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    Looperman : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    Following on from a thread I read today I thought an interesting (and very useful for me) topic would be to find out how you all came to be members of the site.

    was the site recommended to you ? if so.. who and what was said

    did you see a link and follow it ? where was it ?

    did you find us in a search engine ? what did you search for and where did you search ?

    it would be great to know some details on exactly how you came to be here, what were your initial thoughts and how you ended up sticking around ..

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    JohnBoutilier : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was looking fo some royalty free loops.

  3. 439229
    mrE : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    i wantyed to find music to listen to while i paint.

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    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was looking for loops, and came across Looperman. For the first three or fours months, I was only a member for the loops. Then, one day completely spur of the moment, I uploaded a track. And then I was hooked.

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    skyrider : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    hi , I actally just was looking for some loops to use in my music projects, so I typed in something like " free loops or samples " into google and looperman popped up. I registered and then realised that it was so user friendly. other sites i had to download samples in bundles and then get then from my email address which was too complicated. With looperman i could preview the samples whilst playing my tracks to see if they fitted into my music and then download them straight to my laptop. it wasnt really until later that I got into the forums and the community in fact I dont think that I actually introduced myself properly which I kind of feel bad about. i now want to contribute more samples of my own to give something back. When I receive a review from someone across the other side of the world it makes all the hard work worth while. hope this helps. mik

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    Sixfingermusic : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I did a google search for "free loops" and this site was listed pretty high on the first page. I was looking for loops that are not easily found, horns, strings and the like. I found the horns for sure as Slap Johnson has a gazillion loops uploaded! I checked out the site and became involved the next day, as I am always looking for the opportunity to grow and gain knowledge. I am too deep now to turn back! I hope someone eventually finds this forum and says "Sixfingermusic turned me on to this site" Peace, Six

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    eshar : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was the same as mik...discovered this site via Google. Since joining I have seen Looperman recommended in a book I bought called 'Home Recording Handbook' and there are other sites that now link to Looperman because it's such a good resource for free loops - is one such site.
    As I said in the other thread the site didn't actually have the loops I was looking for then, but the forums kind of drew me in.

  8. 204320
    spacestationwagon : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    great topic!!!!!!!
    i was minding my own business one day, looking for some drum loops i could use to play over with my guitar and bass. next thing i new i was hooked. a year and 32 tracks later. i still can't get this monkey off my back!

  9. 63133
    RogueAi : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    Nearly one year ago I was searching for loops, because I didn't have reason yet.

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    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    like many others, i was searching for loops. drum loops to be specific. and one day while on my quest i was assaulted by a ravenous group of midget albinos who started chewing on my throat. long story short-they left me for dead, bleeding in an alleyway. just before i succumbed to blood loss, the demon god Boognish appeared before me, and called for help. while we were waiting for the ambulance he told me that he knew of my endless search for loops of quality. it was only then that he informed me of the looperman community--just before i passed out. when i awoke i was immersed in a land full of great artists, loops, and tracks. i've called my home ever since.

  11. 83928
    Rorshach2021 : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I can't really remember exactly but i was probably searching for loops. to be honest i didn't know this type of site exsisted and i would like to thank you for finding me.

  12. 135245
    DaMann : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was looking for free loops. Then I got active in the site.

  13. 89446
    GameboiX : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was messing with Fl studio then I clicked on something in it and it opened the Internet and sent me to a place like I searched for something then I saw free loops and I was like hmm gotta check it out. so I uploaded a loop after a few weeks and then got hooked and this is basically where my music production started thanks looperman for making this site =D

  14. 125202
    Soulfull : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was looking for free loops. I downloaded what I liked. But what hooked me up on Looperman were the forums. I really liked the atmosphere and comoraderie. I think the first post I read was about Blunted going to be a dad...

  15. 110150
    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    It all started for me when i realized yahoo search engine sux and switched to google and typed in "drum loops" was the first on the list. I liked what i heard and then i realized that hey I can upload my own tracks and stuff on here! Myspace only allowed me to upload 5 songs. Now that I have looperman on my side my music can be heard by thousands and thousands more. But how did i really get here?
    first I was concieved and 9 months later I was born 26 years later i decided to google some free drum loops and BAM! hahaha I love this site.

  16. 103293
    Checkmate444 : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    June 21, 2008
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    Hi Looperman;

    What a great question! I have really enjoyed reading the responses from other members.
    In my case I have been an amateur musician for years and only recently started using my computer to compose and record music. I initially had a lot of start-up problems which had me searching for sites like this. I joined Looperman and have never looked back.
    It is the only online community of which I am a member that I actually visit every day.


  17. 71878
    Psychotropic_Circle : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    found this site via it was very uncomplicated to upload not only loops but also tracks,i decided to share some compositions and a few loops for the i got lots of feedback, i had fun to become more active

  18. 118150
    sammmm : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    Was searching in google for free loops

  19. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    Yep, I'm with everyone else- Did a search for 'Free loops' on either Google or Yahoo and a link/description of this site came up on the first page.

    I've also tried inviting a few people, but it remains to be seen whether they've jumped onboard (haven't even replied to my messages yet). Course, I could stand to invite a few more a bit later on. And speaking of which, later on yall, haha!

  20. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I found this site via google..the word FREE was one of the words I used in the search and drum Loops.....boy am I glad!

  21. 77137
    helven : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    google search for royalty free loops.
    and got some loops
    cpuple months later i took part in the site

  22. 119171
    johnnygadget : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    I was searching for FREE loops like everyone else and came across I was like a pot smoking hippie at an all you can eat buffet! but what i realized that the loops were not going anywhere! and they were going to be available any time I needed them! then I noticed the comunity and all the cool like minded people and then I was hooked God bless looperman and all that it is! I could load up all of my music and get reviews and check out other peoples stuff and it is something that i shall not live without!................."Nice question"!

    Johnny G.

  23. 135245
    DaMann : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    Just wondering, was everyone elses first track here only loops from Looperman put together using demo software? Mine was.

  24. 79389
    Unknown User : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    mine was original stuff as i had not amassed my loop collection yet. this site was my first real foray into the world of loops.

  25. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Sat 21st Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    @DaMann- My first tracks were= Overdrive, Robogasm, & Crashing Waves (though I took down the last one for a bit because this was back before we could choose whether people could download a track on not, it was auto-downloadable then). To date I've only done/posted two things off of this site. My incomplete track, Battlecry and the (mix) remix I did of MrE's Leap of Faith. That'll change soon though. Now I'm off to upload a spanking new track. Later on!

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