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  1. 2110345
    MrMac2901 : Sun 11th Feb 2018 : 1 month ago I was looking for royality free loops and i watched a video about it... so after that i looked it up and it awesome!
  2. 2170732
    jeffaube25 : Sun 11th Feb 2018 : 1 month ago i looked up "royalty free loops" on google and this was one of the first that popped up. i wanted to download some, but saw that i had to become a member to do so. i never planned to actually get involved in the community, though. one day when i was browsing loops i saw the forums on the right side and saw that people were advertising and looking for rappers. i put up a post, and the next day i got 10 emails and 2 messages on soundcloud. its really a wonderful community and i encourage as many people as possible to join it.
  3. 1801113
    TheDarkFlameMaster : Sat 17th Feb 2018 : 1 month ago I was the same as most members, I just downloaded the loops to make songs, but then I saw the option of being able to help the producer community with my loops and now I love this site. Have a nice day!
  4. 2488850
    guyfiction2 : Tue 20th Feb 2018 : 4 weeks ago Looking 4 loops
  5. 2614159
    bAit1 : Mon 19th Mar 2018 : 15 hours ago Youtube live. The guy was making insane beats!
Posts 776 - 780 of 780

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