard some really amazing music back then (not so different now might I add) and got sucked in. So i've seen the majority of other sites, and thus the reason I am still here, this site really has got omph, spunk, pah-shaz! and a lot of love in it. this site could easily become a label with all the talent here. Just a suggestion ;)

  8. 155835
    Jake_richards : Wed 23rd Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for samples for a trumpet found this site and knew that i could learn alot from it. And i did!

  9. 135539
    Birdy : Wed 23rd Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    i heard it whispered on the wind.. 'loooopermaaannn'
    nah google.

  10. 160289
    Nickxm : Sun 27th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was actually given Acid from a friend, he mixes tracks and does his own thing, myspaces it up and he's really good at it. Taught me some bits and set me free to do my thing and try to pick up some, googled "Free acid loops" I believe, found this site, signed up and now here I am. Downloading, mixing and trying to make a good lil' track.

  11. 105699
    lo_opmix : Mon 28th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for free loops thru Yahoo search and came across this site. At first I only downloaded, but after I started uploading, I realized the "loop makers'" point of view which was completely different and interesting. Thanks Looperman.

  12. 96919
    TaraToxic : Mon 28th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    Google, Oh hell yeah it find great things :D hehe

  13. 137963
    Unknown User : Tue 29th Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    Funny story actually. I searched my name on Google and found that someone had stolen 4 of my songs and uploaded them here. So I got in contact with the Admin and got the account changed over to my e-mail then I just started uploading here. Lol.

  14. 95108
    TheseMetalDays : Tue 5th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for free loops as nearly everybody else.

  15. 150852
    coolvibe : Wed 6th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    Google swept me here when I was looking for some drum loops. I lurked around for a bit, and then decided to upload something. And now there's more than one track of mine here. Go figure :)

  16. 99397
    Resist_Agony : Sat 9th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    Same as everyone else. I googled free drum loops. I didnt even take advantage of the biggest resource in here until about 6 months later, and that is the people. Everyone has been awesome to deal with. It's not just about the loops anymore.


  17. 146059
    RayKoefoed : Sat 9th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was using google to search for royalty free loops and samples. This site had the mother lode. I learned that I had to be registered to download them, so I registered. Since I was already registered I thought I would check the forums and ask some basic questions and it turned out to be a big community of very friendly and helpful people. I couldn't think of a better reason to stay. A massive amount of high quality loops and a lot of talented and friendly people to hang out with.

  18. 158706
    RashidKhan : Sat 9th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    Oh Man!
    I think that is what i was actually looking for.
    Thanks God, While surfing i found looperman over the google, since then looperman is my real friend, as i can share any problem or any thing with the community here.
    I love you looperman.You are the real source of Creativity.

  19. 141466
    Scriptique : Sun 10th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    Like most people, I was also looking for royalty-free loops at the time. I found it through Google, and I kinda just stalked around the site (listening to tracks and stuff) without really joining. Then one day I just decided to join in on the fray. My first track was "Boy in the Trenches" and from then on, I was hooked.

    The end. Lol.

  20. 163685
    Unknown User : Sun 10th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    Yup. . . . Just like most people here. . . . I fell down the rabbit hole, and found this place very interesting.

    So I Joined. . . . . Naturally :-)

  21. 51577
    Unknown User : Mon 11th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for some loops on Google to use for my Ejay Dance 2, this was the first site I found and pretty much got hooked.

  22. 33459
    blueTransit : Tue 12th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    looking for loops, got signed up. forgot about it for a year then came back and couldn't believe i didn't do more! i love it here i aint neva leavin.

  23. 116341
    Salkizar : Tue 19th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    wanted dome free stuff, as always coz i'm a tight git....and thought....whoa...what a great site....and now you cant get rid of me...LOL!!

  24. 163401
    Halonmusic : Tue 19th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    I was looking for loops, samples etc on google, then i came across looperman. I downloaded a couple of samples and loops, and after a couple of days, i became a member, and thats how came across 2 this great community!

    Thx Looperman, for this great site!

  25. 165474
    duen : Wed 20th Aug 2008 : 13 years ago

    wanted to try to make some music, then i had audacity and needed some sounds/loops so i searched google for "free loops" and looperman popped

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